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This is Recklessness in Edward's POV; it's quite a bit longer and has some extra scenes in it that are not in Bella's POV. As always though, it's a lot more interesting.


7. Chapter 7: Sleeping Angel

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I eased Bella's window open and quietly climbed through, so quietly that even the most sensitive human ears could never detect my presence. I made to walk over to the rocking chair, but I couldn't help but glance at Bella, sleeping so soundly.

She had fallen asleep listening to her IPod and it was still playing.

I smirked, walked over to her, removed the earphones, taking great care to not disturb her. I put one in my ear out of curiosity: Claire De Lune. I closed my eyes and simply lost myself in the music for a moment before taking it out, turning it off, and setting it gently on her nightstand.

I simply stared at her, unable to move. I knew I should keep my distance and leave her alone, but where had that logic gotten me this far? I should go sit down and let her sleep. But, I couldn't move. I couldn't seem to tear even my gaze away from her, yet alone my body.

She was so incredibly beautiful. She was an ethereal, serene, sleeping angel. She was my sleeping angel. Don't go there.

She stirred slightly and mumbled, "Mm...Edward?" I had to clench my teeth to keep from answering. "Edward, please don't...I need you."

She rolled over to face me now and said, deliriously, "Please kiss me...stop...stop doing this." She jerked her head to the side and then reached out with a hand as if to grab someone else's hand. "Touch me. Please...touch me, Edward." She begged softly, in her sleep.

God, I wanted to touch her so much. In so many ways...but, I couldn't. At least not right now. I could try to tomorrow, but for now, this was none of my business. She was dreaming. She wanted the Edward in her dream to touch her and kiss her; not me. She didn't want me.

"Edward..." She sounded so pained and I could no longer deny her what she so stupidly desired.

I trailed my index finger along her jawbone down to her chin and then back up to her ear before cupping her face in my hand. How remarkable this felt!

She didn't flinch away from my cold touch. She should have. She shouldn't want this. Just as I shouldn't so desperately want her. But, we did. It was done. I loved her and nothing could ever take that away from me.

She placed her hand over mine, still remaining asleep, and held it there, refusing to let me remove it. "Thank you..." she whispered, sighing contentedly, "Thank you..." then as if to herself, "My...beautiful...Edward. Mm."

She nestled into the pillows as if nestling into someone's arms. My arms. "I love you," I mouthed, amazed by how easy it was to say the words.

She was silent from then on into the rest of the night, simply holding my hand in her sleep.

The sun had barely touched the windowsill when I heard Charlie stir to wake up for the day. Without thinking, I brought Bella's hand to my lips and kissed it softly.

"Mm..." she breathed, rolling over onto her stomach. I placed her hand gently on the pillow and then hid in the closet.

My lips still tingled from kissing her hand. It was such a beautiful thing to kiss her hand. Kissing her lips would be even better. I yearned to do so. It physically hurt me to have to wait. But, I waited 104 years for her. She was more than worth it. I'd wait another 104 years if that meant I could be with her forever.

Charlie came in once to look in on Bella and then began preparing for his trip.

A few minutes later, I heard the cruiser pull out of the driveway and I came out of the closet. I stayed in the shadows and looked at Bella once more before jumping out the window. As soon as I landed on the ground, she stirred and got up to get ready for our meeting. Was she looking forward to this? Oh, boy...what have I done to her?

I chuckled softly at her enthusiasm and waited for her to eat breakfast before going to knock on the door. Today would be a day she would never forget...no matter what her response would be.