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Dearest Bella

Edward left Bella in the forest all alone. A short while later he writers her a letter that he never intends to send. Part of New Moon Edward's POV

I had to write a letter poem in Creative Writing, and this is what I came up with.

1. Chapter 1

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Dearest Bella

How do I put into words

what I’ve done to you?

I saw the look in your eyes

and it tore me to pieces.

Are we fated

to be Romeo and Juliet?


A clean break.

It will be as if I never existed.





How could I do such a thing

to such a sweet, innocent girl?

How could I say I don’t love you,

when in my heart

I know it’s not true?

It’s for the best.

You won’t lose your soul.

You can lead a human life now.

You will not be put in

anymore danger because of me.

A clean break.


As if I never existed.

I sounded so much

more convincing in the forest.

I can not do it!

It’s driving my insane!

Your blood

it sings to me.

I remember its sweet smell!

But I will not let you lose your soul!

I will not curse you to this life of mine!

I will not let you become the monster



But I can not stay away from you.

Oh, but I must!

A human lifespan is nothing compared to mine.

It is but a bleep

on the radar screen

that is my subsistence.

I will try my best to stay away from you.

I do it for you

my love.

If I had a soul

would you be my soul mate?

Why do I write this?

It only hurts to do so.

You will never see this letter.