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Cullenary SKITS!

A collection of SKITS written by me and me frends!


1. Dare's With The Cullens!

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*Penny and Sits are sitting in the Cullens living room watching TV upside down*

Penny: Wow Sits...The TV really DOES look better upside down...
Sits: Didn't I tell ya? Huh huh?
*Alice walks in*
Alice: Hey guys...What ya doin'?
Sits: Watching TV upside down, But-
Penny: It just got boring, So-
Sits: We want to play dares, with-
Penny: You guys.
*Both sit up*
Alice: Dude's you sure you two aren't related?
Sits: Just get the others in here! *snaps her fingers* SERVANT! SERVANT! Where is my Oreo Shake?
*Carlisle comes running in*
Carlisle: Here master, here! *hands to Sits with shaking hands*
Sits: Finally.Why aren't you bowing down to your master?! *glares*
Carlisle: I- I'm s-sorry, master! *bows*
Sits: Now that's so much better.
Penny: *snort*
Alice: *looks at Sits strangely* Anyway.. Have you seen Tolley today?
Tolley: *walks in with a large bag of oreos* Hey!! I'm here, I just bought some-
Penny: OREOOOOOOOOOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pounces on to oreos*
Tolley: O.O B-but... Those were my oreos!!
Penny: *munches* Hmmpf.. what did 'ya say?
Tolley: *sighs* Never mind.
Penny: Okay then... You should really learn not to mumble...
Tolley: *smacks head against wall*
Em: Oh, did somebody quote 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory'?!? I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!
Es: That's nice dear... *wanders past waving a duster around*
Tolley: *blinks*
Alice: YES! *drags Tolley off. A car is heard starting up outside*
SITS: ...
Penny: ...
Em: What the hell just happened?
Ed: *pinching his nose* Tolley thought about going shoe shopping.
All: Oh...
Sits: *races Alice to the door* I do not wish to go shopping..I WANT TO PLAY DARES! Carlisle... RESTRAIN THEM!
Ed:*whispers* She's like a cranky mom....
Sits & Es: I HEARD THAT!
*Everyone files into the living room and sits in a circle*
Penny: Where's Bella?
Ed: Who the hell is Bella?
Tolls: Ya know...The love of your life?...
Sits: *Looks all innocet*
Ed: I don't know who she is...Can we just play the game?
Sits: *whispers to penny* Knew that forgetfulness potion would work!
Penny: Huzzah! Score! Wait...Where'd you stash Bells?
Sits: That is for me to find out and for you to know!
Penny: Isn't it the other way around?...O.o
Sits: *glares* Whatever!
Penny: ..O.o Ehm.. sorry?
Ed: What are you talking about?
Penny: Who? ME?
Ed: Yes, you.
Penny: What's with me?
Ed: What are you doing?!
Penny: *shrugs* Talking to you..
Ed: No, I meant before that!
Penny: Before what? o.O
Ed: What- what??
Penny: Huh?!
Ed: *slaps forehead*
Sits: *whispers* Wow.. you're good!
Penny: Uhmm ..... What?
Tolley: Ow, ow OW! *Alice drags Tolley back in by her ear*
T: OMC!!! SALES?!? LET ME GO! *starts sobbing*
Em: Dude, I think she may have a problem...
Al: Nope, no way! Sales win over dares anytime!
T: *perks up* Dares? I WANNA PLAY!!!
J: *clutching head* Whoa, are you like, bi-polar or something?
T: Nope, I just have a disorder...
All: ...
C: Maybe I should take her to a psycologist...
T: NOOOOOOO!!! NOT AGAIN! *hides behind Jasper*
All: ...
Penny: Huh?
All: Shocked
T: What? I like that phrase!
Sits: Yeah and I like the phrase "Shut the hell up yo crazy fo' " *American accent*
Ed: *snicker* Dude I like his girl, apart from the fact that she, 'ya know, has en-slaved my father.
Em: Ditto dude! Except for the en-slaving bit...But what about Penny? She's like...And...
