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Can Broken Hearts Heal?

Alice didn’t see it. Victoria did. 37 years later and Bella still can’t control the pain

Bella jumped off the cliff, but Alice didn't 'see' it in time. Meanwhile Victoria takes full advantage. After 37 years, what happens when trouble is all reunited?

2. II ~ 36 Years, 364 Days Later

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1601   Review this Chapter

I lay awake on the clean sheets covering my bed. Not like I couldn’t be awake. My hand strayed over to where the first bite had pierced my skin over my neck, where the pulse was strongest, and where the most blood had appeared. Shivering momentarily at the flashes of my memory, I then relaxed back onto the cold velvet cloth. I sucked in my breath; the reminder of the soft velvet-

“Hurry up Sami!” yelled someone from downstairs; calling for Sami. Thankfully they had stopped my trail of thought from an inescapable snare of pain.

I waited for another moment longer; staring at the dust that was floating between the space of me and the ceiling.

“And yet another day.” I murmured, like I always did. A reminder of what was installed. I slowly got up, already practising my human charade. As I crossed my almost empty room and opened a door; it was in time to see Sami, her red-brown hair whizzing past me; fast even for my own vampire eyes.

Silphese (A/N; silf-ease- I love making up names.) followed in her wake, but at least at a more composed state. He wore his usual suit-and-tie look. He’d have to change for high school. Then again…

“Silph?” I asked him my voice as always full of dread, walking in step to him down the stairs. “Are you going to come to school this time?”

His deep voice, deeper and more…gruffer than anyone else’s came form him; though obviously still unbelievably beautiful. “Last time I went to school, I could barely pass for my last year there. I can’t blend it.” He ran a hand over his now bald head. “And seeing as they thought I was some sort of perv, I had to shave my hair off.”

He’d been grumbling all the summer about that trivial fact. We’d tried to convince him that we could have stolen any references about him. But to no avail; instead we’d had to put up with an even more silent than usual Rayché (A/N; Ray-she) and a grumpy bald man instead of Silphese. Who’d suddenly felt the need to moan instead of shut up. This was strange anyway; he always used to being quiet.

Silphese was the last to form our coven; Rayché being the one who bit him. He had been 27, with little hair anyway. He’d been tall, unbelievably tall and broad too. This explained why he’d been a bodyguard at a club somewhere; but he never really explained how he’d come to be found by Rayché. I think it was some sort of bond between them to keep it to themselves; both of them the most secretive out of us all.

Sami suddenly re-bounded into view, jumping up and down ecstatically. It was only high school after all.

“Calm down Sami.” I said as patiently as my nerves would allow me to.

“But aren’t you excited? You haven’t even been to school before now.” I paused. That was true. While the others had gone to discover more of the human’s route to boredom called a classroom I had stayed behind. Always. Until they had now all but shoved me out the door to get me enrolled.

“Excited; no. Already dreading it; yes.” I told her, walking into the kitchen with a slouch. “Wasn’t Rayché calling you earlier?” I asked her curiously.

“Err.” She paused searching her mind for not five minutes ago. Obviously she was to hyped up to recall anything. As usual she tapped her chin. I waited for her to gather her thoughts; while looking at what she was doing. Her long red hair sat neatly down her back, small freckles littered down her arms. Her classic green top and three quarter length white trousers matched. At least it wasn’t as bad as last time we’d been to school. Sami had been dared to go in with so much make up on it should have been an extra inch on her face…and that wasn’t including the year with the feather boa…

I guess all these attempts of humour were for my benefit; but as easily as the laughs came they were forgotten when they left the house; empty and alone each day. It stung to even begin to contemplate it all; and I felt the plasters over my heart begin to pull at the deep scares. I bent over hugging my stomach

“I’m not going!” called a voice from upstairs; thankfully diverting all attention away from me. “You can’t make me!”

“Want to bet!” called an almost happy voice from upstairs. Sami sighed; we all knew what was coming next.

