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Heaven Foretold

And then, all of a sudden, I was surrounded by the blinding light. I had to close my eyes as the glare was burning. I couldn’t tell if I was moving anymore, or if I was stationary. It was a scary feeling. Then my feet touched something solid. Before I knew it, I was standing upright, and a voice was saying, “Welcome to Heaven.”


2. Landing in Heaven

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Landing in Heaven

God will put his angels in charge of you to protect you wherever you go. Psalm 91:11

I had a lot to be grateful for, I had to admit. I had Edward. He, I felt, was all I deserved. But I had so much more.

As I drifted through the blackness, I counted myself lucky to have been alive as long as I was. I had had multiple chances to die, but every time I was saved. As Charlie said, someone liked me up there. And they must have, considering all the wonderful people who had been in my life.

I had my parents, Charlie and Renée. Although Renée was scatterbrained and could barely look after herself, let alone me, and Charlie harboured irrational feelings towards my fiancé, I really couldn’t have asked for a better set of people to raise me.

I had Alice, my ‘sister’. She meant the world to me. My first best friend, someone who only wanted the best for me, even if I didn’t like it. I was so thankful to her for accepting me as a human, and wanting me as a vampire.

I had Carlisle and Esme, my second parents. They were so welcoming and accepting of me. Edward always said that Esme wouldn’t have cared if I had webbed feet and a third eye – she would have loved me just the same. Carlisle was patient with me and my human clumsiness. He was always there to help me, whether it be a cut on the head, a broken knuckle or a bite from a vampire.

I had Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie, my soon to be siblings. Although I had had problems fitting in with them at times, especially Rosalie and Jasper, things were getting better. They really did feel like a part of my family.

I had Angela, my one true human friend. She was so kind, so compassionate, so empathetic. She truly cared about what happened to the people around her. She was unselfish and not at all judgemental. Angela would have made a good angel.

I had Jake. Jake was different, something special. He was more than just a best friend. He was a brother, a confidante, a friend to laugh with, cry with. And I loved him. Not as much as I loved Edward, but more than enough to make it hurt when he left. I hadn’t seen Jake for over a month now.

And, of course, I had Edward. He made me feel special, beautiful, loved. One minute spent with him was worth a lifetime spent with anyone else. He was my entire being. I could not live without him.

And by the looks of it, I wouldn’t have to worry about it too much longer. I was pretty sure my life was over.

As I was thinking about all the things for which I should be grateful, I had been floating through an endless black expanse. Now, everything was becoming lighter. In the distance, I could see a white light.

I couldn’t believe, that at this extremely important stage in my life (or should I say death?), that all I could think was, it’s true? I really have to head towards the light?

I couldn’t help smiling to myself as I thought this.

And then, all of a sudden, I was surrounded by the blinding light. I had to close my eyes as the glare was burning. I couldn’t tell if I was moving anymore, or if I was stationary. It was a scary feeling. Then my feet touched something solid. Before I knew it, I was standing upright, and a voice was saying, “Welcome to Heaven.”


The harsh lighting faded away, and I could see whom it was that had spoken to me. An angel. She was so beautiful; I could barely take my eyes off her.

She was dressed completely in white, from her slim fitting dress down to her ballet flats. Her auburn hair was an amazing burst of colour on her small frame. Atop her hair sat a delicate gold halo. She had huge, feathered wings on her back, and a gold plated nametag with Lucy printed on the front pinned to her dress. She had a white headset around her face and a small microphone near her mouth.

I was so busy staring at the angel that I didn’t notice my surroundings straight away. It looked like I was standing in a spotlessly clean waiting room. Lucy sat behind a whit counter, writhing away with a feathered quill. The walls of the room were a stark white, the furniture was white, the floor was white. The only colours in the whole room came from me, Lucy’s hair, and a turquoise door on the other side of the room.

“Name?” the angel asked, startling me out of my trance and calling me back to reality. I noticed she was staring at me pointedly, and I realised I’d been ogling.

“Isabella Swan,” I answered quickly, wondering why on Earth I was here.

Lucy checked the pieces of parchment on the desk in front of her. “Yes,” she said, still reading the papers. “Bella Swan. Departed Earth at 10.41am. Arrived in Heaven at 10.42am,” she muttered to herself as she jotted this information down.

Wait, I though to myself. I’d been floating around in blackness for a lot longer than one minute. It had felt like an eternity, reflecting on my life…

Lucy cleared her throat. “I’ll just call Anna for you. She’s been expecting you.”

Anna? I didn’t know anyone named Anna.

Lucy was moving the parchment around on her desk. Her delicate fingers found a small intercom button. She adjusted the microphone near her mouth, and pressed the button down. “Could Anna come to front desk, please? Anna, there is a visitor for you. Thank you.” She turned to speak to me. “Anna shouldn’t be long. Just take a seat, please.”

She pointed at the clean white couches placed around the waiting room. I nodded and made my way to the seat closest to the turquoise door, and farthest away from the gorgeous, but somewhat haughty, angel at the desk. From across the room, I distinctly her heard her say, “Could I please have Joseph to the front desk? Joseph, I have a message for you from Mary. Thank you.”