Jazz: I,on the other hand, find her (Sits) annoying. Tolley on the other hand...
Sits: Why don't you go be an emotinal wreck some place else?
Jazz: Why outta...
Sits: Why you outta what, Jazzy Spazzy? Now...Penny you go first!
Penny: kay.... I pick...Esme! Truth, dare or forfeit?
Esm: Oh...Oh...Oh...
Sits: Unlike you I 'aint got an eternity-
Ed: I could change that!
Sits: *ignores Edward* so hurry up and pick!
Esme: Okay Okay! Seesh...Pushy mortals...I pick...FORFEIT!
Penny: Good! *mischevious gleam in her eyes* You forfeit is to...Kiss Emmet!
Esme: *gasp* No! I can't do that!
Penny: But I told you to.
Esme: But he's like, my son!
Penny: *shrugs* Not my problem.
Esme: *deathglares*
Tolley: I think you will regret this one day, Penny..
Penny: *rolls eyes* Sure.
Emmett: B-B-but I don't want to-
Ed: Bu-
Sits: Dudes...She could give ME a run for my money... Anyways, Emmet pucker up. You gotta kiss mommy!
Emmett: *Leans in* ewwww...
Es: *leans in* Ewww-errrrrr
*Kiss* *Lasts for more than 5 minutes.*
Sits: O.o Umm...What just happened?
Penny: Whaddya MEAN nothing? You just full on SNOGGED your son!
Es: Umm he's not my son...He's my un-biological brother...
Sits: So this is al like in Dream On? You guys are siblings? Not like...Married?
Ed: Of course, why would I be married to them?...
Cullens: *stare at them strangely*
Penny: Ummm...We watched your baseball game?...
Sits: An predicted we'd score one rounder?
Tolls:*Whispers* You mean touchdown!
Penny: Dudes I swear it's home-run...
Sits: Nothing! Alright, alright... Keep you hair on...Don't get your knick knacks in a twist...
Penny: Yeah! Calm down!
Tolley: Peace, guys!!
Sits: Peace?! What are you on about?!
Penny: o.O Don't you like peace?
Sits: *rolls eyes* That's not what I meant.
Emmett: Err.. Can we go on, now?!
Edward: *snort*
Emmett: I was talking about the game you-
Sits: Who is in charge here?
Tolls: Ummm...Edward?
Sits: Does Edward have a personel slave? *points to Carlisle giving her feet a foot massage*
Tolls: No....
Sits: Do YOU have a personal slave?
Tolls: No...
Sits: THEN WHAT I SAY GOES. Edwad, Your turn!
Penny: Oh la laaa this should be good!
Emmett: You could say that again sista! *highfives*
Penny: *Falls bckwards*
Emmett: Whoops...*helps up*
Sits: I'm waiting *glares* Hurry up Penny!...Carlisle WHERE is my lasagne? WHERE?! I have been waiting for a total of 12 seconds! I thought you were a vampire!
Ed: Carlisle Be a man!
Carlisle: *runs towards sits with lasagne* Master!!! Don't worry, master!! Here's your food, master!!
Sits: Finally. You were not working hard enough, young man. I'm talking about twelve, TWELVE, seconds!
Carlisle: *whines* It will never happen again, master!! I swear!!
Sits: A human life is short, you know??
Carlisle: Please, can you forgive me one more time??
Sits: Hmmm ... perhaps.
Edward: Oh dear.. *shakes head*
Emmett: *snort* Carlisle.. I don't think Esme's gonna like that!
Esme: *fumes*
Tolley: CAN WE GO ON NOW???
Edward: Okay I dare YOU! *points to Jasper* To eat...a chcolate fudge sundae CAKE!
Jasper: *screams like a girl* NOOO! Please!
Tolls: If you don't do it...Can I have it? With extra Toffee of course!
Sits: *Evil laugh* Do it!
Penny: *evil laugh* What she said!
Tolls: Could you maybe just wear nothng but your underwear doing it?
Jazz: *Alarmed exspression*
Tols: What? I a brought a camera....
