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Because of you

Because of her father, she's always felt abandoned. Because of her step dad, she's always been afraid. And Because of that man, she's always been angry. She's always been all of these things because each of these men left a mark on her life. And personally, Ruby doesnt know what to do. When Edward left Bella, she married Luke. Luke got her pregnant with Ruby. Luke walked out not long after and Bella's forced to re marry to Mike Newton. But he beocmes abusive to Bella and her daughter. Bella still needs money and has nowhere to turn but Alice Cullen, who's now mysteriously appeared to help her. But Ruby has some problems of her own. She's the school slut for one. And two, she's pregnant with the school's most popular guy's baby. Or babies. Who knows?

I got the name Ruby Oliver from the book The boyfriend list.

4. Damn, she's got fangs

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Alice Cullen

When they started screaming at each other, I motioned for Kara to come out of the room with me. We went quietly out of the apartment, unnoticed.

“Wow.” I sighed. Ruby had a set of lungs on her…

“Tell me about it.” I heard Kara mutter.

“Do they always fight like that?” I asked.

“Never. There really close, but Ruby’s been a little on edge lately.” She told me.

“They seem close, the way Bella talks about her.”

“There all each other has.” She agreed.

“Ruby seems…” I was at loss for words. She called my brother a bastard!

“Outspoken?” she laughed. “She’s just a little defensive of her mother. They’ve both had it hard, you know? It hasn’t been easy for her. She’s a little lost.” Kara mumbled.

“I can tell,” I murmured. I then noticed her teeth. “You have fangs?”

“Yeah,” she growled. “Got a problem?”

“No, no. I just noticed them, though.” I said, defensively.

“Sorry, um, for snapping at you,” she muttered, blushing. “I have, well, ya know, issues with people, like, insulting how I look. You know, Goth?”

“Oh, yeah. People think I have a bit of an eccentric style.” I chuckled, looking down at my purple Aeropastle T shirt, my navy mini skirt and my five inch purple stilettos. I had on purple lipstick and glittery blue eye shadow.

“It sucks. Just because there all preppy and pretty in pink, legally blonde, I’m the weird Goth girl?” she sighed.

Just then Ruby came out the door with her purse and grabbed Kara’s hand. She turned to me with an apologetic look. “I hope you know I’m not mad at you or anything, it’s just…I don’t wanna move...” Ruby apologized.

“In with my brother?” I asked. She blushed and nodded, weakly. I laughed.

“Um, where’s your house?” she asked.

“Oh, your stuff is already loaded in our car. You didn’t have a lot.” I shrugged.

“You make good time.” She murmured, blowing her bangs out of her face.

Bella Swan

It was around eleven when we pulled up in front of the Cullen house.

“Be nice.” I warned Ruby as we walked up the porch.

“Whatever.” She muttered.

“Come on, Roo! It’ll be fun.” I heard Kara whisper. I always liked her, she was so sweet.

Alice smiled at me and opened the door. We stepped inside and Alice took our coats. Except for Ruby, who announced she was keeping her black leather jacket on. It used to be her fathers…but she always loved it…and he left it for her…? I guess it had sentimental value.

“Were home!” Alice called.

“We?” I heard Esme ask, as she came into the foyer. She stopped dead in her tracks as soon as she saw me. “Bella?”

“Did someone say Bella?!” Emmett boomed, running down the stairs. He saw me and immediately pulled me into a giant bear hug.

“Emmett- cant- breathe!” I gasped.

“Oh, sorry, sis!” he laughed.

“Sis?” Ruby snorted.

“And you are?” Emmett raised an eyebrow.

“Ruby, Ruby Oliver. Bella’s daughter.” She smiled up at him smugly.

“What is going on down there?” I heard Jasper ask as he came down the stairs with Rosalie and Carlisle in tow.

“Bella’s here! And she has a daughter!” Emmet exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air and doing a little dance.

“What did you say, Emmett?” I looked up and saw Edward standing at the top of the stairs.