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Love Like This: A Jacob Black Fanfiction

Alicia finds herself in the small town of Forks when her father runs away from NYC to escape his problems. She had no idea that she would run into bigger and badder ones. But one relief from her troubles: there, she meets Jacob Black. JBXOC


3. Waking up

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When I opened my eyes, my vision was clouded with a smudgy, white light. I tried to clear my vision by blinking, and I could feel the crust of sleep in my eyes. Soon after, I felt the pain radiating from my nose, soon followed by the horrible aching from my ankle.

At first, I didn’t know what had happened, but then the memory of what happened made me shoot up and cry out in a dry, tortured voice.

Almost immediately, someone was besides me. I couldn’t see the person through the fog that clouded my vision, but I lurched away and fell off of the bed with a loud thump.

Right away, I felt the pain in my ankle increased from a dull aching to a full blown catastrophe, and I cried out in agony, and tears burst through my eyes, despite my efforts against it.

“Its okay, its okay!” The voice said from beside me. I felt a hand rest tentatively and momentarily on my arm, before I lashed out at it with the arm that wasn’t under my body.

I whimpered and clutched at my face, which had some kind of covering over my eyes. Gauze. I gave it a pull but I was too weak and it didn’t budge. Frustrated I made my way, pulling myself along, until I sat up against a wall.

I hear the sound of footsteps retreating and a door slamming open, but I cant get the gauze off of my face, my efforts are wasted, and I soon run out of any energy at all.

I hear the sound of footsteps again, and I pull myself into a protective ball, using more strength I didn’t know I had. I put my head between my hands and brace myself as the footsteps grow closer…


The voice sounds almost as if it comes to me from a memory, and for a second I wonder if I am dead…

“Alicia, its me.”

The second time I hear the voice, the voice of Jacob Black, a calm settles over me and loosens my rigid muscles, and I sink into the floor, half hysterical.

I allow a pair of strong but gentle arms to pick me up, and envelop me in an unnaturally hot body heat. The gauze is removed from my face, and I am soon looking up into the eyes of Jacob Black, and sobbing uncontrollably into his chest. He puts a warm hand behind my head, and it soothes the throbbing a bit as he carries me back to the bed. I only vaguely see, through my tears and half clenched eyes, that we were in a wood cabin and there was a petite lady standing by that I placed as the voice that spoke earlier.

“Go get her some water, and some more painkillers, if you please,” Jake said. I could feel the vibrations because my face was planted firmly into his chest.

He sat down with me in his arms, and kept me folded into him. I clung to him until the lady returned with a bottled water, a cup of tea, some food, and some pills.

My hysterics had subsided, and I was just barely crying when Jake finally spoke.

“You’re okay now,” was all he said, and it was enough for me to sit up, again running on an energy source I didn’t know I had, or that he gave me, and graciously kiss him full on the mouth without an ounce of embarrassment. His lips are warm and soft and.. It was only until I realized the gravity of what I was doing that I drop my arms, and roll off of his lap.

There was a stunned silence.


“I know. I’m sorry.”

“It’s just that…”

“It was stupid of me. I’m just…” I said, and stumbled around words until I finally stupidly said, “Thank you.”

I was expecting that as much as he was, and I definitely did not expect to feel like the heat that radiated off of him, rise up and flush through me like..


The lady in the corner, who I had promptly forgot was there, cleared her throat.

I turned to her, and was horrified by the scares that marred one side of her beautiful face. The other side smiled at me, and I felt a flush of embarrassment. This woman did not need my sympathy. She looked strong, and friendly.

“I am Emily. Sam’s wife.”

“Who is Sam?”

“My Alpha,” Jacob spoke up and looked at me tinged with guilt, like he let out a secret.

“Your what?” I croaked and cleared my throat. He handed me the bottle of water and stood up. I went to stand up with him but he placed a restraining arm on my shoulder.

Which I then realized was bare besides my bra strap and quickly covered myself up with the sheets. Jacob blushed and looked away.

