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The Spirit Vampire

Bella Swan has moved to the small town of Forks in Washington State when her mother gets remarried. Not only does she meet Edward Cullen, a seventeen year old with a mysterious secret, but she finds that there's another girl living with her father (Charlie) - 17 year old Ally Peterman, a blonde, witty booklover with a mysterious secret of her own...

I thought I had better squeeze this is somewhere, just as a sort of FAQ. Twilight and its characters and events are not owned by me. They have been created by Stephenie Meyer. THIS IS NOT TWILIGHT. For the sake of the flow of my story, I have change bits around to make it fit. That means that something that occurred in a couple of hours may be stretched out to a couple of days. That's what fanfiction is about - if you don't like it, don't read it.Also too, if you don't understand it now, you will do soon. I promise.
Also, the ideas in this story are mine. If you don't understand what I am talking about, you will do soon, if you keep reading. This was a dream of mine a couple of months back, and I've always planned to turn it into a story. So imagine that there's a little round C covering the story - it's copyrighted 2008. Please, if you read and you like, or even if you read and you don't like, review. It's what keeps me alive. It's what'll keep this story alive. I cannot be the writer I want to be without your feedback. If you don't review, then I'll just write the story for my own personal satisfaction.

2. Chapter 2

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The worst time of day. Six hours of pure torture, when I had to watch my head and not let my heart rule. When I tried not to think of him. It was torture, trying to keep my mind blank of anything that might give me away.

Little did I know that I wouldn’t have to worry today. All thanks to Bella Swan.


Bella and I went our separate ways to school the next morning. By the time I had stumbled out of bed, a force of cold air blowing in my face, she had already gone.

I rubbed my eyes as I walked over to the window, glancing outside. The red truck Charlie had bought for her wasn’t in the driveway, leaving my own car unblocked. Charlie's police car wasn't ther either, but that didn't surprise me as much. Charlie was known to leave at ridiculous hours of the morning for work.

“Ugh, school,” I moaned as I quickly grabbing a muesli bar out of the pantry, grabbing my school bag and keys on the way.

“It’s your fault I’m going to be late!” I yelled out to the empty house.

At school, I saw Bella’s pickup truck parked amongst the others, a silver Volvo nearby. I scowled before laughing as I pulled into one of the last remaining parking bays.

“Sorry.” Again, it was said aloud to no-one in particular. “It’s cold as ice in here again,” I grumbled, hopping out the car and winding my scarf around my neck.

The bell rang, signalling the start of classes, and I cursed, fumbling with my keys to lock my door.

“Ah!” I yelled angrily as I dropped my bag on my foot, books hitting the ground with a dull thud. I was pretty sure that was my Calculus book.


I gasped, looking up.

“You dropped this.”

I glowered at Edward Cullen, holding my hands to my chest. “You scared me. Don’t you care about my poor heart?”

Edward just stood there, ignoring my sarcasm, his head tilted to the side slightly. A small smile played on his perfectly pale face, and I felt my own face scowl as my stomach knotted.

“Thanks,” I said, taking my bag off him, feeling disgusted.

Not Edward Cullen. No freaking away. I was already spoken for. I stopped, realising what I had just done, and tried to think of something else.

Il est une vérité universellement reconnu que seul un homme de bonne fortune est dans le besoin d'une femme, I thought in my head. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man of good fortune is in want of a wife. Thank God for Jane Austen.

I began walking again, heading in the direction of class, seeing Edward’s eyebrows rise.

His footsteps fell in sync with mine, even though he stayed behind me.


I swore I could hear him chuckle behind me as we entered our Trig classroom.