Es: CALISLE YOU MAY BE MY BROTHER BUT GET AWAY FROM HER! *Points to Sits on her high thrown*
Sits: *Ignores Esme* Jazzy Spazzy can you hurry up I have a meeting with Eleazar about some...*cough* things... An NO I do NOT mean those "THINGS". Now hurry up!
Penny: *snort*
Sits: I said I didn't mean THOSE things!
Tolley: *rolls eyes at them*
Jasper: *whimpers* Do I really hae to?
Tolley: >) Yes. In your underwear.
Penny & Sits: WOOOOOO!!!!!!
Esme: This is not a strip club, young ladies!
Sits: *snort* I didn't actually expect him to 'strip', but if you say so, Esme.....
Esme: *growls*
Carlisle: Esme... You better don't make my master angry.. o.O
Sits: Hmmm that was vry good of you Carlisle...Come over here for a petting.
Carlilse: *skips over* Did I please you master? Is this my treat?
Sits: Yes you did. And no your treat comes after...* pets and winks*
Tolls: *le gasp* OMCARLISE! JASPER-
Penny: IS IN-
Penny, Toll and Sits: *DROOL FEST*
Jazz: *starts to eat cake* I don't feel so good...
Sits: Yeah but-
Penny: You look-
Tolls: Like heaven on legs...
*CD scratches*
Sits: Umm...That wasn't what I was thinking...*wide eyes*
Penny: Me neither...*Innocent look*
Jasper: *finnishes Cake* I think I'm going to thow up...
Tolls: If you do Edward has to drink it!
All: O.O ... EWWW!!!
Tolls: I- uhhhh.. *cough* It was a joke!!
Sits: Anyway... *continues staring at Jasper*
Penny: *continues staring at Jasper*
Tolls: *continues staring at Jasper*
Sits: *slaps Carlisle*
Carlisle: OW! What did I do wrong?
Sits: Well, I couldn't reach Jasper from here and you were standing right next to me, so...
Penny: GO SITS!! WOO!
Esme: *glares at Penny*
Emmett: Well, Jasper this is awkward. *bursts out laughing*
Tolls: *is still drooling*
Jasper: *cowers* PLEASE STOP IT!!!
T: *blinks* Make me!
SITS: Is that your choice Tolls?
T: Huh?
SITS: Ok Jasper, shut Tolley up any way you can!
*ten seconds later*
Penny: Ok... That was unexpected...
Em: What. The. Hell?!?
E: Jasper, I have a new respect for you...
Es: Jasper, I'm not sure...
C: *pouts* Aw, I don't think you hurt her enough!
SITS: Dude. Like, whoa...
Jasper: *innocent face*
Penny: O.O Err.. moving on, then..
Esme: *cough* Yes...
Sits: Who's next?
Edward: Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me!! *jumps up and down*
Emmett: *rolls eyes* I knew it all the time..
Edward: You knew what??
Emmett: You're gay.
Edward: WTF???
Tolls: *snort*
Sits: Why do all the hot guys have to be gay?!
Carlisle: I'm not gay!!
Esme: *deathglares*
Al: Right, that's enough, me and Tolley are going shopping!
T: *gagged* Mmmfmffmffffmmmphhhphfffmmfm.
SITS: Come again?
T: *Rolling Eyes* Mmmfmffmffffmmmphhhphfffmmfm.
SITS: I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that...
T: *Rolling Eyes* Mmm-
Ed: She says: 'Edward is a sexy hunk and I want him'
Peeny: Sorry Tolley, we can't understand you...
Ed: If she was yelling right now, it'd be censored...
J: Ok, maybe we should untie her now...
C: No, let's watch her suffer!
All: ...
T: *pink in the face*
SITS: I think she's having trouble breathing...
All: *shrug*
Penny: So, who's next?
Sits: Dude how'd I get on this throne?...Anywho....I pick...
Em: ME! ME! Pweaseeee! *Puppy dog eys*
Sits: That saying was like SOOO 5 minutes ago! *american accent* Tell him! *kicks Carlisle*
Carlisle: Yah Emmett that saying was like SOOO 5 minutes ago! *does the hand thing*
Jazz: *cowering in a corner* Not me! Never me...No not me pleasee...
