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Edward's Demons

What edward is thinking when he changes her. poem

please tell me if its good or not!! its my second poem and im not sure about my poet skills! please any tips or criticism are welcome! make them harsh! i can stand harshness!

1. Chapter 1

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To humans it is icky, disgusting

To us it is our lifestyle

Our culture

And the very fiber of our being


Such a simple word

One syllable and five letters

Yet it is anything but simple

It is a complicated, complex matter


There are two types, animal and human

Human blood is like heaven, especially hers

While animal blood is not so good

Animal blood vs. human blood

That is like comparing dirt to the finest chocolate


Not just any blood

Her blood

Smooth and sweet

Not overpowering, not to dry, too salty or to dull



La tua cantante



Her blood

The most magnificent blood in the world

And I pulled away, stopped drinking it

I am an idiot

To stop drinking her warm, intoxicating blood took so much control, it was a waste of effort

I should have kept drinking

Then I would have been full


But no, I pulled away and now she is writhing and screaming in pain

And I won’t ever be able to drink or smell her blood again