“Your ankle, remember?”

Not like I was gonna get up now what I realized that I didn’t have a shirt on.

I nodded and he walked away. I was feeling more and more like my old self, and I was also beginning to feel embarrassed by how I acted earlier.

I turned to Emily, and she had picked up the tray and placed it on the edge of the bed.

“Th-Thank you,” I said, and dipped my head in mortification.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. You’re not the first that woke up here.”

“I bet I’m the first that..”

I trailed off. I don’t think I was thinking right then when I started talking.

But she just laughed. “Yeah, I think you are. Its okay. Here, eat this.”

She shoved a plate of spaghetti at me and my stomach roared ferociously at the sight of it.



“My pleasure.”

I gulped down half the water, and all of the spaghetti. Then I used the other half of the water to swallow down the pills.

Just then, with water drizzling down my chin, Jacob came it with some other guys.

“Alicia, this is Sam, Quil, and Embry. They are… my friends.”


“She really does have a nice rack,” Quil said, and I quickly pulled the sheet around my neck again and glared at him.

She really does? What was that supposed to mean?

Sam gave him a shove and he straightened up.

“Could you try to not bring everyone you find on the street home? What is this, the fifth time?”

My glare turned on Sam.

Jake looked guilty again. “The second.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked, and wiped spaghetti sauce off of my chin with my hand, only to find that the only place for it to go from there was on the clean white sheets. I almost wiped it back on my face.

“We’ll leave you to it, then,” Sam said and backed out of the door. “You okay?” he asked and I nodded. Embry followed, but Quil just sat there, grinning. Jacob shot him a look, (Quil seemed to catch a lot of looks) and he scattered. Jacob left to another room with Emily and came back with a shirt. He avoided looking at me as he tossed it to me and I pulled it on; a white Save the Whales t-shirt.


He nodded, but didn’t say anything else or look at me.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I mean… I can understand you being mad at me but I was just so grateful… Jake, you saved my life. And I really cant thank you enough. I just overreacted, that’s all. And you were so…”

Strong, caring, beautiful.. So there?

“I’m sorry,” I repeated again, and struggled to stand up.

He held his arm out to me, looking away, and I used it to hoist myself, holding up my injured ankle.

I tested it on the ground, not looking at his face. I tried to hide the wince of pain.

“See? Its not so bad,” I said, but I didn’t dare put my leg back down.

I peeked around at his face, and he was smiling.

No, not only was he smiling, but he was laughing! Laughing at me!

I let go of his arm and plopped down on the bed in dismay.

“That so mean, Jake.”

He burst out laughing, then. “I’m sorry its just… you thought that I was mad and…you were acting all brave-”

“I am brave!”

“I know but…”

I crossed my arms over my chest in defiance.

Jacob tried, and failed, to put on a straight face.

If looks could kill…

“You’re pouting..”

For the record, I was not.

“I am not!”

I sighed and waited for his fit to pass. He was more hysterical than I was earlier.

When he was finally over it, I narrowed my eyes at him. “You done?”

“Yeah,” he said grinning. “Sorry.”

“Where am I?” I was done beating around a bush that could easily just be stepped on.

“In La Push.”

“How did I get here?”

“We brought you here.”


The face of my attacker flashed before my eyes and I winced, remembering the fear I had felt just before I had blacked out.

Jake sat down beside me and took my hand. Something electrical shot through me.

“You really are brave,” he said in a soft voice, and used his hand to push away a lock of my sweaty hair. His tenderness made me shudder.

“Not brave enough to get away.”

“You cant face every obstacle by yourself and win.”

Maybe not, but I can try. Really, really hard.

“You saved me. From that…”

“You don’t have to say it.”

“Yes I do. You saved me from that monster. He was going to hurt me. He was going to… kill me.” My voice choked up without my consent, and I put my head down and bit my bottom lip. Physical pain always distracts from the more disturbing emotional pain.