Sits: I won't pick you if you...Say...I am you master!
Jazz: You are my master! YESS I'M FREE!
Sits: Not quite gullable one. You are now mine. You said the word's now come sit at my feet.
Jazz: *to carlisle* Was this how she got you?
Carlise: No...She said she was a male model scouter.
Sits: SILENCE! I pick... I pick...EDWARD!
Penny: SHHHHH! Jasper! HARDER!
Jazz: *weird look*
Penny: What?...I MEANT The ropes binding Tolls...Damn...you guys are NASTY....
Tolls: WHAAAAAT?? NO! He's mine!
Jasper: *is very freaked out*
Penny: Pshh. You can have him.
Tolls: *squees* OMG OMG!!!!!!-
Sits: STOP! He's my slave, remember??
All: ...O.o
Sits: *slaps forehead* Not THAT kind of slave!!
Jasper: *shrieks and hides behind Emmett*
Tolls: B-b-but.. you already have Carlisle!!
Esme: We are not discussing this!
Bella: Hey guys, I just escaped from the cupboard! Funny joke locking me up in there! And the ropes were a load of fun to undo!
T: It's Bella! OMC! *hugs*
Em: Seriously, I think she needs help.
J: I volunteer to be her psycologist...
T: You're an adorable idiot - don't you know the slogan?
J: Err... No?
T: *at ease, soldier position* 'Jasper Hale will never be a psycologist - he already knows how that makes you feel' Personally, I prefer the hair one: 'That's why his hair is so big - it's full of secrets...' *continues to babble*
Es: *stuffs duster in Tolley's mouth*
T: *continues to babble regardless* Mmmfmfmmfffpphphhhmmdmmmmmmfmfm
All: ...
Em: That's it, we're going to the psycologist.
SITS & Penny: Yay!
C: Ooh, crazy people, this'll be fun!
SITS: Quiet slave!
C: Yes mistress.
T: Mmmfmfmfmfffpppgphphhhmmmdmmmmfff.
Ed: She says: 'Wow, Edward is looking awfully hot today'
T: *scowls and spits out duster* HEY! STOP TWISTING MY WORDS! I'M A ONE VAMPIRE GIRL, OK?!? JASPER IS MY ONE AND ONLY, NOW SHUT UP! Ahem. Actually, I said: 'That is wrong on so many different levels.
All: ...
Ed: Aw, Bella! Can you PLEASE keep your mind out of the gutter?!?
All: ...
Sits: WTF...?!? *Awkward Silence*
Sits: SHUTUP! I want to play DARES! And all any of you guys are doing *sniff* is RUINING my fun! *starts to sob* All I ever wanted *slurp* Was t-to play the GAME! *cries* Not SHOP! We can shop ANY time! This is "Dare's with The Cullens" not, "Shopping wth A-A-Alice-ce*runs off*
Em: awww man..Edward that was all your fault!
Ed: MY fault? SHE'S the one who oreo'd my car!
Tolls: Children Children do not fight...
*Sobbing from next room*
Jasper: I can't TAKE it aymore! FINE WE'LL ALL PLAY DARES!
Sits: *Comes skipping back in; all tears gone* Knew you'd see it my way! Now where were we?
Penny: How did she get her make-up back on so quickly?...
Tolls: It's like...Not smudged...
Sits: Oh yes...EDWARD YOUR GO! *Mean face* And if I hear ANY talk about shopping or leaving this room BEFORE the game is over...I'll start crying again then I'll sic Carlizze on your arses! Got that?
All: Got it!
Sits: Good! *cheery face*
Tolls: And people say I'VE got problems...
Penny: I know..She has like...Multi personaloty Disorder... or something...
Sits: No I'm not!! *glares*
Tolls: Yes you are!
Sits: I'm not!
Tolls: Yes!
Carlisle: YES!
Penny: *snort*
Carlisle: NOTHING, nothing, don't hurt me, please!!