“Money on Rayché” said Silphese.

“Really; Axel does have a chance this time. He’s been practicing.” Sami replied; turning around like discussing weather.

“Rayché kicks ass.” I told her; and in a second a ‘thunk’ had came from upstairs. This was followed with a curse, another punch, breaking china and then the slam of a door.

“And here he comes the proud loser; again.” Said Sami; looking to the door to see Axel standing there. He was also tall; although perhaps less impressively than Silphese. This shocking hair stood on end unnaturally, and the marks on either side of his face, almost like diagonal slits down each cheek in black marker, stood out. I remembered the time when Rayché had got back at him by doodling over his face in a black marker once…

Axel sighed heavily and sat down heavily on the chair in the living room. Since living in the small house; and the only one we could afford, we had transformed the kitchen into his bedroom; Silphese had the study and the other 3 bedrooms were for Sami, Rayché and I.

The milk, unnecessarily delivered by a more than helpful milk man, sat on the table for about a second before rising into the air, upon where it was caught by Axel, who drank it dismissively.

“Ew-Axel; remind me not to be around when you have to get rid of that.” Both Sami and I grimaced.

“Come on; why don’t you ladies have some?” the carton moved into the air towards us, so I was forced to drag myself away from the table rather hastily.

“Someone’s grumpy they lost.” I remarked.

“Grumpy my arse; I’m still bald.” Silphese glared at the spoon; being used as a mirror.

“Stop being so British and reach that bag will you?” asked Sami; straining for the bag on the top of the bookcase, which I had no idea how it even got up there. Like her I was about the same height and the same thin shape as her.

Silphese was about to grab the bag before it zoomed off the top and was gracefully put on the table by Axel. Stupid telekinesis.

“My lady.” He gestured to the bag and earned several eye rolls.

“You’re going to have to get used to not using your powers.” I told him; a tight knot forming in my throat. I gulped it down. Even though I had thought I’d have a power; even being a danger magnet being a hopeful possibility, but to no avail anywhere. Still; at least I was like Rayché in that respect.

“I should probably go and see Rayché. She’ll hate to go even more now”

“Too late; I’m here.” She grumbled, inside the doorway which had recently been inhabited by Axel. Her long black hair swept to the floor easily; straight and dark. She was defiantly a model like statues; being the tallest and curviest person. Not that she cared for such things; and she wasn’t all about looks. Somehow she believed more on the vitally important side of things; the art of being able to punch things. She had been changed at 22, but apart form having a knack for knocking people out cold, even for a vampire, she’d had no ‘special effects’ added to her as Axel had once so tactfully put it.

“Is it time yet?” whined Sami; loosing track of what she was doing as she realised Rayché was alright.

“We have another hour.” I commented. I was counting the seconds until I could escape. But time always went slowly.

“Gosh; time goes so slowly.” She said absentmindedly. We all gave her a look.

“What?” she smiled innocently at me; causing me to break into a grin. Why was I the easiest to crack?

“I don’t know if you’ve realised yet; but you have a power.” Axel was talking like Sami was five-years old. “And you can be both able to stop time and be immensely annoying.”

“It’s not ‘stopping time’” she scolded him sharply. “It’s making it go slower around me. Speaking of which I could easily make your days even longer for you!”

“But it doesn’t affect anyone else.” I sighed.

“No but you get that wonderful feeling of time dragging on forever on a boring subject.” Silphese said, folding his arms.

“Okay; so bags, check. People…5, check…” Sami counted us all off along an invisible check list. “Ah- now it’s the call time.”

“Bags my car!” yelled Axel, thumping his hand down a little to hard on the coffee table when it groaned under the force.

“You’re joking. Out of all the car’s yours is the one that’ll drag more attention to us” said Rayché.

“What about-“

“No way; we’re taking mine” I said coolly. No one put up a fight. I slowly walked from the room. Perhaps if I was lucky; I would be able to spend the next five minutes re-dying my hair to the shiny blue-black colour.