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Desolate Embrace

Everything was going great for Jacob Black, until Bella's wedding comes along. And with it, comes a new pack, a new Alpha and she isn't happy about Bella's choice. With war on the edge, and a life hanging in the balance, can Jacob keep his sanity? Or will it all get frozen over in winter's frost? JacobxOFC

Is a serious work in progress and may get revised a few times, but it's the same basic story line every time I revise it.

1. A Seasonal Fued

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‘In the time of Ephriam Black, there was a man who believed differently than other pack members. He believed that the pack should hunt down the cold ones and eradicate them. Stop them from harming innocent humans, to put them in their place as lowly blood suckers of the world. Something to be stomped out. Ephriam Black, Levi Uley, and Quil Ateara disagreed. Billiam Ateara was outraged. He stopped changing, allowing for a long line of daughters to be born. He was horrified to learn that his grandaughters, all four of them, were werewolves. Uncommon yes, but not impossible.

His granddaughters, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter had formed their own pack. And they followed their grandfather’s lead. They hunted down the vampires themselves. Until one of them establish a true alpha platform above the others and were not simply following and old wolf’s words. Winter Hart Ateara had claimed the alpha spot over her sisters. It was then that Billiam warned his granddaughter of what would happen should she ever meet another alpha.

“We imprint on those that can produce us with the best offspring to carry on the family lines and the pack can only be made stronger by this. For most of the pack it is simply love at first sight, with lust as a secondary factor. This is due to the fact that a regular wolf of the pack cannot produce a future alpha.

Now an alpha can imprint on a normal person, yes. But if another alpha is present a need to dominate appears. However in your case since I believe you to be the only female alpha ever in existence, lust would take over. You and this other alpha would be inexplicably drawn to each other. And not in any such way as instant love. No it would be simply lust. For the two of you could produce the next alpha that could reunite the divided packs, and make a stronger pack and an even stronger alpha.”

The theory had been interesting, but that was it. Winter hadn’t bought into it in the least. Where was she going to meet another alpha? The only pack in existence other than the Hart - Ateara pack was well none. They hunted down the cold ones, killing them before anything could reach any place that a pack had ever been.

That was all that needed to be told to her sisters, and that was all that was told. But now with the news of an innocent woman having been turned into a cold one. This had thrown the Hart - Ateara into an up throw. They had uprooted and moved to the Olympic Peninsula to find this woman, yell at her for giving up her life and then kill the coven.’

“Winter, I still don’t get why we have to up and move instead of just making it a small vacation to Forks!” Summer Ateara shouted and whined (nothing new for Summer) at her oldest sister and her alpha. Winter turned her head, her shaggy white fur moving in the wind as she growled at her sister. Autumn stepped in between the two in a flash. She wasn’t about to let them fight, in the middle of the bloody rain. Summer and Winter always fought, while Autumn and Spring always fought. It just seemed to be the way things worked with them.“Look you two, Summer, shut up. Winter, pull the stick out of your ass and keep moving!” While she may have only been the second in command she was definitely a force to be reckoned with when she was breaking up a fight between her two sisters. Spring shook her head, lagging behind as always. Being the youngest, yes she was the most protected by her three sisters and grandfather, but that didn’t mean that she was exactly the most talkative.

Growling Winter continued to walk forward. Her thoughts a turmoil that all her sister’s could hear. She wasn’t about to hide it. Any of it, they had a right to know. Not only as her sisters, but as her pack. She was taking them right into the lion’s den so to speak. They didn’t know how many blood suckers there were in Forks. Or how many people they’d killed. Or if they were subtle killers, or if they were the kind that saw food and killed it. No matter who was around. She really didn’t want to find out.

But she couldn’t exactly turn around now. She had to get them there before the rain that was pelting down on them, drowned them in their own sorrows. Her white fur was already matted down with burrs, branches and mud that had once been dirt. She looked more gray than anything. Autumn was fairing only slightly better, being a tawny color she seemed to be surviving the mud better than her white colored sister. Spring and Summer, the twins, were both a dark brown. The pictures of youth as they splashed each other in the mud. Yes, they were both in their late teens, but they were always treated as the kids of the pack by their sisters and by their grandfather. So why should they act like almost adults?

If one was to go through their ages, one would have to pity their mother. Winter was born first, born in the dead of winter. She was eighteen. Autumn born just before Winter’s first birthday was seventeen. And the twins were also seventeen, but just barely. The poor woman had barely had any breathing time before she bloated up with another kid. But she liked to be a mom and she liked being pregnant. Which worked, she died due to a miscarriage.

Hearing a whine, Winter realized that she had been thinking those thoughts out loud. Not in her own little corner. A place only the privileged could go. A.K.A. the alpha of the pack. She licked at Autumn’s face gently. A tender stroke of her tongue in place of a hand that couldn’t be used at the moment. Her human form was trapped away, locked in all the boxes that were slung over her back. She had refused to let anyone else carry the contents of their lives. If she was the one who was making them move, well then she’d carry their lives herself.

No one could say that Winter wasn’t determined and decisive. Looking over the small frame of trees, she saw the town. Forks, Washington. Great, a far cry from Canada, but they could live. If the rain didn’t kill her poor hair first! Shaking out some of the water and mud she dodged across the highway, being careful that there were no cars coming for her to hit. She was huge, the car wouldn’t get back up from a hit with her. She probably would.

Her sister’s followed suit, in a same fashion. All of the four Ateara sisters were large. In wolf form and human form. The shortest, being Autumn and five foot nine inches. Winter the tallest at five foot eleven inches. The twins ranging in at five foot ten inches. Autumn never let them forget that she was older, even if they were an inch taller than her. Give or take, they were still growing.

Looking at a clearing, now that she’d finally stop running, her feet sore from the pounding of the rocks and asphalt, she decided it would have to do. They were used to sleeping in all kinds of weather, under just their Canadian Tire Nylon tents. Shaking the stuff of her, she felt much more light. And showed this by bounding once or twice before changing back into her human form. Not caring whether her sisters saw her naked or not.

Flicking her white blonde hair over her shoulders, her wolf colored eyes gazed about as her sister’s followed suit. She huffed, looking the three of them over. Despite their nakedness, she could still look at them. Grabbing one of the boxes she pulled out some clothes for each of them. While they might not mind the communal air of the new camp site, if an innocent male hiker was to walk by, he might drop dead and roll down the hill at the sight of the four naked women!

And that wouldn’t be anyway to start a first impression on a new town.