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Can Broken Hearts Heal?

Alice didn’t see it. Victoria did. 37 years later and Bella still can’t control the pain

Bella jumped off the cliff, but Alice didn't 'see' it in time. Meanwhile Victoria takes full advantage. After 37 years, what happens when trouble is all reunited?

4. IV ~ The Source Of Trouble

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Emmett’s POV

As the red convertible pulled into the parking lot; we all looked up in unison to see the scratching paint and accompanying dull building of Duneborough’s High School.

Glancing around; I saw a wiry haired teen flash a look of interest in the choice of car that Rosalie had decided to drive us in. She wouldn’t change it in for any other car; seeing as ‘it had class’, even after I had suggested a new model...

I opened the door and pulled myself out of it quickly, listening to my brother and sisters do the same. Jasper came and stood beside me, still staring up, with a plain look of disgust at the board by the reception area. The feeling was mutual.

“High School; the source of all trouble.” He scowled harder at the sign, and I silently agreed. It didn’t get any better over the years.

I heard Rosalie close the front door and glide her way over to stand next to Jasper and Alice, all of whom were now looking down upon the roof of the car, where Rose was handing out official looking papers.

Or most of us were looking down on it.

“Hey sis; can’t see the schedules?” I gave Alice a grin and ruffled her hair; while she continued to stand on her toes to see the leaflets and whatever else Carlisle had forced Rose to bring along.

Everyone ignored me, so I stood still again, breathing deeply. I wrinkled my nose in disgust; it seemed that the human food was that much stronger around here.

With out warning, a breeze picked up, ruffling the coats and hair of all the pupils by us; and nearly taking the layers of paper that was still on the hood of the car. Thankfully we were all upwind of any humans; and it was refreshing to have the smell of blood faintly in the background.

“Hey- we’re not going to-” before I could complete my joke; Alice cut in before me.

“We’ll need the school’s acceptation letter Emmett.” She mumbled. I guess she must’ve seen it what I was going to say.

Something told me they were getting bored of my jokes…

“I’m going to go and pick up that stuff then.” I muttered, turning from them and shoving my hands deeply into my pockets. ‘Family time’ was not what the Cullen’s were known for anymore. The time inside the house was either silent or empty. Or as empty as you could get with a stupid, ignorant, depressed, mother-

“Let’s go and-oops; sorry!”

I’d managed to walk into a very hard, talking rock. Wait- a talking rock? My manners, drilled into me by Esme came to life before I could question anything further, although, maybe less humble than she would have wanted me to.

“It’s okay.” I muttered, and walked off, perhaps a little quicker, heading towards the school building. As soon as the door swung behind me, I twirled around to stare through the small cracks of the glass, that odd eighth colour I had never been able to identify in my human life, however faint that memory was, glinting from the bright light behind me. Good to know the school had decent lighting then.

As I looked at the people, surrounding an old, navy-black coloured car, my automatic picture-perfect memory seemed to be making its own connections. There was a tall girl, looking perhaps a little too close to where I was hiding, at the wall. She was like Rose, spare the blonde waist-length hair, which instead fell to the floor. Oh- and she obviously wasn’t as pretty as Rose anyway.

Then a tall guy was casually leaning against the wall, looking at ease as what I would have used to have been. I smiled at the memory of Forks high school when everything had been going along so smoothly. My eyes flickered from his strange markings on his cheeks to the tall, gravity-defying hair. Alice would want to know how that stuck on end no doubt. The numerous jokes that failed to amuse even myself filled my head, and I sighed heavily as I looked to the next person.

Another girl; her eyes down cast at the car she was stroking the glossy paint on. At least they knew how to keep a good shine on things. Her head was down cast, and much like the first woman, her hair was a dark, midnight colour, but with a more blue-tinge. Strangely…and it was cut in a, less than careful manner.

The last girl, the one who looked like she was high on some human drug was smiling bashfully to the guy against the wall. Her hair settled at the small off her back, and a red colour, reminding me of a mix between that bitch Victoria, and the sod we had back at home.

Idiots. I scowled darkly as suddenly the bell rang. I hurried away from the door as more students followed in my wake, and the new vampires followed.

Then I remembered something. I flicked my head back in time to catch the door being open for the fourth time in the last few seconds to see the girl and red-headed girl walk through the door. I stared intently as the passed by me, not noticing me in anyway at there eyes; which gleamed the same topaz colour as mine were.

Good; no need to through them out of the town already.

I grudgingly walked myself to class, and sat down with my head propped up with my arm. I missed Rose. No that was an understatement. I missed having a life.

With in the first two lessons I had managed to crush the pencil in my hand to dust, squeeze the life out of my replacement pen of the first pencil, and nearly smashed a door into the wall.

By third period, I was contemplating if anything was worth this much boredom. Well I suppose it was better than what Edward was doing at home. I scowled as I entered the gym. Edward. Hmm; that was something not worth thinking about.

I admired him for it though. Being able to actually leave for her. Nothing could do that to me and Rose. I couldn’t get my head around such a stupid decision. He’d tried to act okay; but you could always tell he was in pain; especially when the news had been delivered. Bella Swan Missing.

From then on after he had never looked at the piano; had he gone to school; had he ever come home from his hunting obsession. The day he left us ripped out Esme’s heart. Torn our already saddened family apart. Until a year ago when he reappeared and simply stayed lifeless in his room; eyes black unless we actually brought him food.

