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Because of you

Because of her father, she's always felt abandoned. Because of her step dad, she's always been afraid. And Because of that man, she's always been angry. She's always been all of these things because each of these men left a mark on her life. And personally, Ruby doesnt know what to do. When Edward left Bella, she married Luke. Luke got her pregnant with Ruby. Luke walked out not long after and Bella's forced to re marry to Mike Newton. But he beocmes abusive to Bella and her daughter. Bella still needs money and has nowhere to turn but Alice Cullen, who's now mysteriously appeared to help her. But Ruby has some problems of her own. She's the school slut for one. And two, she's pregnant with the school's most popular guy's baby. Or babies. Who knows?

I got the name Ruby Oliver from the book The boyfriend list.

9. Barbie girl

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“I knew it!” Kara laughed, jumping up.

“What are you talking about, Kare bear?” I asked.

“You all have this creepy eerie feeling about ya…it screams supernatural!” she exclaimed.

“So you believe us?” Emmett asked.

“Why not.” I shrugged.

“I’m all in!” Kara laughed.

“Glad to hear it!” Alice chirped.

“Great,” Rosalie muttered, storming out of the room. “More humans to know.”

Oh, Jesus! I had it up to hear with Miss Bitch.

“What’s your problem?” I asked, standing up. She turned around in the doorway.

“Excuse me?” she gasped.

“What the hell is your problem, Barbie girl?” I hissed. She looked stunned. Then she turned livid.

“I wouldn’t talk to me that way, you little raggedy Ann doll.” She growled. Did she just insult my hair? I got this hair from my dad…

“At least I’m not some blond haired bimbo!” I laughed.

“You wanna say that a little closer?” she hissed.

“What’s that gonna do?” I chuckled.

“It’ll make it easier to take a bite out of that freckled little neck.” She grinned, evilly.

“Go ahead. Bite me, I’m not afraid.” And I was completely serious. What was I going to do with my life, now that I was pregnant? God, I need to tell my mom…

“She’s serious.” I heard Jasper gasp.

“Ruby? Roo bear?” I heard Kara asking. But all I could do was stare Rose down.

“Ruby?” my mom was asking frantically.

“What?” I breathed. I couldn’t take it. After all I’d been through, god chose me to torment? What had I ever done? First my dad walked out, then I’m abused by some Miller light junkie, and now I’m a pregnant sixteen year old whore? Is this my punishment for having sex?

“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” mom asked.

It was then I noticed there were tears streaming down my face. God, what the hell? What had I done to deserve all of this!?

“Mommy.” I whispered. And then I lost it. I ran to my mom and sobbed into her shoulder. I could feel her smoothing down my hair.

“Baby girl, what’s the matter?” mom murmured.

“Everything,” I sobbed. “Mommy, what did we do to deserve this life?”

“We didn’t do anything, sweetie.” She tried soothing me.

“Maybe you didn’t.” I sniffled.

“What do you think you did, baby?” she murmured.

“Mommy,” I sucked in a breathe. “Mommy, you’re going to be so mad at me. Don’t be like Kara’s parents. Don’t leave me.”

“I wouldn’t do that in a million years, baby. You’re my best friend, my daughter, I love you!” she whispered.

“Mommy, you’ll hate me!” I cried.

“I could never.” She whispered into my hair.

“Mommy, don’t hate me, but,” I sobbed. “Mommy, I’m pregnant!”

I heard the intakes of breath all around the room.

“What a whore.” I head Rosalie mutter.

“You know what, Barbie!?” I screamed through my tears, standing up. “You can take that little blond head of yours and shove it up your ass! Go to hell, you mother fucking bitch!”

That’s when I ran to my room. I heard voices downstairs, but all I could do was lock my self in the closet and cry, while I pigged out on Twinkies.

Bella Swan

My daughter. She’s pregnant? I knew she liked to have a little fun with the guys, but I never knew…

Holy Shit…

“What the hell, Rose?” I heard Alice hiss.

“What? She’s a whore! She wouldn’t have blown up like that if it wasn’t true.” She laughed.

“You know what? If I was Ruby, I would’ve told you the same thing!” Alice cried.

I couldn’t take it. I went upstairs to Edwards- my- room. I went straight to the box where I had all the pictures.

I found the one I was looking for. Ruby was five and we went to the park one Sunday that summer. She had ice cream in one hand and a Barbie doll in the other. Her red hair was in little pigtails and she was smiling at me and her father…

“That was something, love.” Edward said suddenly right next to me. And that’s when all hell broke loose.

“Edward!” I sobbed. He wrapped both arms around me and I cried into the crook of his neck as he rubbed circles on my back.

“Shhh, love, don’t cry.” He murmured.

“What did we do to deserve this life!?” I sobbed. “And Ruby…how did this happen?”

“I’m so sorry, love. It’s all my fault.” He sighed.

“Maybe that’s what Ruby thinks, but its not.” I scolded him, tearfully. “It’s her fathers fault, that all of this happened.”

“And maybe that’s what you think. But, Bella, I’m going to have to go with Ruby on this one.” He smiled, faintly down at me.

“I love you.” I sniffled.

“More than you know, love.” He whispered.

Ruby Oliver

I woke up in my bed, sweating like a pig. I felt an odd churning in my stomach, and I immediately knew…

Morning sickness. Ugh.

I stumbled to the bathroom and puked my guts out, faintly aware of someone holding my hair back.

When I was done, I looked up and saw Jasper sitting next to me.

“Oh, hi.” I muttered.

“How you feeling?” he asked, wrapping an arm around me.

“Like shit.” I mumbled.

“I see why,” he chuckled. “But this is only for a little while.”

“I hope.” I whispered. To my surprise, he picked me up. He carried me bridal style, downstairs to the kitchen where my mom sat drinking coffee. When he put me down, I went to get some myself.

“You’re not supposed to drink that. It hurts the baby.” Mom said softly behind me.

I set the cup down slowly and turned to face my mother. I think it was a couple minutes before we said anything.

“It’s okay, baby. I’m not mad or disappointed in you.” mom murmured, coming to stand next to me.

“I’m a whore, mom. That’s what people know me as, the school slut. Imagine what they’ll think when I show up at school pregnant. I can’t go to school tomorrow.” I mumbled. She nodded.

“Roo, this is tuff. I love you, baby, but please don’t drop out of school.” Mom whispered.

“How am I going to face them?” I whispered.

“We’ll find a way, baby girl. It’s going to be okay.”