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Heaven Foretold

And then, all of a sudden, I was surrounded by the blinding light. I had to close my eyes as the glare was burning. I couldn’t tell if I was moving anymore, or if I was stationary. It was a scary feeling. Then my feet touched something solid. Before I knew it, I was standing upright, and a voice was saying, “Welcome to Heaven.”


3. Conversations with God

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Then God commanded, “Let there be light” – and light appeared.

Genesis 1:3

“What?” asked Anna, astonishment covering her delicate face.

“I want to talk to God,” I repeated slowly. As I said this, ideas, memories, conversations, and questions filled my head. Edward thought he didn’t have a soul. I did. I could find out. I could ask God himself. Edward couldn’t argue with Him!

“But you’re not dead, Bella. Only deceased persons can request meetings with God,” Anna replied, returning to her professional demeanour.

“Really?” I asked, disappointed. “But Anna, I really need to talk to him. I have important questions to ask. If I’m here, I might as well do it now, right?”

“Right,” Anna conceded reluctantly. “But it’s going to be hard to get a meeting at such short notice. Most people wait years for a meeting with God.”

“Years? I can’t wait years!” I exclaimed. “I have to get back home, back to Edward!” I couldn’t imagine what he would do if I didn’t wake up from the coma.

Actually, I could.

One word.


“Anna! I need to get a meeting now!” I said, starting to get slightly panicky. My heart was racing at just the thought of losing Edward again.

“Okay, Bella, calm down,” Anna said in a soothing tone; only her wide eyes conveyed her shock at my reaction. “I’m your Guardian Angel, I’ve got to look after you, and if a meeting with God is what you want, that is what you get!” She grabbed my hand and turned o her heel, going back through the door that had led us to the meadow.

We found ourselves back in the long white corridor. Anna wound her way through the labyrinth of doors faster than I could follow her. Unfortunately, this resulted in a number of falls on my part. Finally, she paused in front of a turquoise door with a gold handle. There was a small gold plaque set onto the door, and it read, Almighty Offices.

“This is it,” Anna murmured.

“God’s just behind this door?” I asked, overwhelmed. I hadn’t actually expected to talk to God this quickly. I began to get nervous again. What was I thinking?

“Well, not exactly,” answered Anna. “You have to go through the waiting room first. Once you have an appointment, then you wait in the waiting room for Him.”

“Like at the doctors?” I asked in dismay. I had seen enough of hospital waiting rooms to last me a lifetime.

“Well, not exactly,” Anna replied, not noticing my awkwardness. “When it’s time for your appointment, God’s assistant will come and take you away. That’s the Angel Gabriel,” she added, observing my look of confusion.

“Oh, like in the bible!” I said, pleased I knew something. I realised I would have a while to think over what I wanted to say. I calmed down a bit, but it didn’t last very long.

“Are you ready?” asked Anna, looking down at me.

I swallowed noisily. “I guess,” I answered hesitantly, suddenly nervous again. What was I thinking, talking to God? I got nervous doing an oral presentation in English class. Could you imagine me talking to the Almighty?

Anna grabbed my hand and pulled me firmly through the turquoise door.

She opened the door into what was the exact replica of Edward’s room at the Cullen Mansion. The wrought iron bed was there, complete with the gold bed spread. There was the black leather lounge, and the wall covered with CD’s, as well as his enormous CD player. Right where the window should be, there was a receptionists desk, with yet another angel sitting behind it.

Noticing my gasp of surprise, Anna said, “The room transforms itself into a room where you feel comfortable and at home. It’s different for everyone.”

“What do you see?” I asked, still in a state of shock. This pretty much proved to me that my heaven was wherever Edward was.

“My bedroom at the house where I grew up,” replied Anna staring wistfully in the direction of the bed. I wondered what she could possibly be seeing. It seemed private, though, and I didn’t ask anymore questions about that.

I continued to look around, soaking up the familiar room, until Anna woke up from her reverie, and motioned towards the desk by the window. “Shall we see of there are any appointments open?”

I nodded, and we made our way towards the beautiful raven-haired angel sitting behind the mahogany desk. A gold plated name tag on her white, slim-fitting halter dress read Elizabeth.

“Hi, Beth!” said Anna brightly on approaching the desk. Beth looked up from a work and smiled when she saw who it was.

“Hello, Anna. What brings you here?” she asked in a soft voice. She checked her appointment book. “I don’t have you scheduled in for a meeting today.” Beth looked up worriedly. “I haven’t made a mistake, have I?”

“Of course not,” said Anna, laughing gently. “Don’t worry. Bella here has just made an impromptu decision to talk to God.”

“What?” asked Beth, looking incredulously between Anna and myself. “You know that these appointments can take years to book. I mean, our next free slot is five years away!”

I cringed inwardly. Five years! I couldn’t wait that long! I needed to know if Edward had a soul. Now!

Anna through me an ‘I told you so’ look, then turned back to Beth. “Are you sure there hasn’t been a cancellation, or something. It’s important that Bella doesn’t stay here to long. She’s only visiting, you see.”

“Oh,” said Beth, looking much more understanding towards the situation. I relaxed a little. “Let me get in touch with reception, and I’ll see what I can do,” Beth said, picking up a phone and beginning to dial as she spoke.

“Thanks, Beth. I knew you could do it. And, just so you know, Lucy’s in a bit of a foul mood today,” said Anna, turning to take a seat on the black leather couch.

Beth smiled in return as I followed Anna to sit down.

“It shouldn’t be too long now,” said Anna reassuringly. “There are cancellations all the time, especially with medicine what it is these days.”

