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Because of you

Because of her father, she's always felt abandoned. Because of her step dad, she's always been afraid. And Because of that man, she's always been angry. She's always been all of these things because each of these men left a mark on her life. And personally, Ruby doesnt know what to do. When Edward left Bella, she married Luke. Luke got her pregnant with Ruby. Luke walked out not long after and Bella's forced to re marry to Mike Newton. But he beocmes abusive to Bella and her daughter. Bella still needs money and has nowhere to turn but Alice Cullen, who's now mysteriously appeared to help her. But Ruby has some problems of her own. She's the school slut for one. And two, she's pregnant with the school's most popular guy's baby. Or babies. Who knows?

I got the name Ruby Oliver from the book The boyfriend list.

6. Our life sucks!

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“She’s more like her father.” I explained. He nodded, silently until finally he said-

“I can’t read her mind.”

Wow. “Weird.” I muttered. I then turned to Jasper in hopes to make this easier. “Can you, ya know, calm her down?”

“How can he do that?” Kara asked. I jumped, realizing she was still there.

“Uh, well, he has a way with people.” I stuttered. Kara grinned up at me.

“In case you haven’t noticed, Bella, Ruby’s not like people. At least not normal people.” She laughed. It seemed to surprise some people that I let Kara call me Bella. But I didn’t like ‘Ms. Swan’ or how people used to call me ‘Mrs. Newton’ or ‘Mrs. Oliver’.

“Tell me about it.” I gave a weak half smile.

“I’ll go calm her down!” Kara called as she went out the door.

“So…tell us about your daughter!” Alice gushed.

Rosalie left the room. Not a surprise there.

“Um, like what do you want to know?” I asked.

“What’s she like?” Esme asked.

“Like that,” I muttered, gesturing towards the door. “Uh, her name is Ruby Olivia Oliver. It spells Roo and that’s her nickname. She’s sixteen and just got her license. That girl is her best friend, Kara; she lives with us, her parents kicked her out a year ago.”

“Oooo, do they like shopping?” Alice squealed.

“Yes, they love it.” I laughed.

“Yay!” she jumped up and down until Jasper took her upstairs.

“Would you like to come upstairs with me?” Edward asked, offering me his hand. I nodded and took his hand. We made our way up to his room on the third floor. He opened the door and I noticed that it looked the same as it did in Forks.

I also noticed his music collection.

“Nice collection.” I commented as I went through the R section of the shelf.

“You weren’t this interested twenty years ago.” He chuckled.

“Well, Ruby’s dad was a music junkie. He had Ruby listening to the classics at age four. They got me into it.” I shrugged.

“The classics? As in Mozart? Beethoven?” Edward questioned.

“No,” I laughed. Luke hated classical. “More like The Eagles and The rolling stones. Roo hates Classical. She prefers rock and roll. She has a band.”

“She plays an instrument?” he seemed shocked.

“Her dad signed her up for Guitar lessons when she was eight. She started playing drums when she was ten. But she usually sings.” I explained.

“Is she good?” he asked.

“Amazing,” I sighed. “The voice of an angel.”

“Hmmmm,” he murmured. “I’ve noticed that you never said her father’s name.”

“Oh,” I mumbled. “Luke.”

“Luke and Bella,” he muttered, seeing how it sounded. Then he grinned at me. “I like Edward and Bella better.”

I laughed. I’d been doing it a lot lately. “Same here.”

“So, you’re really moving in?” he asked.

“Well, Alice asked me to, but not if you don’t want me to…” I blushed. He smiled at me.

“Of course I want you to.” He said.

“So…where will I be staying?”

“Anywhere you want. But I’d prefer it was my room.” He chuckled.

“What about Ruby and Kara?” I asked.

“We have a guest room right down the hall. Ruby and Kara won’t mind sharing right?” he asked.

“Not at all,” I smiled. “There practically sisters.”

“Ruby seems to enjoy it here…” he muttered, sarcastically. “Jasper says she’s pretty pissed.”

“I couldn’t tell,” I mumbled. “She’s just a little mad.”

“I couldn’t tell,” he mimicked me.

“Well, she has a right to be mad.” I pointed out,

“Why is that?”

“Her life sucks!” I exclaimed. “Our life sucks!”