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My Luck

She's never had the best luck with anything really. Angela's overlook on her life.

This may be disjointed and confusing but I wasn't exactly sure how to type this out. So sorry for any confustion this causes.

1. Angela

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My Luck

I’d never really had the best of luck. When I was six my mom and I were in a car accident, my mom was killed. I was in a coma for eight moths.

Then when I was nine I fell out of a tree and broke not only my arm but four of my ribs too. As I said I’ve never had the best luck.

Starting high-school I was nervous. By then I had decided I was going to be the shy quiet one, since I already was. I was never really popular but that wasn’t what I wanted. During lunch one day I met Lauren and Jessica since I didn’t have any friends I figured what the heck. We became friends. I was the one everyone told things too. Who they liked… what they thought of that girl's outfit… and such.

Junior year, Bella came. Lauren considered Bella to be below her. But she thought that about everyone. We became fairly close. On the first day right away I could guess she had fallen for Edward Cullen. My suspicion was confirmed when we went to Port Angeles and she asked a bunch of questions about him. Little did I know they would fall in love and be Forks’ very own Romeo and Juliet. I, well I dated Ben. He was great.

The summer went great nothing big happened and my relationship with Ben stayed the same. Which was fine with me I wasn’t particular on change. Then Edward left Bella. I didn’t know why. I tried to talk to Bella every day for the first few weeks. I called for moths after that, and prayed real hard that she would get over it. My relationship with Ben took a small dip then as I continued to worry about Bella. I called and talked with Charlie a lot, but just to make sure Bella wasn’t going to commit suicide any time soon.

Four moths later she seemed to be getting better. Bella stood up for me about the giant bear incident and actually laughed when I told her not much had changed since she’d moved here. By now I’d ignored everything my father, Forks’ preacher told me. I hated Edward with a passion.

He came back. I was furious, and then I saw him with Bella. I remembered her those dreadful four moths and was grateful for Edward. Graduation came and went. I prepared for collage. Ben was going to the same collage. He got the dorm closest to the main buildings and mine was the furthest away. Before collage I went to Bella’s wedding. I knew Bella was beautiful but I’d never seen her at her best until that night. The entire wedding was beautiful.

Three moths later I went off to collage. Ben went with me and for awhile things were great. Suddenly Ben was distant he was always in a studying in the library. One afternoon I had to get a book for my resource class and I figured out what Ben had been up to in the library. He’d been seeing another girl. I dropped my coffee and all of my books. He looked at me and me at him. "Ang.." He started.

"No," I said wanting this day to end. "It’s over" I whispered. Before then I hadn’t noticed all of the tears that were pouring down my face, I ran.

After collage I went back to Forks in hopes of starting a bookstore. A few years after the store had opened a man walked in. He was apparently in a hurry. I quickly checked him out and scanned his credit card, Embry Call.

"You used to hang out with Jacob right?" I questioned. He looked up and stared. I smiled softly.
"Hi, and in answer to your question yes," He said still looking stunned. I nodded.

"You wanna go out sometime?" He asked, cheeks turning red. I thought about it for a minute.

"Yeah, that’d be great," I said quietly.

"Cool. Is Friday night around 7 good with you?" Embry said quickly. I nodded. He smiled as he dashed out the door. We went out for a week before he told me he was a werewolf. By that time it didn’t matter, I was already in love with him. I may have the worst luck but in the end my life’s pretty good.