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Hide and Seek

The question that most people have the answer to. Who am I? It was the question I intended to answer. One I know I have to. You know how, as a kid, you had great memories about riding your bike to your grandma’s house, where you would get a batch of warm cookies? Hmmm? Lucky you. I don’t have any memories. Not since I was changed into a vampire. I can’t even remember my own name. So, like any other living...no, that’s not the right word....like any other thing, I am curious. My friend, a nomad I met in my hometown, Burlington, named me Andrea Joyce Chourre, her mother’s name. It stuck with me, however, I did add my own special flare, I’m Andy, not Andrea. I push my Corvette faster, the trees and snow of Vermont only a blur. I don’t know where I am going, and I don’t know where to stop, but I will soon. Even with a Corvette, sleek, aerodynamic as it is, I still need gas. At least I know one thing, Forks, Washington is a long ways away.

Hey everybody, it’s Willie Jean here. The main character of this story will be introduced with their power in the first chapter, in case anyone wants to know who the person is, but at least this way you can get some background info on the character. Remember, reviews are appreciated, good or bad, we don’t care. We would like constructive critism, anything to help us with our first story. Thanks for reading!!!

9. This Wasn't Supposed To Happen

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I ran into her awaiting arms, feeling complete.

It wasn’t until I stepped back away from her that I noticed the man standing next to her.

I was puzzled. “Who’s this?” She didn’t have a boyfriend when I left. And that was only a week ago. But then again, I didn’t have a boyfriend a week ago either.

“This is Thomas.” But he wasn’t there anymore.

There was a blur of white, followed by a piercing scream from Bella.

I moved as fast as I could toward Bella, but Thomas was already on top of her, drinking.

Edward and Emmett moved in on Bella, while Rosalie stood and watched.

They ripped Thomas off of her, but the damage was done. I knelt beside my best friend.

It wasn’t fair; Bella had so much to live for. She deserved it all. There was only one way to save her, but Edward was going to be so mad at me.

The fight going on between Thomas, Edward, Emmett, and Jasper was intense. Gina was on Rosalie, for reasons I didn’t know. Thomas was winning, because he was teleporting. Gina was on the ground.

Alice was with Jasper now and Esme and Carlisle were on their way over to me.

I made my decision quickly. I leaned down and bit Bella’s cream skin where Thomas had made his mark. The gouge in her neck far too prominent. I thought that human tools could save her, so I sucked out his venom, but I was taking her blood with it.

I spit it out, the blood tasted so awful.

And then, I bit Bella.

It was on an impulse, but I did it. I bit her ankles, wrists, elbows and neck.

She started to scream even more, causing Edward pain. I picked her up, and ran.

I pushed through the door and ran faster than ever.

Bella was still screaming, and I wasn’t sure when it would stop. But I stayed with her. The three painful days she screamed, I was there for her.

It didn’t matter we were missing school, it didn’t matter our reputations would be torn more than they already were, nothing mattered now.

I wished that Gina had never come. I wished that Thomas was never created, and I wish Bella was still human. I called for Edward with my strongest mental voice, and tried to tell him where we were.

Bella was almost finished.

The pain was going to get worse. The last leg of the race was always the hardest.

She screamed louder and louder till I cringed. I could feel her pain.

Then, it stopped. Just like that.

She sat up slowly, squinting at the light.

I looked at her changed difference. She was beautiful. She hadn’t grown, but her mousy hair was glossy, the red becoming more apparent.

Her eyes were…shocking. They were scary.

Blood red.

She looked at me curiously. “Why are you so clear?”

“You’re changed Bella. You’re like Edward and I. A vampire.” She was silent. Speechless, just like me.

“So, I’m like Edward now?”

“Yes.” I said sadly, wondering if she regretted my decision.

She slowly started to smile, examining her hands as if they were treasure.

“I’m a vampire.” She whispered.