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Side Effects

What if Bella's only side effect after being bitten by James wasn't only a scar? What if she had a few more things to worry about?


6. Chapter 6: Interesting

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Edward POV

I was in my Volvo driving back to see my beautiful Bella. I approached the long driveway that led to our house and pushed the gas petal even farther down. The house finally appeared and I was relaxing a bit. I stopped the car and ran into the house. The moment I entered the house I heard her heart skip a beat. I looked up to see where she was, then I saw her descending down the banister, swaying her hips with every step. She was so beautiful. I was at a loss for words.

"Hello, Edward," she said with her alluring voice.

I tried to pull myself together and was failing. After a moment I stuttered "H-h-hello. You look . . . " I was trying to find a word in my vocabulary that described Bella, and beautiful did not come near to the image before me. I decided on exquisite and let it stumble out of my mouth.

She said thank you and then did my most favorite thing in the world-she blushed.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and she wrapped her arms around my neck and put her face near to mine. I was losing control, I could feel her warm breath on my face and I could smell the sweet scent surrounding us. I had to say something to make it seem like I had not lost all control so I came up with "So, what have you been up to while I was gone?"

"Many different things," she stated seductively, then she brushed her lips with mine.

I had to keep talking or my will power would crack, the only problem was my brain was not working properly. I tried extremely hard to focus on the words that just came out of her mouth so I could come up with some sort of response. After a long moment, I sputtered out "Care to elaborate?" Losing control of my voice at the end of my sentence. "Wow, real brilliant Edward," I thought. "Cannot even say three words without trembling."

"Not really." She said while locking eyes with mine.

Now this was starting to bug me, she would not tell me what she was doing and I could not read her thoughts. This set off a string of questions in my head. For example, why would she not tell me? What did my sisters do to her? Did she fall and break something? Did some other side effects show up? Was she planning something? But if she would not tell me I would have to find out from my sisters and I told her I would ask them.

Her response irked me again.

She said "um, no, I really don't think you can," almost in a whisper. She knows I can read thoughts, so all I have to do is ask the question and I have my answer.

"Why is that?" I asked, almost finding this humoring.

"They will block you out."

This was obviously something bad. She would not tell me, she made sure my sisters would not tell me by having them block their thoughts. I came up with a solution-I need to dazzle her. So, I pulled her hands off of my neck and held them in front of us while looking down upon her.

"What happened?" I said putting on the full force of my eyes.

"Nothing, Nothing." She said too quickly and I could tell from her eyes she was lying. I knew she would not tell me willingly and I released her hands to go upstairs and ask Alice and Rosalie.

"Edward, just forget it," she said pleading now.

I wanted to try one more time to get her to tell me, so I asked her again, but this time I blew my perfumed breath on her, trying to persuade her more. It took her a few moments to break out of the trance, but then she recovered and replied, "sorry," in a whisper.

I was surprised she did not give in like she usually does. But if she would not tell me we would go to plan B.

"Well then, we are going to find out from another source" I said while picking her up bridal style, to run upstairs. But when I turned to the stairs I totally forgot what I was doing. It was a weird sensation in my head, almost a tingling feeling, and it felt like I had no control over my thoughts. I looked down and saw I was carrying Bella. I remember her coming down the stairs but after that it's a blur. She had a pleased look on her face and I wondered what we were talking about to that made her happy. I asked her "What were we just talking about?"

With overjoyed satisfaction, she said "Music. We were talking about music."
I accepted what she said, but what happened still puzzled me. I never forgot things, even if I wanted to. The only things I have ever forgotten were my human memories.

"Okay. That was really weird, I completely lost my train of thought." I said letting the frustration sound in my voice.

Bella, still bubbling over with happiness, said "That is weird."

She was trying to stifle a laugh, which was making her the deepest shade of red. I wonder what happened to make her so happy. I was trying my hardest to remember but the memories were still eluding me. I furrowed my brow in frustration, Bella noticed this and she kissed me, which calmed me down-she was almost as good as Jasper, if not better.

Alice's thoughts then bounced into my head at that moment. Oh Edward, she is so happy. She finally dazzled you. I knew it would work.

So that must be what she was so happy about. She wanted revenge for all the times I have supposedly 'dazzled' her. This brought a smile to my face.

"So, Alice's thoughts tell me you were trying to dazzle me," I humored.She innocently smiled and said, "Yes, did it work?"

I looked down into her big, brown eyes and knew that she dazzled me every moment I was with her. I still could not believe that she thought she did not dazzle me. I let sigh out and replied, "You have no idea how well."

This pleased her immensely and she let out words of victory. I carried her up the stairs, she let out a big yawn and I put her on the bed.

"It is late, you should go to bed," I encouraged.

"But I don't wanna. I want to spend every moment with you. Awake." she said in protest.

"No love," I told her, "you need your rest. It is two in the morning. You are going to be exhausted."

"No I won't." She said while letting out another big yawn. She was so stubborn sometimes.

"Your body obviously says differently. I will be with you the whole time." I laid next down next to her and put my face up to hers and started humming her lullaby which she soon fell asleep to.

Bella POV

My eyes fluttered open and I could see Edward next to me, smiling.

"Bella, go back to sleep, it is still early," he whispered to me in his velvet voice, while pulling me closer to him.

"What time is it?" I half groaned, half mumbled.

"It is five in the morning. You have only been asleep three hours. You should go back to bed," His voice encouraging me to sleep.

I was too appalled at the time to succumb to it. I couldn't really be five in the morning, could it? I felt rejuvenated, but I only slept three hours.

He must have seen the shock in my eyes because he asked what was wrong.
"I don't really know. It is just that I feel so wide awake after only a few short hours of sleep."

"Well, you just woke up, you will most likely be tired later on," He said with a soft smile on his face and his topaz eyes glittering in the soft morning light.

"Yeah, you are probably right," I sighed. I let myself lapse into his frigid, marble arms and he tightened his hold on me. It was a moment of perfect contentment, that was until Alice burst into the room.

"Bella, wake up already! Today is one of my days to dress you. Remember?" Alice said while jumping on the bed with me and Edward, shaking the whole frame.

I let out a little groan, Edward let go of me, and Alice was ran me into the bathroom. She plopped me down in a salon chair in front of the mirror and sprinted out of the room. I sat there dreading her return, knowing it could only mean another agonizing outfit.

When she returned, she was carrying a truly short, denim mini-skirt and a tight fitting, blue, spaghetti-strap tank top with black pumps.

"Alice, you have got to be kidding me, that outfit is a deathtrap for me!" I exclaimed

"Oh Bella, stop being so over dramatic, you will be fine," she said prancing about the bathroom.

"Please, Alice, I am begging you, if you love me at all you will not make me wear that," I pleaded.

"Bella, do you honestly think . . . " Alice stopped mid sentence and her face went blank just like Edward's had done the night before. The expression almost reminded me of when she would get her visions and she had that far away look in her eyes.

"Alice," I questioned cautiously, "are you all right?"

She snapped out of her daze and focused on me.

"I think I am going to get a different outfit for you now. I don't like this one anymore," she said mechanically, then sauntered out of the bathroom with the deathtrap.

This was starting to get weird. I knew Edward forgetting something last night was just pure luck but now Alice changing an outfit when I asked her to, was just not normal. They also had those blank looks on their faces-interesting. I heard a knock at the door and the next thing I saw really scared me.