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Hide and Seek

The question that most people have the answer to. Who am I? It was the question I intended to answer. One I know I have to. You know how, as a kid, you had great memories about riding your bike to your grandma’s house, where you would get a batch of warm cookies? Hmmm? Lucky you. I don’t have any memories. Not since I was changed into a vampire. I can’t even remember my own name. So, like any other living...no, that’s not the right word....like any other thing, I am curious. My friend, a nomad I met in my hometown, Burlington, named me Andrea Joyce Chourre, her mother’s name. It stuck with me, however, I did add my own special flare, I’m Andy, not Andrea. I push my Corvette faster, the trees and snow of Vermont only a blur. I don’t know where I am going, and I don’t know where to stop, but I will soon. Even with a Corvette, sleek, aerodynamic as it is, I still need gas. At least I know one thing, Forks, Washington is a long ways away.

Hey everybody, it’s Willie Jean here. The main character of this story will be introduced with their power in the first chapter, in case anyone wants to know who the person is, but at least this way you can get some background info on the character. Remember, reviews are appreciated, good or bad, we don’t care. We would like constructive critism, anything to help us with our first story. Thanks for reading!!!

8. Edward Thinks, and I Become a Peace Keeper, Not to Mention that Destiny Binds Me to a Werewolf and Jasper Made a Joke

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I was once again, confused. But as I took the time to look at Jacob’s aura, it was the darkest purple I had ever seen. Love at first sight?

Sam pulled Jacob aside, but we could all hear what they were talking about.

“Jake, you need to phase; I need to talk to you.”

Jake nodded numbly. It was weird, I hadn’t even talked to him, but already I was using his nickname.

Jake and Sam walked outside. I stole glances at them the whole time.

I turned to my family. -“Would anyone like to tell me what the hell just happened?”

“Well, Andy, it seems that, Jacob imprinted on you.” Edward said with disgust.

“And what’s imprinting?”

“Imprinting is like love at first sight, but stronger.” Bella explained. Her aura was a mix of sadness and happiness. But I’m not exactly sure why.


“And, that’s the way Jake feels about you.” She said, clarifying furthermore.

I was stunned. Weren’t we supposed to be natural enemies with all this hate built up for each other?

Esme was sitting by Edward’s broken piano, I really felt bad about that. She looked like if she could be crying, she would.

I turned to Edward. He was rigid with hate and anger.

“Edward, why are you so mad?” I asked, sorry and curious.

He sighed before speaking and his aura showed reluctance. I understood.

“We’ll talk about it later.” I offered. He relaxed, grateful for my words.

“So, will this cause a problem?” I said, worried. I knew that things were already tense with these werewolves and I didn’t want my supposed true love and I causing a war.

“It probably will.” Carlisle sighed, but Edward was thinking, and thinking hard.

“Or it could be the best thing that has ever happened to this coven.” Edward said. Seven pairs of eyes turned to stare at him.

“It could bring the groups closer together, and the boundaries will be more flexible.”

All auras showed understanding.

“So what am I, the peace keeper or the hostage negotiator?”

“No Andy, you’re the peace maker. Things were never good with them, but with Jacob imprinting on you!” Edward said, getting more and more excited.

Carlisle was thoughtful, taking into account Edward’s reasoning, and agreeing with it. “You’re right Edward.”

“For once.” Jasper said with a straight face.

I looked at Edward’s face; displaying shock at Jasper’s teasing words.

The look made me crack up. Jasper never said anything that funny and Edward never had that reaction. Before long, Emmett joined me. Pointing and laughing at Edward was fun. No one could contain their laughter, and pretty soon, even Edward was laughing hysterically.

When the wolves walked in and saw seven vampires and one human laughing so hard they were clutching their sides, the look only made me laugh harder.

When we had all relaxed, the mood had been lifted. Thankfully.

I looked to Jake, who was staring at me. He hadn’t even said a word to me, and it was kinda weird.

I said to him, “Hey, Jake.” -He was shocked that I would address him so fully and confidently even after I had heard about what had happened. Edward chuckled at something unsaid.

“I’m Andy, and I already know your name, but I was wondering if I could call you Jake.”

He was speechless at my straightforwardness. He slowly started to smile, showing gleaming white teeth.

“You can call me Jake. That’s fine.” I reached forward to shake his hand. When they met, his hand was burning. I almost jumped. He just smiled at my reaction.

“Jacob, we need to get going. There is a pack meeting tonight.” Sam said in a warning, but assertive tone.

Jake didn’t look away from me as he nodded.

“Emily’s not going to make any food for you tonight if you don’t come, NOW!” Jake jumped and released my hand. I missed the heat, I decided.

“I’ll see you soon, Andy.” He said as he trotted out the door.

I heard Sam grumble, “Oh great, another imprint.”

The shredding of clothes and the padding of feet told us they had left.

The scent of Jake was still there, all woodsy and musky.

I looked at my family to see all their faces wrinkled with disgust at Jake’s smell. I didn’t know why.

Underneath Jake’s pleasant smell, there was something sweeter, something vaguely familiar.

I turned to the door as I acknowledged my good friend.

“Gina!” I said happily, running to the sandy hair I had grown to know so much.