I leaned back on the couch, breathing in deeply. That surprised me; the couch even smelled like Edward! This definitely was my form of heaven. The only thing missing was Edward himself.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Beth putting the phone down. Anna stood up and began to walk back towards the desk. I stood up quickly, following her, and tripped over my own feet on the way.

When I finally arrived at the desk, Beth was smiling. “You’re in luck,” she said, as she checked her appointment book. Mark Williams is a lucky guy. They managed to get him to the hospital just in time, so, Bella, you can have his slot. You’ll just have to wait for about an hour,” she finished, smiling up at me.

“Thanks so much, Beth. You have no idea how much I appreciate this,” I replied, smiling right back.

I went to sit back on the black couch, breathing in the smell of Edward and thinking about what I was going to say.

* * *

I must have drifted off to sleep, because the next thing I knew, Anna was shaking me, and another angel was saying, “Bella, God will see you now.” He was the first male angel I had seen in all my time in Heaven. He had on a white shirt and loose-fitting white dress pants. His hair was a beautiful golden brown, and the gold plated nametag pinned to his well-defined chest read Gabriel.

I stood up slowly this time, not wanting to fall over again. Gabriel motioned towards a door I hadn’t noticed before, directly behind Beth’s desk, set into the window. A gold plated plaque hanging in the middle read God.

“Good luck!” Anna mouthed to me, gently pushing me forward.

I made my way to the door, and Gabriel held it open for me. I stepped into the room, and the angel shut it behind me.

I was standing in an immaculate study, the walls lined by books in mahogany bookcases. In the centre of the room was a magnificent mahogany desk, like Beth’s only about twice as large. And behind this desk sat God.

He looked like a middle-aged man, with white hair and a short white beard. He was dressed completely in white, like all of his angels. He had gold reading glasses perched on the tip of his nose. I noticed that He had no gold-plated name tag, like all of the angels. I supposed this was because it was fairly obvious who He was.

God looked up from his papers, and saw me standing awkwardly by the door. “Bella! So good to see you! Take a seat!” He said genially, motioning to a leather studded chair that had just appeared in front of His desk.

I couldn’t stop staring as I sat. I didn’t know what to say. What do you say when God is not three feet away from you?

God finished shuffling His papers, set them to one side of His enormous desk, and rested His chin on His hands. He looked at me expectantly.

I swallowed noisily. Where did I start? Thankfully, God interrupted my fretting, and broke the silence.

“So, Bella, I believe you have a question for me?” He said.


“Concerning one Edward Anthony Masen Cullen?” said God, a little smile touching the corners of His mouth.

“Yes,” I said, wondering how He knew. Then I realised it was God I was talking to. Didn’t He know everything? I blushed at my stupidity. God didn’t seem to notice. He continued to wait expectantly for my answer. When I didn’t stay anything, He stood up from His desk, and walked towards a window, motioning for me to follow.

When I reached the window, I caught my breath at the view. It was like looking out an aeroplane window. All I could see was a sea of clouds. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

God turned to face me. “I’m assuming you’d like to see what Mr Cullen is up to, considering you’ve been gone for a while.”

“Oh, yes!” I said, excitement bubbling up through me. Although I was enjoying my stay in Heaven a lot, I missed Edward more than anything.

God lifted one finger, and drew a circle in the air in front of the window. It seemed to mist over a little, then cleared to show a hospital room.

“How did you…” I murmured, before stopping, and then realising again the stupidity of my words. I was about to apologise for my mistake, when something in the window caught my attention.

Edward. His sudden movement had made me notice he was there. Before, he had blended perfectly in to the room. He walked slowly over to the bed in the corner, which slowly shifted into focus. With a gasp of recognition, I realised it was me in the bed. I was hooked up to innumerable amount of machines, and the sight f the needle sticking out of my hand made me squeamish.

My attention was brought back to Edward again, when he began to speak softly. “Bella, Bella,” he whispered, picking up my hand without the needle, and cradling it gently in his own. “Bella, please wake up, Bella. I need you. I can’t live without you. Please, Bella. Please, please…” he lowered his head down to my immobile form, his whole body shaking with tearless sobs.

I was surprised to hear a strangled cry coming from someone else. Me. I had tears streaming down my face, and I tried in vain to stem the flow.

God waved His hand gently, and the window vanished. He took me by the hand, and led me gently back to His desk.

“Now, I want you to get back to Edward as soon as possible, so why don’t you ask me if he has a soul or not?” He said kindly.

I looked up from my hands. God could give Edward a run for his money, with the whole mind-reading thing.

“So… does he? Because I think he does, but he is so convinced that he is damned forever. I love him so much, and he loves me. How can you love without a soul?” I asked, the tears slowing enough that I was able to relatively dry my face.

“My, dear, you’ve just answered your own question. ‘How can you love without a soul?’ the answer is, you simply can’t.”

“So… he does have a soul? He can get into Heaven?” I asked, hardly daring to hope.

“Yes to both questions, my dear! He couldn’t love you without a soul, and if he loves you half so much as he professes to, he has more soul than most people. As for getting into heaven, if a heart is full of love, there is always room here for them. You love each other, and that is enough.”

“Thank you! You have no idea how much this means to me. And to Edward, if he finally chooses to believe me,” I added as an afterthought.

“He will,” said God. “Eventually.”

I laughed softly. God stood up and walked towards the door that led back to the waiting room. “Gabriel, will show you out,” He said. “And Bella, I look forward to seeing you again sometime.”

“You mean I’m coming back?” I asked.

“We’ll see. I think Mr Cullen might be keeping a closer watch on you from now on,” God said with a wink.

He opened the door, and I re-entered the waiting room. I heard the door shut quietly behind me. Gabriel was waiting there for me.