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Can Broken Hearts Heal?

Alice didn’t see it. Victoria did. 37 years later and Bella still can’t control the pain

Bella jumped off the cliff, but Alice didn't 'see' it in time. Meanwhile Victoria takes full advantage. After 37 years, what happens when trouble is all reunited?

1. I ~ The Thing Of Nightmares

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The salt water still clung to my hair, my clothes right to my skin. And my throat; more like I had been forced to eat rocks. We sat in silence in my truck; just outside my house.

Jacob’s warmth was radiating beside me, crushed as I was to his chest.

But I still wasn’t decided.

I felt him lean closer to me, and in the confined space of the truck, I seemed to freeze along with the water that I was drenched in.

He-I mentally coward from the name, was still out there. Did I really want to carry on with out him? But Jacob was my hold to the earth. He was the one who was keeping me safe, keeping me here, time and time again.

A sudden thought bounded through my head. Distractions. I gasped the thought of so many beautiful, indestructible women vampires that could be there with him. Instead of me.

The pain, the hole that Jacob had patched together whenever I was with him broke free of its restraints. Un-bottled the pain shot through my chest.

Two things happened.

The first was that I crumpled in my seat, arms pressed so tightly around my torso that it should have been breaking my ribs.

The second, that inside the dark cab of my truck, Jacob wrenched himself away from me, with as my force as he could. I could just see in the dim light and through the tears that were threatening to fall, that his arms were shaking so violently seeming to rock the steering wheel as he twisted it, pushing the truck, and making it growl in the process.

I was still slumped in my seat, clutching the pain to me. Where was it all coming from? Surely someone should be breaking with this much agony?

“Stupid, bloody leeches. Gotta’ get you outta’ here.” Jacob seemed to be talking to himself as he gave me a sideward glance. “Damn it, the pack better get over here soon or-”

“Jacob-who is it!” my voice, as sandpaper like as it sounded seemed to be speaking without my making it.

“It’s the leeches!” he roared at me, speeding down the road as fast as the slowest truck in Washington could go. “Doesn’t this thing go any fu-”

“Which one?” I cut him off. I was surprised how strong my voice was.

“I don’t know. I only caught some of the sent so there is no way in hell that you are going to get out of this truck!” He caught my wrist, which had automatically grabbed the handle to open the door. I had realised he’d stopped the truck; instead so he could yell at me.

“Jacob let me go!” I shook of his hand, feeling stronger.


“I’m going to go in there Jacob Black, whether you like it or not! I-I need to know…”If it was all a dream about them. My brain added subconsciously again.

“Bella-If I don’t know who is in there, there is no way that you are going to get out of this piece of crap to go and get eaten by one of those monsters!”

I noticed his arms wasn’t the only things shaking, his voice was heavily quivering.

“Jacob-get out of my truck! GO!” I yelled at him. If he didn’t get out of this soon; I’d see my best friend transform to close to be safe.

“I can control it!”

“No you can’t!” I tugged at the door handle, feverishly trying to escape. I glanced in the mirror as the door swung open. A Mercedes stood outside my house. “Jacob-it’s fine!” I was nearly singing with relief.

“Don’t be so damn stupid Bella! It could be a trap!” he tried to lean over me, to grab the door back shut.

“It’s-it’s them! I know it is. That’s Carl-”

“Is it him.” His voice didn’t tremble this time, and as I turned, I looked into his dark eyes.


“If they touch you, or anything, you call me. No exceptions. I won’t let them kill you Bella.”

And with that he pulled his vibrating body out of the car before I could blink.

“I know you won’t.” I whispered, before struggling to get out of the car.

Slowly I walked towards my house. Opposite, the trees of the forest whispered and swayed menacingly. I paused. Something wasn’t right.

I looked back to the door, where it was swinging open. Charlie wasn’t meant to get home until later…

I shivered, and something felt like it was watching my back. The idea of running back into the truck was tempting, but my legs carried me on further, curiosity burning. Why would Carlisle…

Slowly I entered the doorway, and looked into the pitch black, looking up into a pale face.

“Bella.” She said; her voice like the rest of her kind. Her red hair equalling impressive as her crimson eyes.

“Victoria” It was less than a whisper, but she managed to laugh at it anyway, a soft, merciless noise. I stumbled backwards, but the door had already closed behind me. I tried to spin past her, running backwards into the living room. She paced me, a bored expression plastered to her beautifully terrifying face. It was a nightmare back to haunt me.

Bella, you have to escape. His voice, so wonderful, so beautiful made me freeze up momentarily. My hands desperately clung to my chest, over my heart. It was beating harder than ever, the blood pounding in my ears.

“So, I see you’ve met the dogs already?” she asked. A splitting image of James reached my head. When he had tried to torture it all out. Perhaps I would be lucky and she would simply just kill me because of the bloodlust.

“You mean werewolves.” I mouthed, unable to make my vocal chords work. I stumbled back a few more paces.

“Those things are not werewolves. I know-I know…what a real werewolf is.” She shook her head and looked down at the sofa, so that the darkness swallowed her eyes.

“J-James?” I guessed.

Her face snapped angrily up to me.

Bella, don’t stop talking to her. Distract her! His voice was loud in my head, thrumming and echoing his own response. My heart, which was beating at a near inhuman pace, throbbed painfully.

“Don’t talk to me about what you don’t understand.” She spat, taking a large step towards me. I noticed her long hair, which seemed to have caught a few leaves over the last months, gleam in the small light. “Where’s precious Edward then!”

I sank to my knees at even mentioning his name. I shuddered as it felt like all the months of loneliness crashed down on me in one go.

“He-he…he’ll kill you if you kill me.” I lied. He wouldn’t. Not for a human who he left.

“So where is he? I can barely distinguish his smell here anymore.” She studied the room like it would hold some answers.

I fought back the tears and truths that were going to spill from me at any moment, still silently shaking on my knees.

Victoria took another step nearer.

Bella, get up! Please!

I stayed still, only watching the impossibly perfect feet come nearer.

Bella! The angel’s voice begged to me again. Please move!

Maybe this would prove it was all real. The only moments I had of him.

Don’t do this to Charlie! You promised Bella!

Shakily I stood up, arms straight by my side.

“Victoria.” I said, my voice for once not shaking. Victoria paused nearly closing the gap between us.


“Don’t think this will hurt him.” I told her firmly, raising my gaze to hers.

“Ah.” She said, her wonderful scent breathing into my face. “No, it wouldn’t would it? But it will get some hurt out of my life.”

I saw her crystal features come closer to me. I waited for the snap of my neck; the end of sound, my last heart beat perhaps. But then every sense went blank, spare my brain, which thundered back into life. If this was my last moment, which was un-doubtable after the cliff diving, I was spending it with him. All of it with him.

Her face was so close to my neck now.

“Edward, I love you.” I whispered so silently and yet so surely. My body burned to have him back but-

“Good bye Bella swan”

The pain swam over me before I even hit the floor.