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The Spirit Vampire

Bella Swan has moved to the small town of Forks in Washington State when her mother gets remarried. Not only does she meet Edward Cullen, a seventeen year old with a mysterious secret, but she finds that there's another girl living with her father (Charlie) - 17 year old Ally Peterman, a blonde, witty booklover with a mysterious secret of her own...

I thought I had better squeeze this is somewhere, just as a sort of FAQ. Twilight and its characters and events are not owned by me. They have been created by Stephenie Meyer. THIS IS NOT TWILIGHT. For the sake of the flow of my story, I have change bits around to make it fit. That means that something that occurred in a couple of hours may be stretched out to a couple of days. That's what fanfiction is about - if you don't like it, don't read it.Also too, if you don't understand it now, you will do soon. I promise.
Also, the ideas in this story are mine. If you don't understand what I am talking about, you will do soon, if you keep reading. This was a dream of mine a couple of months back, and I've always planned to turn it into a story. So imagine that there's a little round C covering the story - it's copyrighted 2008. Please, if you read and you like, or even if you read and you don't like, review. It's what keeps me alive. It's what'll keep this story alive. I cannot be the writer I want to be without your feedback. If you don't review, then I'll just write the story for my own personal satisfaction.

6. Chapter 6

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Plans were underway for an epic snow war in the parking lot after school on Monday. Newton had really taken my idea to heart.

As much as I loved the snow – five years of living in the North East Coast would do that to you – it also meant that I had to forgo sitting outside and sit in the noisy, overcrowded cafeteria instead.

I found myself sitting on the end of Mike’s table again, which was crammed with people all wanting in on the snow war. Bella sat next to me, sipping quietly on a straw.

She had complained of feeling sick when we walked into the cafeteria, but one quick glance in the direction of the Cullen table told me more than I already suspected.

Edward was back.

I had moved on from Wuthering Heights after throwing it unceremoniously against the wall last night, and now Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White open flat on the desk, my own drink acting as a weight. Flicking over a page, a glanced up quickly, seeing Bella glance over at the Cullens.

Alice Cullen, the smallest of the lot with black pixie cut hair, was holding up her lunch tray as the three boys – Emmett in particular – tried to shake the snowflakes in their hair off onto her and Rosalie.

Sighing, I pushed my sandwich over to Bella. “Eat, be merry and for Pete’s sake, stop looking at the Cullens,” I murmured. Bella shoved the sandwich back in my direction. “I’m not hungry,” she hissed back.

“Wow. Wonder why the sudden loss of appetite,” I muttered to myself. Bella ignored me, and I turned back to my book.

“Bella, what are you staring at?” I heard Jessica say. There was an underlining tone of snideness in her voice, something Bella didn’t pick up on.

Just as Jessica had finished talking, Edward’s eyes met Bella’s own staring ones.

“Oh brother,” I whispered, shutting my book.

“Edward Cullen is staring at you.” Jessica was now giggling in a simpering voice.

I stood up. “And that’s my cue to leave,” I whispered in Bella’s ear. Cullen was still staring at her, his golden eyes full of curiosity.

I shoved the book in my bag, leaving the noisy cafeteria for the quiet comfort of the Gym. Outside, it was raining. I laughed, knowing that the rain would hinder all plans of holding a snow war.

“Sucks to be Newton right now,” I muttered, curling up under one of the giant Spartan banners on the Gym walls, book in hand.


I leaned on the cold passenger door of Bella’s rusty old truck. I couldn’t see how she liked it – the thing barely went over forty miles, and the red paint was chipped and falling off.

I closed my eyes, sighing. I wish I hadn’t agreed to this stupid ride thing. I missed the comfort of my own Peugeot.

I jumped off the door as I heard the driver’s side door open and close, the truck rattling slightly as Bella leaned over to open my side.

“Hey.” I climbed into the truck, fiddling with the heater as Bella started up the truck.

We didn’t move.

“Bella?” I asked, turning to her. She was clutching the steering wheel, her face full of wonder.

“He spoke to me.” Her voice was almost a whisper, but I heard her clearly.

“Okay, so we know Cullen’s not a mute. Can we go please?” I was anxious to get home.

“No, like he spoke to me. Nicely.”

I widened my eyes. “No way,” I laughed. “What did you talk about?”

Bella cringed for some reason. “We talked about me moving here, about my mother. We had to do this slide thing with Mr. Banner, and I had already done it back in Phoenix, and apparently Edward’s good at Biology.”

“Why the cringe then? That doesn’t sound too bad,” I replied, hoping the conversation would soon end and we’d be on our way home. My knee jiggled impatiently.

“Well – I said something about his eyes.”

I gulped.

“His…eyes?” I said, trying to plaster my face with a confused look.

“Yeah. Last Monday, I swear they were coal black. Today they were more like an ochre, golden colour.”

I shrugged. “Maybe he got contacts.”

“That’s what he said!” Bella sighed, glancing out the window. A second later, a scowl came over her face, and she threw the truck into reverse.

“Bella!” I yelled, feeling myself being pinned into the seat as she hit the brakes, almost colliding with a Toyota Corolla. “I like the way my life is at the moment thankyou,” I gasped, holding onto my chest. Although the heater was on, a breath of cold air swept across my face.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, taking deep breaths of her own.

Once we both had calmed down, Bella pulled out again, more slowly this time, out of the car park. Both our heads turned towards Cullen, scowls crossing our faces as we saw him laughing.

“Jerk,” I muttered under my breath.