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Manly Pixie Dust

A poem Bella would write if she were more of a poet reflecting on her time in Forks up until the meadow scene in Twilight.

One day I had to write a list poem in creative writing. I was re-reading Twilight at the time, and this is what I came up with.

1. Manly Pixie Dust

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Manly Pixie Dust

A love story with a bite.

What more can I say?

Um…how about

Bella and vampires?

But not your

no reflection

no contact with sunlight


human blood drinking

sleeping in coffins

type of vampires.


Bella’s story, my story,

is about a different kind of vampires

the Cullens, well more so

Edward Cullen,

and his ability

to turn my world

upside down.

I was new

to Forks, Washington.

They knew to keep away

from the inhumanly beautiful Cullens.

I knew I should too

but I was entranced

by the youngest,


At first I thought

he hated me.

Turns out it was

just my smell that bothered him

in a way that was new.

Eventually he said

we shouldn’t be friends;

he was bad for my health

yet he wanted to be my friend.

Way to confuse a girl

who no matter what,

was spellbound

to this boy.

There was a bonfire on the beach

where someone mentioned the Cullens.

An older Native American teen

said, “The Cullens don’t come here.”

An old friend from the reservation

tells me the story of his people.

How they came from wolves

and have a treaty with the cold ones.

“Cold ones?” I ask.


The Cullens relate how?

They are,

the cold ones.


I do research.

Not much matches

my own observations:

speed, strength, beauty

pale skin, eyes that shift color

or my friend’s:

blood drinkers, enemies of the werewolf

cold – skinned, immortal.

One day I found myself

driving home from Port Angeles

with the cold one

who wouldn’t leave my thoughts.

I told him how I thought

he might be a vampire

how the idea got started

and that eventually

I came to the conclusion

that it didn’t matter what he was.

Edward was shocked

to the point of anger.

“You don’t care

if I’m a monster?

If I’m not human?”





Edward was a vampire.

There was a part of him

that thirsted for my blood.

I was unconditionally and irrevocably

in love with him.

I learned so much about vampires

including my previous observations being true.

They can have special abilities

Edward can read minds –

except mine.

They have a reflection.

They are immortal and cold – skinned.

They don’t need to sleep

or even breathe!

Vampires can be vegetarians

through animal blood

and oddest of all

they sparkle in sunlight!

Oh the day

he showed me that meadow!

He must have thought,

in his nonchalant way,

“Look! I glitter!”

Now when I see

my Edward sparkle

behold the manly pixie dust!