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Love Like This: A Jacob Black Fanfiction

Alicia finds herself in the small town of Forks when her father runs away from NYC to escape his problems. She had no idea that she would run into bigger and badder ones. But one relief from her troubles: there, she meets Jacob Black. JBXOC


6. Kindapped by Confusion

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Love Like This

Chapter 6: Kindapped by Confusion (Dumb thing to call a chapter, right?)

-Starts here-

"You're in danger, and I need to get you to safety."

He crossed his arms over his chest and I let go of the door. Mind as well let him in. Not like he couldn't just force the damn door open at will if he wanted.

"I know."

"You know?"

"Yes, that's what I said. Jacob told me all about it. How do you know?"

"So you know what I am?"

I rolled my eyes in annoyance. "A nosy guy who wont answer any of my questions?"

He just gave me a look. I blinked back at him.

"Why can't I read your mind?"

Was he hitting on me?

"Are you supposed to?"

He sniffed the air. "Uh, oh. Gotta go."

I narrowed my eyes.

"Your dog of a boyfriends scent is in the air and if he gets before we are not here, I might have to kill him."

My eyes widened and I blinked up at him, hoping he was being figurative.

"'We?' You don't even know me."

"You're Alicia. 17. Born and raised in NYC. You'll be a senior in high school this year. You like grilled cheese sandwiches, long walks on the beach, and you collect Laffy Taffy rappers for the corny jokes, even though you wont admit it to most. Your dad-"

"How do you know that stuff about me?"

I am so getting a stalker-like vibe from this Edward guy.

He sighs impatiently and his foot taps at the ground. He looks at his watch-less fist, his handsome profile basically glowing in the light.

Was he hot in that insanely attractive bad-boy way? Yes. But he was still, so not my type. I couldn't have a boyfriend who was more impatient with me in that cool, cold way that only really cool people like me, inherit.

On the other hand, if you were really hot and temperamental like Jacob was with Quil when he broke Emily's favorite vase, or with Quil almost ever second that Quil was around, that coolness can just inherit the wind.

"I don't know you." I say with my arms crossed over my chest, my eyes flat and my left eyebrow lifted. (A pose that actually takes more effort than its worth.) Even if you do know all those stalker-like things about me. I am definitely not going anywhere with-"

Before I can finish, he tosses me over his shoulder. I land with an oomph on his back.

"Put me do-"

We move so fast and so suddenly, the air gets caught in my lungs and I am forced to shutup or suffer from suffocation.

I fight and thump on his back to no avail but my bruised fists, and I am soon pushed into the back of a car, none too gently. Before I can crawl over to the door, we are off down the street at an unheard of speed.

"Cut it out," Edward says calmly from the front seat. "I wont hurt you. And if you do somehow get that door open, you'll be dead for sure."

I stop screeching and trying to tug open the child safety locked door and sit back.

"Why are you kidnapping me?"

He sighs, like my question is unreasonable. "I'm not kidnapping you. I'm saving your life."

"By… kidnapping me."

"I'm saving your life against your will. Would it be bad of me to stop someone from committing suicide?"

I sulk, and flop my head onto the leather. "Jacob would have saved me."

He lets out a quiet laugh. "Even that hot headed mutt would not be able to take on a vampire all by himself."

"He's no mutt," I snap in his defense. "And how do you know about the vampires and Jacob?"

I feel a little hurt, I admit. I thought this information was exclusive.

He doesn't answer.


"I heard you. I just chose not to answer."

"Oh, right. Cant explain to the person who you just kidnapped how you know so much about everything. What are you, a mind reader?"


I roll my eyes so hard they hurt. "Oh, WHATEVER."

He doesn't respond. His silence says it all:

Hey, who's the one whose getting kidnapped here?

I do nothing but sit back and wait in agony for my eventual (I'm sure) death.

At least I don't have to re-meet my mother and my deranged father tonight or ever. One last worry off of the roster.

Probably not the best thing to think about right now.

br br

(From Jacob's POV)

The terrible trembles ran up and down my spine with vigor, as uncontrolled as I've felt them in a long time. I clenched my fist until my nails dug into my palms and my teeth dug without pain into my bottom lip. I tried to think calm, happy thoughts, like Sam said, but all I could think of was Alicia being stuffed into that car only moments before I ran out of the forest.