I restrained myself from crushing the tennis racket in my hand. Not listening to the teacher until everyone had moved into pairings. There were two people left; and they were sending glares at each other venomously. One was a blonde girl, barely up to my waist-Although that could have been an over statement. The other was the-the vampire girl; her hair piled back into a loose plait tied with an ancient looking ribbon. Her long black hair trailed down her back, and it made me long for Rose to be close; so I didn’t have to concentrate on not being violent in Humans Company, or thinking about the disgrace of out family.

I walked towards them both; careful to avoid the death glares between them.

“Partners?” I asked the vampire-woman tentatively. Perhaps it would be best if we weren’t on the same team; easily able to beat anyone else in the subject, but then again, it could be a better reason; both being about as human as the mouse I could hear running in the roof of the school above us.

Her face flicked to mine quickly and she appeared taken aback for a moment, taking in my pale skin and eyes. I glared into hers too; looking at the way her eyes were not all topaz as they seemed; the hint of a darker brown in there; meaning blood-human blood.

My mind jumped to conclusions too fast, as the vamp nodded her head less than a centimetre as a yes and we teamed up on one side of the net. Perhaps she had been out hunting and couldn’t stop herself; or someone had gotten to close? Or had their blood sang to her? I stopped my train of though; then remembered Edward wasn’t here to listen anyway.

As the small highlighted ball flew over the next for the other sides serve, it was hit with a little more force to the far wall by the vamp next to me. It took me less than a second to blink and then she was up in my face, holding my shirt with long pale fingers in a strong grip.

“Who are you? Why is your coven here?” she demanded in my face. I tried to pry her fingers away from me; but her grip was strong.

“I’m Emmett Cullen. If you don’t mind I’m rather interested in what your name is too.” Wow-where did the patient, sophisticated voice of reason enter my head?

“Rayché” at least she complied. Strange Coven name though.

“Never heard of you.”

“You wouldn’t. We don’t have a coven name.” oh- so it was her first name. Still strange.

It seemed the human boy had retrieved the ball from the opposite wall, and while the whispered conversation had gone on, gotten back to his place. We paused in order to let him pass the ball again. Again, Rayché as I now knew her jumped easily up to the net and slammed it over to the other far wall.

“Sorry; I’m rubbish at this.” She covered and turned back to me; in time for the boy to roll his eyes meaningfully at his partner.

“So why is your coven here? I see you’re vegetarians.” Her smirk turned into a grimace; obviously she wasn’t happy with her diet choice.

“We move around so often.” I didn’t say anymore.

She sighed in response to mine and I smiled; the first real smile that didn’t feel forced to wrong to do so. Maybe this meeting was a lucky one; I could be laughable with out making a joke that no-one registered.

“How many are there of you?” she asked; in time to shoot the ball back over the next for a rally. So far she’d stolen all possible attempts I could have made playing. Now it might be better to show off- and against a vamp; this could be fun.

“Seven; including the ass of the family.” I scowled as she managed to hit the ball before I could reach it over my half.

“Five.” She concluded; happy at seeing me struggling to hit a ball.

“Have a leader?” I asked, about to hit the rally; but again she got there first; pushing the human charade to a limit.

“I don’t really think so. She’s not a leader; more the creator. We listen to her though. Or Silph I suppose.” Did all the people in that ‘unknown’ coven have a strange name; almost made up by a hyper teenage girl (A/N,*cough, cough*!). “You?”

“Carlisle.” I answered immediately. Before I could hit the stupid piece of flying material; the teacher interrupted us.

“Okay; everyone that’s it; go change.” The teacher droned; turning just in time to miss me tap the ball; which had finally come towards me, at the blonde from earlier head. It only hit her lightly; but her face as she turned to try and find the person who’d done it was a picture.

“I thought you’d have wanted to do it.” I told Rayché striding towards the changing rooms.

“And I’m so glad you did.” She muttered, before the teacher caught her.

“Excuse me Miss; but we don’t allow hair to grow that long around here.” She rolled her eyes at me; and it seemed she was quick to start a temper.

“Where does it say in the damn rules that I have to cut my hair?”

I left them to it; changing quickly and out into the corridors seconds before I the bell rang.

“Lunch!” Alice’s bell like voice rang over the other students; and I realised that several people turned to see who the voice came from. We all paused in the hallway as people flocked around us. Alice gave me a look; and I guess she already knew what I had said to the new vamp; Rayché.

“New kind huh?” she asked as all four of us strode to the lunch rooms.

“She’s okay. A little competitive; and would be a handle for Jasper to handle her emotions, but they’re not, not vegetarians.”

“You lost me.” Jasper grinned. “They’re vegetarians. How many?”

“Five. They don’t have a leader, but they listen to their ‘creator’ or this other guy.” I screwed up my face in concentration, in a way that Rose had once remarked as cute. I was trying to remember how to pronounce that guys name. “Or ‘Silph’ she called him.”

“Don’t do anything stupid.” Remarked Alice sharply; focussing her gaze on me. Moi- would I do such a thing?

We opened the door and walked along ignoring the piles of trays, but staying, pretending to look at the menu. But another conversation caught all our ears.

“Not in that old thing.” Remarked the spiky haired guy from earlier- I was only judging as his was the only masculine voice there. “You ladies need a real ride. And I want to take my baby out again!” He sounded like Rose, but more…gooey. And way less hot. Way.

“There is no way I am going to let you go out it you call it baby.” Another voice told his sharply. I listened to it carefully; not having heard it before. So was that the other girl with out the talking-rock syndrome?

“Fine, the Ferrari.” He said, straining the words out.

“Lambo’s rule!” my voice called out on its own accord, loud enough for the nearby humans to look around confused, but the far away vampires to spin around to see us.