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Hide and Seek

The question that most people have the answer to. Who am I? It was the question I intended to answer. One I know I have to. You know how, as a kid, you had great memories about riding your bike to your grandma’s house, where you would get a batch of warm cookies? Hmmm? Lucky you. I don’t have any memories. Not since I was changed into a vampire. I can’t even remember my own name. So, like any other living...no, that’s not the right word....like any other thing, I am curious. My friend, a nomad I met in my hometown, Burlington, named me Andrea Joyce Chourre, her mother’s name. It stuck with me, however, I did add my own special flare, I’m Andy, not Andrea. I push my Corvette faster, the trees and snow of Vermont only a blur. I don’t know where I am going, and I don’t know where to stop, but I will soon. Even with a Corvette, sleek, aerodynamic as it is, I still need gas. At least I know one thing, Forks, Washington is a long ways away.

Hey everybody, it’s Willie Jean here. The main character of this story will be introduced with their power in the first chapter, in case anyone wants to know who the person is, but at least this way you can get some background info on the character. Remember, reviews are appreciated, good or bad, we don’t care. We would like constructive critism, anything to help us with our first story. Thanks for reading!!!

5. Woo. My Own Mike

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I entered in my first period class with Mr. Banner. My schedule absolutely sucked.

I had no classes with anyone in the Cullens, let alone Bella.

I gave him the papers needed, which he signed dutifully.

He grunted and pointed to the spot where I was supposed to sit, right next to a boy with greasy hair and an odor that I could smell in the front of the class.

As I sat down, the boy said in a very nasal voice, “I’m Andrew. I’m probably the best student in the whole class, so if you need any help, feel free to lean over.”

The pervert.

His aura was showing pride, a nasty feeling to have, so I simply changed it into a color that I liked more, maybe, green and yellow, nervousness and happiness.

He abruptly sat up and started tapping his fingers on his desk. I smirked as his knees matched the rhythm of his fingers.

A.P. Chemistry sucked. And no, there was no other way to describe it. It could’ve been fun if Mr. Banner wasn’t so boring and Andrew wasn’t trying to hook up with me the whole class.

He even followed me out, asking if I needed any help with finding my classes.

I scared the crap out of him when I stood to my full height and glared at him, “No, thank you. I don’t need your help.”

He turned away helplessly, showing orange, the color of scare.

I smiled happily; glad to be free of him as I trotted to my next class.

As I walked, I resisted the suddenly strong urge to ditch class and go for a run. A nice, long run.

My eyes were fading to my longing color, I could feel it. Before they got too far, I thought of the Cullens taking me in, and Bella. They turned back to emerald green.

I walked to my next class, my rare optimism returned.

A.P. English, my better class.

The one that I loved. I even loved my teacher, an intense difference from Mr. Banner.

She was pretty, maybe a foot shorter than I was with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, with a neon yellow aura, her happiness coming off the room in bounds.

It was really hard not to like her. I walked up to her and introduced myself. “Hello, my name’s Andy, Andy Cullen.”

“Why, hello Andy. I understand that this is the name you’d like to be called, not Andrea.” I shuddered just thinking about my whole “first” name.

“No thank you.”

She smiled, her aura turning brighter, and maybe tints of purple. I was seriously going to need sunglasses for her class.

“And you can call me by my teacher name, which is Ms. Monroe. But most of my students call me by my first name, Cheryl. I just think that Ms. Monroe is far too formal.”

I smiled brilliantly as I shook her hand. I really liked her, she was so welcoming.

She interrupted my thought process when she asked, “Where would you like to sit?”

“I don’t think I would do very well in the back of the room.” I said, remembering my experience with Andrew, and already seeing the longing and smug expression of the boy in the back.

“Oh, of course I would never make you sit in the back. Hmmmm, let’s see.” She said, her aura turned teal. She was thinking.

“I don’t think that I have any extra seats at the moment, so you can sit at the side table until I get an extra desk for you. I’m sorry.” She said, her aura turning a dark blue.

I really liked the yellow and purple, so I spoke before it could go any further. “It’s perfectly alright, Cheryl. I don’t mind sitting there. It will be perfect.”

Her aura rose in color, back to her neon yellow. A color I was strangely starting to like.

Maybe high school won’t be so bad. The thought that I never would think, entering my head.