Sits: You are asnnoying me..!
Carlisle: *cries* Oh, please DON'T!!
T: Honestly, you people are weird...
SITS: Duh.
T: Can I have a go then?
SITS: Sure, Truth, Dare, Kiss, Promise or forfeit?
T: Kiss. *lustful look at Jasper*
Penny: Mwahahaha...
Ed: Oh no...
SITS: Tolls, I dare you to kiss...
T: *shuffles towards Jasper*
SITS: ... Rosalie.
T: Really? Awesome! *leaps at Rosalie*
R: *shocked* WHAT?!? *moves out of Tolley's way*
T: *crashes into wall* Ow...
Penny: *bursts out laughing* HAHHHAHAHAHAHAAA OMG HAHA
Sits: Ehh.. WTF?
Tolls: Oww, my head!!
Edward: Are they.. uh, okay?
Emmett: What a stupid question. OF COURSE not.
Sits: Uhmm... It wasn't that funny, 'kay?
Esme: No, it wasn't. Definetely not. Please stop.
T: And you say I'M the one who needs a psycologist!
SITS: ... Penny, I dare you to bite Edward's ar...m.
T: Dude, WTF?!?
SITS: *shrugs* It's the firs-second thing that came to mind...
C: Your drink, mistress!
Penny: *giggling quietly*
Em: You know what, I'm going to arrange a group trip to the psycologist... *stomps off*
J: So, can we carry on playing already? *sly glance at Tolley*
T: I wanna be dares master for a bit!
SITS: *blue in the face and choking* I'm... DYING!
Ed: Oh my! *faints*
Bella: Oh, somebody help the poor dear!
C: Why? It's so much fun watching her in pain!
SITS: *evil glare*
C: Coming mistress!
Penny: Why is she dying??
Tolls: I think she choked on that tea..
Penny: ...EW.
Sits: HELP ME YOU FREAK!!! *coughs*
Carlisle: I will, I will!! *pats Sits' back*
Sits: *COUGHS* Ahh... Better..
Carlsile: What about a "Thank you"?
Sits: ... Uhm, no.
Carlisle: WHY NOT??
T: Er, about that...
SITS: TOLLEY! What did you do to my tea?
T: Er, nothing...? Let's play, shall we?
Penny: I like cake.
All: ...
Em: Where the hell did that come from?
Penny: *rolls eyes* Duh - my mouth?
Rosalie: Well, I'm going to go upstairs and admire myself in the mirror... Come, Mike! *tugs on leash*
Mike: *on leash* Woof! *follows Rosalie out of the door on all fours*
All: ...
T: Ok, that is something I never want to see again... Unless it's someone else on the leash... *sly look at Jasper*
Al: Look, either play or let me go shopping! If I don't reach the mall soon, I won't be held accountable for my own actions!
T: Fine, Carlisle, I dare you to eat cactus!
Carlisle: *cries* WHY ME??
Penny: Geez, don't be such a whimp, you're a freakin vampire.
Carlisle: ... Oh, right.
Sits: We're waiting, slave.
Carlisle: It wasn't my turn!
Tolls: Yes, it was.
Penny: Was not!
Sits: o.O
Penny: Err... never mind..
Carlisle: *bites cactus* EWW!
Carlisle: *stops eating* o.O WHAT??
SITS: I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you...
T: You worry me sometimes...
J: You worry me all the time.
T: But you love me for it!
J: You're a lunatic.
T: But I'm YOUR lunatic!
Penny: What, do I not get a look in this time?
T: Whaaa? You want to share Jasper with me? 0.o
P: Eew, no! I just wanted to say something.
SITS: Well, now you have, so be quiet and... Go take a bath in baked beans!
P: Is that my dare?
Ed: *snigger* No, it's just one of her fantasies...
All: *shock* ...
SITS: DUDE! Of course it's your freaking dare!!! *glares at Edward* Eddie, I dare you to... Wrestle naked in chocolate sauce with Carlisle and Emmett!
T: Aw, what about Jasper?
SITS: He can join in too, if he's desperate.
