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Emmet, You Idiot!

What would happen if Emmett's pranks went a little too far?

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

2. Favorite Color

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I took my hands away from my eyes as Edward flashed up the stairs, bringing his towel along with him. Dead silence filled the room. “Bella, you might want to go comfort him,” Jasper remarked. I glanced at him in surprise. He must have read the confusion on my face, for he added gently, “He is worried you might…err….think less of him. The poor guy is humiliated. Though, I do feel worse for Emmett. He’s so going to be---” Jasper paused at Alice’s warning glare, then continued hesitantly. “--lectured on proper behavior.” Rosalie rolled her eyes, and went back to filing her nails. With a sigh, I headed up the stares, feeling Alice’s topaz eyes on my back.

“Edward?” I whispered, gently pushing open his door. He wasn’t in there. I took a few steps forward, then suddenly was on the ground, enclosed in a steel cage. A breathy whisper escaped my lips: “Edward.” He was back to normal, but his hair was sopping wet, dripping icy water onto my pale forehead. He was close…so close. His face twisted into that crooked smile I so loved and adored, but his gaze was darkly shadowed, and refused to touch me directly. Oh well. I would fix that problem.

Reaching upwards, I twined my arms around his marble neck, my crimson lips curling into a shy smile. The vampire stiffened slightly under my warm touch. “Bella,” he murmured in that voice of his, “I’m sorry. I am going to kill Emmett…” I chuckled, and he stood up, his hands supporting my weight by grasping my petit waist. No complaint there. “What’s so funny, Bella?” he inquired sourly. I beamed, and poked his nose, giggling.

“You look so cute when you’re mad!” I laughed blissfully. He growled playfully, and pinned me to his couch. My breath hitched in my throat as he leaned closer to me. His sweet, sweet breath blew into my face, disturbing my thought process. Edward paused, and spoke, his lips moving against the corner of my mouth.

“What are you thinking?” he whispered, his topaz eyes penetrating mine. I gulped, but refused to answer. It was too embarrassing to admit. Never would I say it aloud. Never! He exhaled, his face mere inches from mine. Did I say never?

“My…my favorite color is now…” A blush rose in my cheeks. “Pink,” I finished in a mortified mutter. He laughed aloud, and wrapped me in his arms, flipping us over so I was sitting in his lap. I rested my head on his cool shoulder, and closed my eyes, inhaling the perfume of his venom. Soon enough, I drifted to sleep in Edward’s marble arms, perfectly content.