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Because of you

Because of her father, she's always felt abandoned. Because of her step dad, she's always been afraid. And Because of that man, she's always been angry. She's always been all of these things because each of these men left a mark on her life. And personally, Ruby doesnt know what to do. When Edward left Bella, she married Luke. Luke got her pregnant with Ruby. Luke walked out not long after and Bella's forced to re marry to Mike Newton. But he beocmes abusive to Bella and her daughter. Bella still needs money and has nowhere to turn but Alice Cullen, who's now mysteriously appeared to help her. But Ruby has some problems of her own. She's the school slut for one. And two, she's pregnant with the school's most popular guy's baby. Or babies. Who knows?

I got the name Ruby Oliver from the book The boyfriend list.

2. Stalker

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Bella Swan

I was walking home from my night job at the mall, trying to save my precious gas. I had a creepy feeling, like I was being watched. But I’ve been paranoid ever since everything happened with Mike.

I was thinking about what Ruby and I should have for dinner when I got home, but something grabbed me from behind. I tried to scream, but a hand teeny hand clamped around my mouth. I looked up, but no one’s face was there. I then decided looking down would get me somewhere.

And I came face to face with Alice Cullen.

“A-Alice?” I stuttered. She let go of me and smiled her thousand watt smile. I smiled weakly back, looking anywhere but her eyes, her bright golden eyes.

“Bella!” She squealed, jumping at me. She hugged me as tightly as she could, before she stepped back with a worried expression. “I had a vision.” She whispered.

“Yeah? And?” I asked.

“I’m sorry. For everything. But why the hell would you marry Mike Newton!?” she screeched in a whisper.

“I needed money.” I shrugged. She looked scared.

“They don’t know I’m here. But Bella come with me! Please? Come with me, come home! Please, we all miss you so much! Esme’s always so depressed, Emmett doesn’t laugh anymore, Jasper doesn’t even bother making you happy because he can’t, he’s not! Carlisle only works, Rosalie hasn’t looked at herself in years, I gave up shopping years ago and all Edward does is mope around and hunt!” she finished in one breathe.

“He left.” I told her softly.

“I know, it was a jackass move on his part, but we could make things better! He wants you back Bella, he left to protect you! But, please, please, were all so miserable, we miss you so much, please come back!?” she begged. I knew I was giving in; no one could resist Alice’s puppy dog eyes. But I had Ruby to think of.

“I can’t.” I told her, firmly now. I was thirty four, I would not be one over with puppy dog eyes.

“And why not?” she demanded, placing her hands on her hips.

“Alice…I have a daughter.” I heard her gasp.

“You mean…like a daughter daughter? Like she’s not adopted? Like you’re married…?” she trailed off, looking horrified.

“I was. Twice. Her dad walked out when she was twelve.” I told her. She looked depressed for some reason.

“How old is she now?” she asked.

“She just turned sixteen.” I announced proudly. I hadn’t had enough to get her a car, but I always let her borrow mine.

“What does she look like? Is she pretty? Does she look like you?” she asked, getting eager now.

“She has long straight red hair, green eyes and a nice tan.” I shrugged. She was really pretty, but she was my daughter, if I said too much it would sound like bragging.

“She sounds pretty.” Alice murmured.

“She is.” I agreed.

“Bring her.” Alice blurted out.

“What?” I breathed, Roo would hate it there she wouldn’t want to just pick up and leave her life and her…guys.

“Bring her. I had a vision; I know she’ll love it!” Alice gushed. I sighed, I knew I would lose.

“Then come meet her.” I sighed.

“Really?!” Alice jumped up and down.

“Sure.” I shrugged.

“Yay!” she squealed.