Girls: Yayseys!
Guys: Oh crap... *start stripping*
Girls: *swoon*
Penny: *opens can of beans and drops the beans on her head* Okay, I'm done! Now let's watch!!
Tolls: Eww, your hair is all.. bean-y.
Sits: *snort* 'Beany'
Edward: *growls* So. And now?! I want to get my clothes back on!
Jasper: o.O Tolley... Eyes up here! *points to his eyes*
Tolls: *blushes*
Penny: *snort*
Emmett: I feel so ... undressed.
Sits: Hmm, maybe because you ARE .. ya know.. naked? *snort*
Emmett: *cries*
Al: Suck it up!
Sits: Now...WRESTLE!
*Wrestling begins*
Penny: *Tilts head to he side* So THAT'S how ya do it...
Tolls: Get a load of Jazz's ARSE...
Sits: Jazz's? You mean Edward's and Carlisle! I mean...could you GET any more perfet?
Penny: No no no...You guy's mean EMMETT'S...
*Wrestling finnishes*
Girls:awwww mann....*put down their binoculars*
Edward: Where are my clothes?
Emmett: And mine?
Jazz: And mine!
Carlilse: I feel so exposed!
J: Tolley!
SITS: Ok boys, on with the dare!
T: Hmm? *still looking at Jazz, eyes fixed in an innappropriate place*
SITS: Desperate times call for desperate measures...
All: DETAIL! DETAIL-SHUN! *Tolley snaps to attention*
T: *turns around 180 degrees* I hate you guys *mutters curses under her breath*
Sits: You'll just have to play in the NUDE...wait no you guys are wearing underwear...well...semi-nude.
Penny: Yeah...Semi-Nude!
Tols: Just as long aswhatever he is wearing it has the word 'nude' in it, that's fine by me!
T: Yes Searg- Wait, you have no authority over me!!! Ahaha! *laughs and points*
Ed: That's it! Someone handcuff her!
All: ...
Penny: Now...Who's turn?....
Sits: I am games mster, it's....PENNY'S TURN!
Edward: Okay Penny, Truth, Dare, Promise or Kiss?
Penny: Errrr......
Tolls: *stares at Jasper and drools* Wooooow!!
Jasper: O.O STOP IT!!
Sits: ..Penny.. Hurry up!
Tolls: >( NO!
Jasper: *cries* Please!!
Tolls: I SAID NO! *keeps staring*
Jasper: *sobs* Please!! I'll do anything!!
Tolls: ...Anything?
All: O.o
Sits: ..Penny.. It's still your turn.. *taps foot*
Penny: OKAY OKAY!I pick...PROMISE! It's the easiest one!
Edward: Not where I'm concerened! I dareyou o promise Emmett that you'lll...Take a spaghetti bath with him!
Sits: *MAJOUR SNORT* Edward I see you have tken in my footsteps. Much unlike you servant father.
Tolls: Do it. *starksy and hutch movie voice*
Jazz: That was actually a good impres- TOLLEY EYES UP!
Tolle: Yes yes, srgt yes!
Sits: Pen, do it or I'll sic Carlise on you! *mean voice*
Penny: *shock* Okay...EmmettIpromisettakeaspaghttibathwithyou.
Emmett: SCORE! *puches the air* That's good enough for me!
Edward:Okey Dokey...Moving on....I thnk it's Sits' turn...
Sits: I think NOT. It's umm...Emmett's turn?
Em: Alright! *punches air* I'll show you how a real man does it! DARE!
All: *whisper*
Em: Dude, vampire hearing? I know exactly what you're saying!
T: *claps* Wow Alice, great idea *thinking* Now we can sneak away to the shops...
Ed: SITS! Tolley was thinking about going shopping whilst we're at the mall with Emmett!
SITS: No! Bad girl! You'll just have to stay here with... Esme, Alice and... Puke.
SITS: Sorry, Luke. Damnit, I need coffee...
Penny: Wait, sorry, who are you? *adressing Luke*
L: Er, I'm Luke. SITS' fictional Vampire boyfriend from the T/A Forum Skit.