“Alicia, you’re just hurting yourself. Don’t think about it.”

“How could I not think about it? I almost died-”

“Its over now.” He pulled me into a bone crushing hug, and I couldn’t stoop the tears from streaming down my face, nor could I stop the whimper that escaped from my throat.

I pulled away, wiping at my wet face and sopping up my tears with my hands. “I’m sorry.”

“What are you apologizing for? Sometimes its okay to be weak, to be needy.”

“I am not-”

“You don’t want to be.”

“I can’t-”

“Why not? I haven’t known you for long at all and this is only the second time that I have ever met you, but I see it. You try to be brave all the time-”

“I am brave!”

“I know. I’m just saying-”

I smashed a frustrated fist into the bed. “What about you, Jake? Why are you always so sad? Even when you smile, I see it. When you laugh, I see it! You think you can read minds and analyze people problems when you can’t even fix your own!”

I blinked hard after I said it. It didn’t feel like it came from me. I didn’t know I was thinking it myself until I said it.

“That was uncalled for,” I said apologetically and reached for Jakes hand again and give it a squeeze. “I shouldn’t have said that. I don’t know what your situation can be-”

“You apologize so easily.”

I never said I was sorry, but I know when I’m wrong, and I’m not afraid to admit it.”

Not always true. The real truth was, the truth in Jacobs words stung, because I knew what he was saying was true. (I don’t know any synonyms for true.)

“I’d have to get used to that.”

Was he saying that he wanted to?

“Are you saying that you want to?”

“Don’t let it get to your head.”

“Man, you’re conceded.”

There was a second of teetering silence and the smile that danced on Jake’s lips faded.

“Her name was Bella.”


“Bella. She.. I loved her.”

“What happened to her, Jake?”



“She’s fine.”


“She doesn’t want me.”

I winced. I’ve never loved anyone that way before, but I’ve known people who have. Love, from what I see and read in poetry, is an irrational thing. You cant just turn it on or off.

“She must be crazy, then.”

Should not have said that. Really should not have said that.

“Why do you said that?”

“I don’t know.. It just slipped out. That happens a lot. You’ll learn to ignore it.”

Another lie. That never happens to me. Well, not before I met Jacob Black.

“Bella. She didn’t love me. Well, she did, I know she did, but she was just blinded by her blo… by her boyfriend, Edward. Her left her broken, and I was there to pick her up but as soon as he came back… or she brought him back, its like… ”

His hands were trembling, and I could see that this was hard for him. As much as I wanted this insight into Jacob’s life, I wouldn’t make him relive something like that.

“It’s okay, Jake. I think I’ve heard enough.”

“No, I need to get this out.”

I nodded and listened as he continued.

“Her boyfriend, Edward, he… if he really cared about her, he would never have left her in the first place. As long as she’s still alive, I will never leave her like that. But…”


He shook his head and his long hair swooshed. “You’re right. I really don’t feel like talking about this anymore.”

His eyes were dark with sadness, and I saw myself in his expression, though mine was way more well hidden.

I patted his leg and left my had there. Maybe this sounds crazy, but he seemed to need to comfort more than I did just then. “Okay.”

He stood up, and my hand fell off his lap and onto the spot where he had been previously sitting. It was warmer then any normal human body could make it. I tucked my cold feet into the spot.

“You should get some sleep.”

As soon as I was about to refuse, (say that I’d better get home and realize that there was nothing there for me to get home to anyway) I let out a long, drawn out deep yawn.

“If I could just get home..”

“How can you take care of yourself with that?” He pointed at my bandaged ankle. “You wont be able to walk for at least a week. How ‘bout you just stay here and be waited on?”

He saw my hesitation, and grinned.

“You wont be a nuisance. Emily needs a fellow female around since Bells…” His grin faded just as soon as it appeared.

“Okay, okay,” I said, wondering if he was using the fact that I seemed sensitive about his situation with Bella, and how much it hurt him, to his advantage.