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Waning Crescent.

Multi-POV story, which is currently in swift progress, I hope you enjoy.


1. The Clearing

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Delicate white crystals tumbled seamlessly from the pitch-black sky and flittered onto Rosalie’s jacket. She dusted them off with a beautiful porcelain hand. How could anyone question why I was intimidated by such a dazzling creature? She sighed, not a sigh, but exhaled a captivating breath into the freezing air.

“Example.” Emmett announced, his voice thrown back at him from every angle of the thick forest. “If I take dear Edwards arm here,” He snapped his stone-cold hands onto Edwards shoulder. I winced. “And we launch into a -” He animated his speech with quotation marks, “-’Blood-thirsty’ battle, fist upon fist, one perspicacious mind to--” I didn’t see what the others would have saw, or heard as acutely, but what I did hear was a pronounced shatter, and a booming thud, as Jasper hit the ground. Clouds of virgin snow scattered in his hair and on his face, frozen still, refusing to melt.

“Bastard.” The voice was quiet, but unquestionably belonging to Rosalie. If I heard it, everyone else must have. I had not a single doubt about it. My eyes frantically scanned the Cullen’s faces, and rested admiringly on Edwards. Not one fleck of emotion tarnished his perfect face as he chuckled and helped Emmett to his feet.

Was I the only one with the urge to rip Rosalie’s still heart out of her chest? I took one glance around me. Yes, I was.


As the night stretched out before me, minutes turned into long dark hours spent in the clearing, thunder occasionally shattering the perfect night sky.
Once again a perfect fork of light snatched at the sky, with a glass-shattering crack. Alice’s eyes were alight with glowing pinks and purples as she danced around the trees, not one spec of rain sullying her perfect jet hair.

“Edward, if this takes any longer I will chop myself up, and someone will have to burn me.” No one doubted Alice’s threats, so the blur that was my Edward, sped up a little faster, destructively dancing with the blur that was Jasper. It didn’t take long for a crack to splinter the air and send Jasper hurtling through the thick forest.

Alice giggled, her enchanting laugh and flashed at Edwards side. “Personally,” I heard her murmur, “I think I could take you…” Edward mumbled incoherently, and a light of inspiration flickered over Alice’s face. “Fascinating.” She whispered.

The Cullen’s didn’t have enough fingers between them for me to count how many times I wished I could hear them on.

Before Alice could even commit to the duel between her and Edward, Esme strode toward Alice, a concerned look distorting her serene face.

“Alice?” I didn’t have too much time to register what was happening, but all the cogs in my brain clicked into place when I realised she was having a vision. Not another. This only meant bad.


I stayed fixed, like a carved sculpture, exactly where I was. Alice’s expressionless eyes were set on something beyond Edwards face. A blur of figures surrounded Alice and I was left standing alone, lost in the dark, unforgiving night.