P: Oh, ok, pleasure to meet you Luke.
Alice: Wait, did you just say I couldn't go watch Emmett carry out MY dare?!? *pouts*
All: ...
Alice: WHAT?? I'd LOVE to see that!
Penny: Me too. *snort*
Sits: Yeah, so do I!
Edward: Didn't you want to play truth opr dare?!
Sits: Oh, right.
Tolls: Yeah..
Emmett: *cough* So..
Jasper: STOP STARING AT ME!!!!!!!
Edward: Uhh, why don't you just put your clothes back on?!
Jasper: Ohhhh.. sure *puts clothes back on*
Tolls: Awww man..
Emmett: *snort*
T: Quiet fool! You know you enjoyed it really!
SITS: Tolley, I dare you to strip and dance around to 'The Yellow Rose of Texas' in nothing but your underwear!
T: Can I sing along too? *kid-in-a-candy-store-eyes*
SITS: *rolls eyes* If you must...
Penny: I'm going to go find some bleach for us to wash our eyes with when we're done...
T: Mmmfmfmmmfffffpphphhhmmmmhmmmfmmfp!
SITS: I'm sorry?
Ed: *rolls eyes* She's stuck in her shirt.
SITS: *groan* Ok, someone help Tolley!
J: I WILL! *sprints over at vampire speed to free Tolley from her shirt*
T: My hero! *coy look* I knew you wanted to see me undressed...
All: ...
Es: Tolley... Be very careful...
Penny: I got the bleach... What, no screams? Oh, Tolley, you still have clothes on...
All: ...
J: Why do you sound so disappointed?
Penny: Because I wanted to see Jasper's face before washing my eyes.
Tolls: Mhhhhmmmmmmpffffffpmm!!
Sits: What??
Edward: She's got a sock in her moth.. o.O
Penny: EWW! That's gross!!
Tolls: >( MGRRRMHPFFF!!!
Penny: What was she trying to say??
Edward: F*ck off.
Penny: *kicks Edward*
Edward: Hey, that's what she was thinking!!
Penny: *takes socks out of Tolley's mouth*
Es: I don't know! I shove Jasper's socks in Tolley's mouth to stop her from swearing, and you start!
T: O.o They're Jasper's socks? *snatches back from Penny*
J: Do I want to know what you're gonna do with my socks?
T: Hmm... NOPE! *runs from room*
Al: Emmett still hasn't done his dare...
Em: *whines* But Al-ice!
SITS: I am the dares amster! And what I say, goes! Emmett, go find ladies' clothes, makeup, heels, the full shebang, and meet us down here in ten minutes, ok?
Em: Fine... *slouches off*
Al: I wanna help! *runs off after Emmett*
Ed: That girl has some issues... *a phone rings*
T: Jasper, you're it! *runs off*
J: Err... *chases after her*
Penny: *answers phone and wanders off, chatting away*
Es: *sniffs air* Ooh, my cookies!
SITS: Slave, go get me cookies! And some milk!
C: Yes mistress! *scuttles off*
SITS: Excellent... It's just you and me now, matey... *advances on Edward*
Ed: Er...
Sits: Soooo...! *raises eeyebrows suggestively*
Edward: I- I.. forgot to .. TO DO MY HOMEWORK!! I actually have to go...
Sits: I know you don't have any homework to do. I already did it all for you!! xD *holds out Edward's homework*
Edward: But.. I- forgot the keys in my car!! I'll be right back!
Sits: No, no, no mister. Not so fast, the keys are over there! *points to table*
Edward: But what about-
Sits: No!
Edward: And-
Sits: NO!
Edward: *cries* PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!!
Penny: *suddenly appears* YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHO WAS ON THE PHONE!!
Edward and Sits: Who??
Penny: Felix of the Volturi!! He's going to get us some...CHERRY'S COATED IN CHOCOLATE AND TOFFEE!!! Edward: *pout* Penny:Oh yeah and some....Animal blood for you guys! Whole House: SCORE!!!!!!!!!