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Side Effects

What if Bella's only side effect after being bitten by James wasn't only a scar? What if she had a few more things to worry about?


3. Chapter 3: Family

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Carlisle POV

"Alice what can you see for Bella's future?" I asked. Bella's case is highly fascinating, considering I have not ever seen one person stay a human after being bitten.

"Well, I can see Edward telling her about the occurring side effects, some dirty stuff between them, but I cannot see far into her future. Things have not been decided yet." Alice said coming out of her trance.

"Thank you, Alice. You can go."

"No problem, and yes, I will ask Jasper to see what Bella is feeling right now."
"Right, thank you for that also." I said. Alice left the room at super speed, and I was in solitude with my thoughts.

Will there be more side effects coming? What will the effects be on her health? Will she have our blood thirst? Will she age? All of these questions were haunting me, I really did not want anything to happen to this sweet girl that stole Edward's heart. If only she could have seen him before she came into his life, she would be in complete shock. It is extremely important that we see what other 'powers' she may have. Why did she have to go by herself, why didn't she just wait for the airplane to land?

"Ugh" I let out a frustrated groan, and of course my one true love heard.

"Carlisle, what is wrong?" Esme said in a caressing voice from behind me.
I didn't want to tell Esme what was wrong. It would break her heart if anything happened to Bella. She loves Bella like a daughter and she loves what she does to Edward. I have to tell her though. It is the right thing to do. "Bella."

"What is wrong? Is she ok? Did she and Edward . . . Did something happen?"
"No. Side effects of the venom are showing." I said putting my head in my hands.

Esme came up to me and wrapped her arms around me, stroking my hair. "What signs are there?" She whispered in my ear.

"She doesn't like the taste of human food, her hearing has improved, and she can smell werewolf."

"What is going to happen to her?" Esme said with tears pooling in her eyes.

"I don't know, that is what is so frustrating. I don't know. But I promise you this, she will not die because of it, even if I have to turn her myself."

"I am sure it will not go that far." Esme said in a whisper while coming up to stroke my hair.

"We cannot be sure, Esme. What if it does go that far?"

"Well then, we will do what we have to protect her. She is family. We will not let anything happen to family."

"You are right. Let's hope for the best."

"Poor Edward. Poor Bella. Imagine what they must be going through right now."

"Yes. Edward is so overprotective of her. He must be racked with guilt about this." I replied, worrying about my first son.

"And Bella. She must be so scared right now. Poor girl. She has been through so much since she has met us."

"Yes, I am rather shocked that she has not run away yet." I said with a chuckle, thinking about everything that she has been through since she met us.

"Well, in her defense, she gets love." Esme said with conclusiveness. After that, we just sat there in silence, thinking about Edward and Bella.

Alice POV

When I left Carlisle's office, I went straight to find Jasper. I knew he would be in the garage with Emmet, fixing the Jeep, so I headed in that direction.

When I reached the garage, Jasper looked up at me with a giant grin on his face, but as soon as he felt my worry his smile disappeared and he was at my side in a second.

"What's wrong?" He said with a troubled tone. Looking in my eyes for the answer.

"I am not going to tell you here, let's go up to my room." I said and then Jasper picked me up bridal style and ran us to my room. When we got there, he put me down, and I quickly locked the door.

"So, now will you please tell me what is wrong?" He said while taking my face in his hands and rubbing circles into my cheek and sending calming waves around us.

"Bella is showing some . . . unique reactions to the venom." I said trying to look for the right words.

"Unique reactions? Like what?" Jasper said with curiosity.

"Well, vampiristic qualities, but she isn't a vampire, she is still human."
"Oh, this is not good. Can't we just fully change her now?"

"No. For one, if she still has a chance at a human life, Edward would never change her, and then there is Charlie."

"I know Charlie loves her, but we would fake her death. He has lived by himself before."

"No, see Charlie was so worried when Bella got into her accident, if anything happened to her now he would feel even worse and he would feel responsible for her death."

"I see your point. What can we do?"

"Right now, nothing." I said on the verge of tears. Jasper pulled me into his chest and started consoling me. He hated seeing me like this and I hated him seeing me like this.

"I know you are worried," he whispered to me "but Edward will not let anything happen to her. I will not let anything happen to her."

This made me feel better. Jasper always knows the right thing to say at these times. I locked eyes with his and meet his glacial lips with mine. He sent another calming wave around us and with that we fell onto my couch.