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you can do better than me

this is just a poem i wrote in language arts


1. you don't deserve me

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Her eyes were soft and gentle

As she held him in her gaze.

She told him that she loved him

And would for all her days.

He told her she was foolish

He didn’t deserve her care.

She told him was wrong

And held his nervous stare.

‘Edward’ she said, ‘I love you

Why don’t you cut me some slack?

‘I barely remember life before you

And I’m never going back’

‘Bella you deserve much better

There’s so much I can’t give.

‘You’re still human, you have a soul

You have a life to live!’

Edward was mad she wouldn’t listen

That she wouldn’t heed his plea.

He wanted her to have a real life

For her soul to always be free.

But Bella loved him more than life

She could never survive alone.

Her heart was where ever he was

Where ever he was, was home.

‘I’m dangerous Bella. I’m a monster!

You need to grow old and retire.

‘You deserve someone so much better

Than a boyfriend that’s a vampire.’

His rage set off her gentle mood

And she rebutted against his argument.

She was angrier than she’d ever been

And yelled more than she meant.

‘Edward you’re a foolish boy

If you think what you are changes how I feel!

‘My love is true, and so is yours.

Or is your love all that real?

She knew what she said was below the belt.

She knew how he would react.

His rage exploded as he pinched his nose

Stemming the instinct to attack.

He wanted to yell, he wanted to scream.

He only wished that she would see.

She was in danger second of the day.

‘Bella, your life is at risk and it’s because of me!’

Tears streamed down her pink tinged face

As she silently thought of what he would do.

Edward deduced and pulled her into his arms.

‘Bella, I’ll never leave you.’

‘Do you promise me Edward?

Promise me you’ll always stay?’

‘Bella I need you,

I don’t have the power to go away.’

They sat in silence for a long while.

Just holding each other tight.

The argument was over, the quarrel complete.

Bella always won this fight.

‘Bella I love you, more than existence

And you know a change can never take place.

‘I’m set in stone. I’m frozen in time,

And I cannot live without your face.’

‘Then why do you tell me to be afraid?

Why do you try and send me away?’

‘Bella, I don’t. I just want you to know.

I want you to decide if you can stay.’

‘How can I live without my soul?

Living like that is a horrible goal.’

‘I’m happy you can’t,

I’m a lucky man yet.

‘But your life is too precious

To gamble or bet.’

‘My choice is my own

And I’ve chosen you..

‘Can you find it in your heart?

To take me as I’ve taken you?’

‘Bella you’re already mine,

There’s no doubt in my mind.’

His smile was crooked,

‘In fact, you’re one of a kind.’

She clung to his chest.

Her eyes drooped with her fears.

She fell asleep in his arms

Cheeks stained with dried tears.

‘Sleep my Bella’

Edward whispered in her ear.

‘For the beginning of forever

Is ever so near.’