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The Beatles- First Trip to America

This is based on a dream I had. The Cullens do come in, later. The Beatles trip to America- what if the Beatles (Ringo, Paul, George and John) were human but George (I chose him randomly) meets a vampire on their way into a concert.

This might end up being confusing- but it will make sense...eventually!

3. Chapter 3- She's Here

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"I'm so tired," Ringo complained. His gaze darting sluggishly to the clock. Which really wasn't darting, more of shifting.

"Yes, this is the thousandth time you've said that!" John complained. Tuning his guitar, again.

"What is that? The twelfth time it's been tuned?" I taunted. I was all jittery and hyped up. I wasn't necessarily sure why, and didn't bother enough to find out.

"Oh, leave him alone. You know he doesn't like Yoko alone very much,"George chided harshly. Someone was in a wonderful mood.

"Yeah? 'I reject your reality and substitute my own,'" I rebuked.

"You bicker like an old married couple!" Ringo complained. He was in a very mopey mood, if you haven't noticed.

The phone rang. Ringo dove for it. "Hello? Hello? Yes, what is it you want? Make it snappy!"

We held our breath. I was trying to figure through Ringo's face if it was the important call from London, or that girl. Jaylyn, I think it was.

"Yes, its me. You know me. Well, be stubborn then." Then to John: "She's being stubborn."

John took the phone. Really, you don't need to know the conversation. And John would probably behead me if I told you. Apparently, it was Yoko.

"John, its nearly five thirty. We need to open up the line," I told him. Ringo was pretending to gag, and George was chewing Ringo out for it. I thought Ringo was having all the fun, as usual.

John nodded, and said goodbye. Promising to call back as soon as we were finished with the interview. I would have to remove Ringo from the room for that call, I was sure.

The phone rang again. John's hand was still hovering over it, so he waited a short moment and answered. "Hello?" he nodded, murmuring 'yes' and 'of course' and 'one minute'. Then he hung up.

"She's here," He stood up and looked at all of us. George had Ringo upright, and looked as if he wished they were on the ground fighting. "If you can remain mature you can come along."

"I'm already being plenty mature," I answered, looking at Ringo questioningly. But I didn't fool him. He knew I wanted to be right alongside him.

"Sure, I was already behaving. Never claimed to be mature, not at that moment at least," Ringo straightened his tie. And flung open the hotel room door. "To Oz?"

I rolled my eyes, and started towards the elevators. Slowly, the birdcage like elevator descended to the lobby, where Jaylyn would be waiting. She was there, with a pen and pad of paper. A spiral bound notebook. She had no camera, no recorder. Just herself. And the pen and paper, of course.

"Hello," She smiled. Making her way across the marble lobby. She had on a pair of Converse All-Stars, low-cut. Dark blue jeans and a white tank top and was carrying a black parka over her arm. Talk about casual. We were worrying (well, Paul, Ringo and I were. John could care less) about how horribly messy our hotel room had become in less than a matter of hours. A catagory five hurricane had ravaged the sitting area. Frantically, we tried to find a way to tidy up. But ended up throwing most of everything into one of the bedrooms. We decided not to give her a tour.

"Hello," Ringo said, jamming his hands into his pockets, rolling back and forth from heel to toe.

She smiled again, lighting up the room even brighter than it already was.

"Where would the best place for this interview be?" she asked in her all-too perfect voice.

"We cleaned our hotel room..." George began.

"Are you sure?" she asked, surprised.

"Well, yes. Most of our interviews are there anyways." John clarified. She nodded hesitantly, and followed us back up. I wondered, off task, why we all had come down. It would have made more sense if only one of us came down. And considering the way Ringo was acting, and sadly George as well, John would be the only one trusted. I would ask John that, later, I decided, he'll be stumped by that as well. See, we weren't that good at planning silly things like that. Maybe we should work on that...