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Side Effects

What if Bella's only side effect after being bitten by James wasn't only a scar? What if she had a few more things to worry about?


2. Chapter 2: Effects with Benefits

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Edwards POV

I sat there with Bella, holding her hand, and rubbing circles into the back of it. I could hear Alice catching Carlisle up on our predicament. I myself was a little nervous but I hid it under my stoic facade. Carlisle and Alice walked in, Alice sat on Bella's other side, while Carlisle stood in front of us.

"So is she showing side effects from the venom?" Carlisle thought in his head. I nodded once as a sign of yes. Carlisle nodded in reply and Bella noticed this.

"I love how you guys have your little private conversations over there, but since this is concerning me I would really love it if you didn't do that." Bella said with an irritated tone.

"I'm sorry Bella, you are right, forgive us." Carlisle said. "So how have you been lately? Feeling ok?"

"Yeah, I am feeling a lot better. I have so much more energy, and all my bruises are almost all gone." She said with a positive tone.

"Good, good. You are making a very quick recovery." Carlisle said while surveying Bella for any changes in her appearance or personality.

"Sounds like Emmet and Jasper are home." Bella said. We all looked at her in shock, we heard them come but she should not have. Carlisle still looking calm was even more worried, which worried me.

Then Carlisle thought "Edward, how does she smell to you?"

At first I was going to say she smelled the same but that's when I realized that was not true. She smelled different, not as strong, not as much pull over me as usual. "Her scent is not as strong, but I thought it was just because all the blood that she had transfused into her."

"Interesting. Would you take her away from here? I would like to talk to Alice."
I nodded and carried Bella into my room.

Bella's POV

"Her scent is not as strong, but I thought it was just because all the blood that she had transfused into her." Edward had said to Carlisle. I knew they were talking about me which made me frustrated again. I hate their private conversations. All the nodding is bothersome. Edward nodded again and started carrying me out into the hall and into his room.

Alice was still in the room with Carlisle and I assumed that he was asking her about something in the future, my future.

When we got into his bedroom, he put me on the sofa and turned on his stereo.
"Edward what is going on? Is there something wrong with me?" I said trying to make it as coaxing as possible while hiding my worry. I knew Edward wouldn't willingly tell me. It was going to take some persuading.

"No, no, nothing is wrong with you. You are perfect." Edward said not looking me in the eye, which was making me tense.

"Then what was the whole 'her scent is not as strong, but I though it was just because all the blood that she had transfused into her' thing about." When Edward didn't respond and just turned the music louder, I knew something was up.

?b34; That's what you get when you let your heart win, woah

That's what you get when you let your heart win, woah

I drowned out all my sense with the sound of its beating

And that's what you get when you let your heart win, woah ?b34;

"Yeah that's what I thought." I mumbled.

"No, Bella, no it's just . . . It's just . . . "

"It's just what Edward. Just what." I said practically screaming.

"Just that, there might be . . . some side effects to the venom." Edward said with a defeated sigh.

"Like what side effects?"

"Vampiristic qualities. Human food tasting like dirt, super hearing and . . . " I did not catch the last part because the music hit a loud part and drowned Edward out but I didn't really care I had other questions.

"Why did you not tell me that there would be side effects? Did you think I did not deserve to know?"

"NO! Of course I thought you deserved to know. We did not know if there would be side effects or not. We haven't exactly been in a situation like this before. You either get bitten and become a vampire or die, no in between."

"So what you're saying is you have no idea what will happen to me and that I might be half vampire/half human. That's real comforting."

"Bella, you will be fine. I will not let anything happen to you. I promise you that." And then Edward came over, sat down, pulled me on top of him, and gave me a kiss. This kiss was different. It had more passion, Edward was being less careful with me, and I didn't mind in the least.

When we had finished, I asked "What was that?" with a smirk pulling at my lips.
"What you didn't like it?"

"No, I did, but what about your rules?"

"Well, now that you are half and half, I can be less careful with you. See the benefits." He said while chuckling

"Oh, well . . . that is a benefit." I said giggling.
"Didn't you even get breathless?"

I had just realized that, that kiss was really long, and I didn't even come up for one breath, which made me giggle even more. "Oh, well, no." And soon he had pulled me into his iron tight grip again and stayed that way for what seemed like ever. Forgetting about Alice and Carlisle, or at least I did.