I took the chance to have a really good look around the room while I waited for the person named Anna. There was a white coffee table just in front of the couch I was sitting on. There was a white vase filled with white roses, and a white leather bound book sitting on top of it. I was just about to pick up the book when the turquoise door opened.

If I caught my breath looking at Lucy, it was nothing compared to the angel who walked through the door. Immediately I was reminded of Rosalie, but there was one distinct difference. This person appeared to like me.

She had blonde, wavy hair that curled to sit just below her slender shoulders. Her white dress ended just above her knee and had long, draping sleeves. Her feet were encased in beautiful white pumps, and she had a gold halo in her hair identical to Lucy’s. There was a gold plated nametag pinned to her chest.

This was Anna.


The angel at the door smiled warmly at me, holding out her hand. “Hi! I’m Anna. I’m here to show you around.”

I stood, and took her hand, not knowing what else to do. Her grip was soft and warm. “I’m Bella,” I said.

“I know,” she replied. “I know everything about you, soon-to-be-Mrs-Cullen,” she smiled.

“How do you…” I trailed off.

Anna looked at me understandingly. “I’ll explain all in a moment. But, first, we need to get you a badge.” She led the way back to the front desk, where Lucy sat waiting.

“We’ll need a visitors badge and the sigh in book, thanks Lucy,” said Anna.

Lucy passed up a white leather bound book identical to the one on the coffee table, then began to rummage around in her desk draws.

“Um, Lucy? We’ll need a quill too,” smiled Anna.

Lucy shoved a quill over the counter without looking up, then went back to looking for a badge.

Anna flipped open the book, holding the quill poised. She tuned to the next available page and began to write. “Name,’ she muttered to herself, “Isabella Marie Swan. Date of birth. 13th September 1987. Reason for visit. Car accident. Time in. 10.42am.”

I stared at her. “How do you know all that stuff about me?”

Anna just shook her head. “All in due time, Bella.”

Lucy cleared her throat, holding out a gold plated badge with the word visitor printed on it. She handed it to me and I pinned it on my top.

Anna handed the sign in book back to Lucy. “Thanks, Luce.” She smiled at me, and motioned for me to follow her. She held the turquoise door open for me, and closed it behind me. We were in a long corridor. Everything was white, of course.

“Sorry about Lucy,” said Anna, breaking the silence. “She can be a bit like that sometimes. She doesn’t like us Guardian Angels all that much after her application got rejected.”

I stopped walking. “You’re a Guardian Angel?”

“Not just that. I’m your Guardian Angel.”


“Is that how you knew everything about me” I asked her as we entered through yet another white door.

“Yes. To put it simply, I’ve been watching over you since the moment you were born. Normally, I’d say it’s nothing really, but with you, it’s a different case.”

I smiled sheepishly, knowing what was coming next.

“What with werewolves and vampires, plus your own bad luck, I’ve had my work cut out for me,” Anna said, smiling cheerfully down at me.

‘Are there any of you?” I asked curiously.

“Hundreds, I think. I’m not exactly sure. We all watch over more than one person,” she replied.

“Oh,” I said, trying to process that fact that I was in Heaven and talking to my very own Guardian Angel.

She pushed open yet another stark white door. I gasped.

“Welcome to the real Heaven,” Anna said.


The door opened up to reveal a large meadow filled with hundreds upon thousands of people. There was a waterfall, rivers, mountains, and in the far distance, a glimmering ocean. Children played catch in the shade of huge willow trees, old men played chess on small tables by the river, adults sat in groups drinking champagne and eating cheese and biscuits.

As I watched the mass of people all doing different things, I noticed something that was different between them and me.

“Anna?” I asked. “How come none of these people are wearing badges?”

“Because these people live here. They’re deceased. Heaven is their permanent residence. You aren’t dead, Bella.”

“Wait. What?” I said. “What do mean I’m not dead? Why am I in Heaven if I’m not dead?”

“You’re in a coma in Forks Hospital,” Anna answered. “You will wake up. You’re going back to Earth. Didn’t Lucy tell you any of this?” Anna asked, confused.

No,” I said in reply. Anna sighed and shook her head.

I couldn’t get over the fact that I was going back. I would see Edward again!

“I’m sort of supposed to take you on a tour and explain things to you, but that take a while, and I’m pretty sure you want to get out of here as fast as possible,” Anna smiled. “So, did you have any questions?”

Um. Yes.

“Can anyone come here? Like, do you have to be Christian?” I asked.

“No,” Anna said, shaking her head. “Everyone is welcome here, regardless of race or religion. God, Allah, Buddha, all those guys have their own private offices, where followers of their religion can talk to them. God is my boss.”

“But don’t the people of different religions want to be separated from each other? And what about reincarnation?”

“Well, if the people want to be separated from each other, they can. Heaven is what you want it to be. As for reincarnation, it’s a personal choice.”

I processed this information. Something that Anna had said caught my attention. “Anna, did you say that people could have meetings with God?”

“Yes,” answered Anna.

I thought for a moment. Then I spoke, my mind made up. ‘I would like a meeting with God, please. Before I go back.”