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Starlight Star Bright

One-Shot Nessie Challenge Late one night as Seth and Jacob are talking Nessie hears something while they think she's asleep. When Renesmee finds out that Jacob once loved Bella.

Ya everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

1. One shot

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Starlight Star Bright

I snuggled up to Jacob’s warm body and stared out the living room window into the night sky. The bright silver sparks of light we call stars winked back at me. I couldn’t describe why I found them so captivatingly beautiful, why they enchanted me so. They were only spots of light in an endless black sky. They were beautiful though, for no reason at all. They just were.

Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight.’ I thought. Then I made my wish.

“What’s up?” Jacob asked, noticing the distant expression on my face.

I reached up to place my hand against his cheek. I replayed the last few seconds of the midnight sky. I wove awe through my memory, letting my werewolf feel what I felt. He smiled and reached down to brush my bronze colored curls out of my face.

I was 18. I’d been fully matured by the age of seven but now I was officially 18 as of yesterday. What a celebration it had been! I loved parties, unlike my mom.

“If a star fell every time I thought of you, the sky would have been emptied long ago,” Jacob whispered.

I giggled. “Sweet. Very sweet. Romantic too,” I said.

Jacob laughed quietly. I turned so that my face was pressed against his chest and breathed in his scent. Mmmmm… there was that delicious woodsy smell. It was like pine needles and rain. I loved it.

“Hey Jake would you hold something for me?” I asked.

“Sure. What is it?” he asked.

I took his large hand and place my tiny hand in it, twining my fingers with his. It felt nice. It was like having his arms around me or having him stroke my hair. It was like feeling his hand brush across my face or having his eyes gaze deep into mine, like he was seeing straight to my soul. All of those things were nice. They felt… right. It was like I belonged with him.

My Jacob.

We didn’t move for a long time. My eyes started to droop and exhaustion took hold. I slipped in and out of consciousness, never opening my eyes. Reality had taken on a dream like state. I wasn’t sure if I was really awake or not when I heard Seth’s voice. Funny, I hadn’t heard him come in.

“You’re so lucky to have her,” I heard him mutter quietly, probably trying not to wake me.

“Yes I am,” Jacob replied. His voice rumbled deep in his chest and I could feel its vibration throughout my entire body.

“Don’t worry Seth it’ll happen for you someday too,” Jacob assured him.

“You’re right. I might not find my only reason for existing, my soul mate, and my imprint like you found in Nessie but I could still fall in love the normal way. Regular love can still be very strong too though it doesn’t stand a chance against imprinting.

I remember when you loved Bella. I couldn’t imagine you ever loving somebody else. The pain you felt over her was so powerful and real but when you saw Nessie it just disappeared like…”

“WHAT!!!” I cut Seth off, jerking myself out of that hazy place between reality and dreams.

I hadn’t heard a single word Seth said after the words, ‘when you loved Bella’. My heart was beating so fast and hard against my chest that it hurt. My face suddenly felt very hot and flushed. Was it out of despair, envy, anger, or simply confusion? I couldn’t tell. All I could think of was that Jacob, my Jacob, had been in love with my mother!!!!

“Wait Nessie!” The words came out of Jacob’s mouth in a choked, desperate sort of way.

I realized that I was running out the door. I didn’t even remember leaving the safe comfort of Jacob’s strong arms. I just knew I had to leave. I needed so badly to be alone, to be able to think. Jacob loved me didn’t he? His feelings for my mother were long gone right?

Trees flashed by so quickly they should have been a green blur but they weren’t. I could see every single detail of every single leaf on every sing tree. I pumped my legs faster and picked up speed.

Why had Jacob kept this from me though? If it was so insignificant then why didn’t he tell me? Did he still love my mother underneath all of these feelings that he was forced to have for me before he even knew me?

If there were not mythical creatures in the world would he be with my mom? If my dad had died long ago like he should have and because of that I didn’t exist, would my mother and my Jacob be happily married? Was magical vampire and werewolf junk the only thing keeping the two apart?

There were mythical creatures though. They were all around me. I myself was one! My father hadn’t died long ago. Jacob had imprinted on me. He imprinted on me because we should be together. We were soul mates. Was I just over reacting to the entire situation? Could I be over thinking it all?

I stopped suddenly and turned around. I was running just as fast as before but in the opposite direction. I felt silly now. Of course Jacob loved me! Didn’t he tell me so everyday? Sure he’d never actually said those words to me but he implied them frequently!

I was almost to the house now. I burst through the door and all of the scent washed over me. My entire vampire families was there but they were hours old as my family was all out hunting. I could smell Seth strongly because he was still in the room but one scent stood of all the others. Pine needles and rain.


“Um I think I’ll leave now,” Seth mumbled awkwardly.

He stood up quickly. I hardly noticed him breeze past me. The door shut silently behind Seth. There was a few seconds silence. Then I moved with the inhuman speed of a half vampire to stand in front of my werewolf soul mate.

“Jacob…” I started to stutter.

“I’m sorry Renesmee! I should have told you but…” Jacob was apologizing at top speed.

“SHHHH!!!!” I commanded, placing my slender finger over his mouth.

I’m sorry. I completely overreacted,” I told him.

“Nessie it’s all my fault…” Jacob protested.

“Shhhh!!!” I hissed once more.

“Jacob Black, are you still in love with my mother?” I asked, getting straight to the point.

“No,” he stated firmly.

“Jacob, Jake, do you love me?” I whispered.

“Aww Ness you know I love you. Heck yah I love you! I love you so much!” he declared.

“That’s all I’ve ever wanted you to say,” I said.

Jacob pulled me down onto his lap and cradled me against his chest. I felt wetness on my cheeks and realized I was crying. They were tears of relief and joy. I’d never been happier in my entire life.

Jacob rocked me slightly. Then I felt his gental fingers lift my chin. I knew what would happen next and I was ready for it. His soft lips met mine. I was sure that those beautiful stars were singing praise to our absolute true love.

I guess it’s true that some wishes really do come true!