The trembling grew greater. I made sure I was deep enough into the forest before I let them take over my body, and the transformation begun.

As soon as it was over, there were half a dozen curious voices in my ear. Sam's stuck out, more dominant and bold then all the rest, even as I trampled through the forest at full speed towards the Cullens.

'Stay put.'

'No,' I growled back, defiantly. 'You don't know-'

'Jake, I wont tell you again. You know they wont hurt her. Transform back and stay put. And that's an order.'

I stopped in my tracks, panting not from exhaustion, but really from uncontainable anger. In my wolf form, I lolled my head back and let out a vicious howl that ripped through the forest and almost shook the trees.

'Jesus, Jake,' Quil complained, 'I could hear that from a mile and a half away. Try to control yourself.'

I took his complaining voice in my head as a cue for changing back, before he could finish his tirade of complaints.

(Back to Alicia.)

He pulled up at a big white house surrounded by nothing for miles but grass, and in the near distance, mountains. He strolled casually, as if he hadn't just kidnapped me, to my side of the door and opened it with a bow and sweep of his hand.

I just glared poison darts at him.

He shrugged and pulled me out with no effort at all, even though I resisted with all the strength in my body.


Strangely strong mutant freak guy.

"Look, this could be easy, or hard. No matter what, I told Bella that I'd save you from peril, and I intend to do just that, no matter how hard you try to make it."

I didn't say anything, but just stared up at him, planning my great escape.

I bolted.

Before I'd gone three steps, he stood in front of me, arms crossed, looking down at me with a stern, disapproving look.

I cursed, and he cracked a smug half smile.

Stupid supersonic son of a-

"This would be a whole lot easier if I could read your mind."

"Are you still stuck on that?" I ask crossly.

"Come on."

He turns to walk towards the house. I stand there, staring after his back.

"Don't try to escape, its no use. I'll just carry you inside. Its no sweat off my back."

I think about it for a few seconds and follow begrudgingly up the stupid creepily white stairs. He opens the door, and I step into the grandeur.

I cant help it, I feel a jolt of 'awe' pass through me.

"Wow, this is a really nice house."


I severely regret complimenting my kidnappers majestic home now that I had done it. And was on the receiving line of another smug smile (which I was, admittedly, probably imagining anyway).

In the big living room Bella sat on a big white couch, arms crossed. I sent her a scalding look and she stood, up, smoothing down her clothes.

"You're safe now."

I just looked at her, angry and uncomprehending.

"Edward didn't explain?"

"I did so," he says defensively before I even have a chance to answer.

"No, he didn't."

"I did-"

"You're in danger come with me-" I mimicked.

"That's all I needed to say-"

"Edward, I told you to explain to her-"

"He kidnapped me."


"You told me to-"

"I… I did not!" She stomped her foot and I blinked at her fury. This girl did not look like she could get mad, but here she was, fuming.

"You cant just.. Kidnap people without there consent!"

"You cant just… kidnap people," I edited in support, feeling slightly smug now myself.

If I didn't see him shrink under her gaze with my own eyes I would have never believed it to be to true.

She turns to me, her pale face flushed.

"You okay?"

I just look at her, unsure of how to answer and still a little amused. "For the most part," I finally answer, "though my wrist is a little bruised."

She snaps at him.

I watch in bemusement as she scolds him and shakes her fist and threatens to rip out his fangs (?) until my heart was content. Bored, I stifle a yawn and look outside. The day was still young, and there was a light breeze swaying the trees' leaves outside.

I was daydreaming; I saw myself with Jacob on the beach… our fingers intertwined. He leans over say something in my ear, his long black hair tickling my face and throat. When he speaks, his voice comes out soft:


Definitely not Jacob.


"Are you sure you are okay?"

I roll my eyes and ignore her question. "So, is someone gonna explain something now? Or can I just go home?"

"Let her go home," Edward drawls, glad to have the negative attention from Bella off of him.

"I have a better idea," I say, chest puffed out, "how about you explain, then you let me go home?"

"I knew it wouldn't be long," Edward says and Bella and I both turn to him in confusion.

"How does that explain why you kidnapped me?"

Outside, there is the loud sound of multiple motorcycles ripping through the air.

"They're here."


"Jacob and the others."