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The Day That Saved Us

A series about Renesmee and Jacob as they close in on her seventh birthday.

I do not claim ownership of any of the characters that appear in my story that are from Stephenie Meyer's books. I'm not stealing her thunder. EVER!!!!

2. Hush

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I don’t think I can recall how I got into my room and in bed other than the sweet musky scent of Jacob that seemed to waft around in my room, most likely from him. There had been no sleep for me, as usual. No dozing. No fatigue. In fact, I was more energized than I had been in a very long time. I mean, come on; I was going to be married for Christ’s sake and my parents were completely unaware of it. At least with my seventh birthday coming up, and along with it the fact that I would stop growing, they were in good humor and had been extra generous. At least mom was. I just hope some of that mercy would rub off on dad before Jacob and I told them about our engagement.

Though it was almost noon, I was still lying in bed, fumbling with the diamond ring on my finger. I kept turning it around and around, staring at it as if it was an extraterrestrial artifact from space. The weight felt weird on my hand but just looking at it and remembering what had happened the night before made my heart pound with excitement and my mind race with thoughts…mostly thoughts of how much I loved Jacob. I don’t care how old, or what, we were. It didn’t matter. I was prepared to give my whole soul to him and spend the rest of eternity as his wife.

Wife. It sounded weird when you applied it to me.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door.

“Nessie? Are you there?” my mother called in her singsong voice.

Quickly I scrambled to hide the ring, stashing it underneath my pillow. As usual, she didn’t wait for me to give her the okay and opened the door without waiting. I relaxed, trying to look at ease and not the least bit worried, though I was scared out of my mind at what she and dad would do to Jacob and I when we told them of our plans.

“Hi Mom,” I began, giving her as genuine a smile as I could imagine. After a few moments of silence I added, “Is there something you wanted?”

Just looking at her, I saw not a middle-aged mother with wrinkles and worry lines like most other girls who were actually seventeen, but a stunning woman who, to the human eye, couldn’t be a day over nineteen. Even though she was my mother and therefore saw her daily, I was still taken aback by her appearance. People say I look more like my dad but one thing I got from her is her soft brown eyes, thought I would have settled for the glossy brown hair and good height as well. Her skin was luminescent, though not sparkling like it is when she wasn’t in the sunlight, and she still managed to just look like a very beautiful human rather than the vampire that she was. As I looked at her, I could see her eyes were getting darker. She needed to go hunting.

“I was wondering where you were last night,” she informed me, activating full-blown mother-mode, as I called it. It was the kind of attitude a mother gets when they are suspicious of their children. I knew she wouldn’t care that I had gone out with Jacob; after all, she and dad had known about our relationship since I was born. But the news of our engagement would set her off especially since she was hungry.

I beckoned her to come to me, patting the spot on my bed beside mine to offer her a seat. Once she was seated next to me, I put my hands to her face, one on either side, and let the flow of images run through me into her like water through a pipe. Of course, I censored certain parts of the night’s events but overall, I knew what she was seeing wouldn’t bother her much. When I was done, she leaned back and frowned.

“Renesmee, you know you shouldn’t be going out with Jacob so much. I hardly ever see you. You need to stop paying so much attention to him and give a little to your family,” she explained as she stood up and began looking over my things, moving them around in one of her OCD, uber-organized moments. I stood up and walked to the comfy chair in the corner of the room, plopping myself down on it with one knee hanging and the other propped up on the edge of the seat.

“Mom, I see you all the time. And you know I care about the family. But Jacob is a huge part of my world and you have to understand that I can’t just not see him as much. Surely you understand mom, after all I know about how you and dad met…” I trailed on, making my point clearer than crystal.

I knew I had won the argument because I had been told stories of how she had hated being away from dad for any period of time. She knew what it was like to love someone so much that you would sacrifice everything for them, even your life. She knew this and therefore, she had nothing to say. Instead of trying to save face, she admitted it.

“Okay,” she said finally, defeated. “You have me there.”

Then we both smiled, being happy that we could understand each other like that. As I sat in the chair, watching her, she approached my bed.

“God, Ness, can you ever keep your bed neat and made?” she asked disapprovingly as she began to move the pillows around…the pillows that hid my engagement ring.

In a heartbeat, I was on the bed, sprawled across the sheets and pillows. Trying to make it look devoid of any suspiciousness, I stretched my whole body like a cat waking from a nap.

“Because,” I started, putting on my most convincing face. “I need creative chaos in order to thrive.”

She cocked and eyebrow. “Thrive?”

I furrowed my brow in mock seriousness. “Yes. Thrive."

Putting her hands on her hips, I knew she wasn’t buying it but after a few moments of dead silence, she turned and walked towards the door.

“Well, clean up this “creative chaos”,” she stated, knowing that this wasn’t an option for me. It was either clean it up or the alternative…clean it up.

So, putting the ring back on and opening the window in my room, I lifted my hand to the sunlight to admire the diamond, my hand glittering a bit as well. It wasn’t even so much that it looked perfect on my hand. It was that Jacob fit so perfectly in my heart.