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Can Broken Hearts Heal?

Alice didn’t see it. Victoria did. 37 years later and Bella still can’t control the pain

Bella jumped off the cliff, but Alice didn't 'see' it in time. Meanwhile Victoria takes full advantage. After 37 years, what happens when trouble is all reunited?

3. III ~ Staying At Home

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We slowly rolled down the cold looking streets; the outskirts of the small town we’d inhabited for the time being. No one complained at my less than normal pace; not letting myself go anywhere near 5 miles per hours under the speed mark for the area.

As we all but crawled along the roads, I thought back to when I had first left forks. Jacob had come to try and stop her as soon as he’d heard what had happened to me. Too late for anything to stop that scorching pain. I flinched form the memory; clear as crystal in my mind; not unhindered by faint human memories.

He’d stayed with me the whole lengthily process of 4 days. He’d seen me change from mere human to immortal the whole time; always there when I screamed out; hiding me from Charlie and away from humans.

Then pack-leader-Sam had forced me away; unable to keep a vampire so close to the new wolves, unable to keep humans safe from what I was; what I had become.

I flashed back to the present when my vampire reactions kicked in. The small red car was lucky to have me behind the wheel as I swerved out of the way.

Axel was muttering in the back, something about ‘his Ferrari’ and ‘this piece of crap’. I sighed heavily; drawing in un-needed oxygen, at his hit on my car.

I peered ahead as we entered the school ground. My eyes scanned the places and I swung quickly into the parking space an idling car was rolling next to. It earned me a particularly vicious look from the driver; which turned into bewilderment as he saw my face. I heard him mutter an apology, to quiet for the pedestrians walking by to even hear.

This wasn’t going to be good.

The call of the blood all around me was turning my throat to sand paper. I had to keep my eyes trained mechanically ahead of myself, seeing as I hadn’t been around to many humans lately. I didn’t seem to be the only one. Rayché’s long pale fingers were clenched to her sides and I watched her eyes flick from student to student longingly.

“Rayché, calm down.” Sami muttered in her ear, and waved at someone on the pavement with a smile; obviously trying to show that her friend was just having an ‘off day’.

Both Rayché and I exchanged a pained look, walking straight backed and taught. Perhaps I should have hunted again; five days was stretching it with this much pulsating blood around us.

“Come on.” Axel pushed my shoulder playfully; happy to be out of my ‘piece of crap’. Subconsciously I stroked the glossy navy paint; almost matching my recently dyed, midnight-blue hair.

“Lighten up!” Sami tugged Rayché’s hand and uncurled her fingers for her. “You’ve been here before”

“No I haven’t.” she said sharply, before taking a deep breath. We all waited, unsure on whether we were going to have to hold her back or not. Even though she wasn’t the youngest, she had the worst problem with the call of any blood. When she relaxed against the door of the car, we all seemed to let out a gust of air we didn’t know we’d been holding.

“Not literally anyway” she continued, studying the brick walls, which must have been intensely interesting as she didn’t speak again.

“Come on Melanie.” Called Sami, hurrying away from the car. “Let’s go and-oops; sorry!”

Sami had backed into a tall, well built person, about the size of Silphese. She must have done it on purpose, seeing as there was no way a vampire could have not noticed.

“It’s okay.” The guy mumbled and walked away swiftly, and judging by the way he walked he wasn’t normally as clumsy as Sami was.

“Great; the first five minutes and you’ve already tripped over something.” I said to her.

“Better than tripping over air.” She retorted, sticking her tongue out at me. However before I could come back with any sort of come-back the bell rang.

“Lesson plans!” trilled Sami in high soprano voice along with the bell, dancing over to, what I guessed was the reception. It was hard to tell as the once-white paint was slowly peeling away and only left three of the letters on the board.

I turned to Axel who had started off start after Sami. As in vampire speed straight over to Sami.

“Axel!” Rayché hissed at him angrily. “Act normal or you will not be able to sit and there will be a large dent in the back of ‘your precious’ when we get back and the police are after us!”

He froze and walked casually the rest of the distance. I spared a half-grin with Rayché, before we too joined them in the small queue.

First lesson History passed with out any hiccups. Neither did chemistry. I sat in the plastic chairs, and with out even trying, was bored. High school was not a good experience. It was never going to be.

It was when the third period came around that I found myself to be wondering if vampires could die of boredom, or if a long enough calculus drone could make them fall asleep.

I should have just stayed at home.

I was out of the room when the bell rang on the dot. I wasn’t going to stay another ten seconds in that teacher’s class. And when he’d offered to read my ‘days work’; which consisted of my name on a folder, his jacket had been of a repulsive smell of sweat and either smoke; or a dead-person’s body. Not one that I could stand being at the front of the damned classroom.


I swivelled around in the hallway; looking for where the strangely familiar tones had come from. I found Sami being pulled along by the crowds thundering to the lunch rooms.

“So what did you learn today?” she asked sarcastically as we grabbed the flexible trays off the racks. It seemed her happy mood had been dampened.

“Nothing I didn’t already. Calculus is already my most-” I stopped before the pain could conker me; and turn the subject around. “What made you so grumpy?”

Her face flickered slightly and I saw the mask she’d been wearing slip off easily as we sat at the table Axel had been sitting at. “Nothing. I just wondered what mood you were in. This frown is killing me.” She pretended to rub her forehead.

“Sure.” I sighed; looking at Axel studying a girl on a couple of tables away with distaste.

“Who ya’ watching?” asked Sami, peering over the edge of a book that had flicked from her bag.

“Princess of doom.” He told us; glaring at the back of the dyed blonde hair. I hoped she didn’t turn around to see it. The jug of water lifted into the air slightly.

I caught the handle as a student passed before shoving it firmly on the ground. Axel broke his momentary death- glowers and looked abashed down at the table.

“You’re as bad as Rayché.” I muttered, drearily looking around the hall. Even with this incredibly vampire eyesight everything looked grey. My chest stung slightly, as if being twisted by a small invisible string, but for no apparent reason. I had gotten used to this happening so often.

“Speaking of which where is she?” we all searched the room, but with no dark haired beauty close.

“Crap.” I scrapped the chair back; not caring about the noise. “We need to spread out and find her. Fast. I’ll phone Silphese and-”

“You can cancel those plans. I came in the back way- less people. It didn’t help that the teacher wanted me to get rid of my hair in gym.” Rayché still seemed tense, despite her relaxed voice as she sat across from me. “Too bad our hair grows back over night.”

Don’t remind me. I added, curling a pale white finger around the small tufts of my hair; cut layered today. I removed my hand as the dye started to rub onto my hands. It seemed that dye only ran off the glossy looking strands. Most of the pillows at the house were already ruined. That meant shopping. I groaned.

“What’s up? Stomach ache?” Axel laughed at his own joke.

“No; I have to take the car out later for shopping.”

“Can I come?” Rayché and Sami chorused together; both beautiful voices, and turned a few more heads.

“Not in that old thing.” Remarked Axel. “You ladies need a real ride. And I want to take my baby out again!” he looked at me with begging eyes.

“There is no way I am going to let you go out it you call it baby.”

“Fine, the Ferrari.” He said, straining the words out.

“Lambo’s rule!” called a voice from across the cafeteria. A strong booming voice, loud enough for only use vampires to hear.

My eyes glanced up from the wooden patterns on the table; and saw several of the most beautiful people I had ever seen.

And then; I froze.