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Bella's Blue Book of Pranks

WARNING: SERIOUS CASE OF BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS!!!!! Remember back to Play with the Cullens (and the wonderful brilliancy of it...fun times, fun times...) how Bella said that she had made a few books of pranks, all equally diabolical to her ingenious plot? Yeah, well, she forced me to post it. So, here you go. Now, Bella, how about removing your mouth from my jugular so I can see the computer properly? Thank you so much. PS I do not suggest performing anything you see in here. I will not take any responsibility for troublesome kids taking after the Cullen's example.

Haha, you have got to LOVE that summary. To answer any questions: I am not Bella. Bella is Bella. I am Kayla. Kayla's nickname is Bella. There's a big difference. Wow, I got off topic. But this entire story is off topic, so I'm on topic then. Raise your hand if that made sense! That's right, leave those hands DOWN! Yes, this does conflict with my other story, Brain Wash. They are two different stories, so in here Brain Wash never happened and in Brain Wash this never happened. Same with the Beatles one.


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