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Can Broken Hearts Heal?

Alice didn’t see it. Victoria did. 37 years later and Bella still can’t control the pain

Bella jumped off the cliff, but Alice didn't 'see' it in time. Meanwhile Victoria takes full advantage. After 37 years, what happens when trouble is all reunited?

5. V (part i) ~ This Changes Everything

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Each hadn’t changed since the last time I had seen them; but the enhanced vision through my eyes made everything so much clearer. Jasper’s scars; screaming danger at me, the dainty way that Alice’s hair was magically held up by invisible strings. Emmett’s power, moving between his muscles and the shear rivalry of beauty emulating from Rosalie.

Something rippled down me suddenly; from head to toes and I shivered violently.

Standing up sharply, I gathered my things in haste; trying not to get out of the human charade; but stretching it a little far. Emmett was looking at our table meaningfully, obviously the one who had yelled earlier about Lamborghini’s. So they must have known that we were vampires.

I swallowed as I nearly tripped over Sami’s bag in my haste. I looked down at my two left feet. Or I wished that I looked down to see my Converse covered toes. In there place was the floor of the room. I felt my eyes bulge form there sockets as I took a step backwards; almost like I could walk out of this puddle of… imperceptible stuff.

The invisible feet followed me; though I could feel every inch of my shoes on them; the floor I was treading on. Realisation struck me as I glanced at either arm. Then down at my legs, torso, and gulped loudly. Axel spun around immediately at the sound.

There had only been one person who could be invisible before; and she couldn’t be detected anywhere, by sound, smell, touch… Hesitantly I stuck out my hand to Axel’s shoulder. His head flicked around, staring right at me; or rather through me. But I could feel him…

Something was messed up. Viro was the only one who could turn invisible and she left-left 23 years ago. How would-why could I…?

“Yeah; this is Rayché” Emmett stood towards the table; holding out a huge hand to wave in front of Rayché.

“Emmett.” She nodded her head at him quickly, before turning to look outside the door she had just used as an entrance. Great; that meant there was no way it wasn’t the Cullen’s. And that meant that there was the chance of meeting-

“Hey, Mel- why don’t we…Mel?” Sami twirled her head around looking for me desperately. Instead of clutching my sides, I was grateful for the way my neck snapped up and I didn’t have to think about the unbearable pain; instead I panicked.

I didn’t know how I even got in this mess; how the hell was I meant to get out of it? I paced the table once, and then ran to the door. Perhaps I could leave before anyone got too friendly and before anything got out of hand.

As a couple of students paused to scoop the rubbish off their trays and passed out the doors; I silently followed them. We had enough money to get some plane tickets, but it could take a day or two…and Sami would want to pack just about the whole house.

Oh crap- the others! What was I going to tell them? Oh, I’m sorry for making you move again after three days here, but my long lost family who I’m not allowed to tell you about are in town and we need to run before I talk to them. That’d go down well.

I leaned against the wall; my panicking becoming more relaxed unnaturally fast. Another shiver echoed down my spine; and I took a tiny glance at my feet; now magically sewn back into my sight. I breathed a sigh of relief, but the sound of light footsteps caught me halfway. My silent heart felt like it was slamming; if it was still alive as I awaited the company of the vampire coming around the corner.

“I wondered why you came out here.” A calm voice came to stand with its owner around the wall, leaning easily on the edge. His blonde hair swept gracefully into his face, hiding a few more of the scars that were much more prominent compared to the shadowed human memories.

“Oh-needed fresh air.” I muttered. Then realised I didn’t need air…I was so screwed. Maybe I should just run now; with out the others.

“The blood getting to you?” a tiny smile pulled up the corners of his face. “I know what you feel like.” It instantly creased out into a scowl. Was he- he still tied up on what happened on my birthday? My mind whizzed back to the disaster at the Cullen mansion in Forks.

“Yes; the blood.” I was grateful for an excuse that made sense.

“How old are you?” his topaz eyes bore down into mine, even through the seven meters between us. I pulled my own gaze away from his and made myself stare at a rather dull looking poster.

“Old enough to know right from wrong.”

“And that’s how old? I’m Jasper by the way.” I swear this was the most I’d ever heard him talk.

“I’m Melanie.” I was going to have to lie about my past; but that could wait until after I had run from his sight.

“Don’t worry; you’re safe. No need to be worried.” He took a step or two towards me; and in return I took a few paces back. He was already picking up on my emotions-that meant I had to keep a straight head. Where was Silphese when you needed him?

The bell rang; signalling the end of lunch. Good; lessons would provide a decent enough distraction o get the hell out of here.

“I’d better go-Biology.” I backed another step back and turned. Swiftly he walked past me; murmuring quietly in my ear as the humans walked from the dining hall.

“Don’t worry; I’ll keep you’re secret safe.”

“What-” I had started, but he’d already disappeared into the crowds. “What did you mean-Jasper?”

I made my way over to the science rooms, wary of every face looking my way. Did that mean he knew about being invisible back there? He’d of been able to sense my feelings I guess; but how could he tell I was standing there; how did I even get to be simply invisible? What if it was something else?

Even as I stood outside the door, I felt my pale skin turn ice cold, and whiter still. There was no way he could know. More importantly; I wasn’t going to change back to Bella, even if he knew. I was Melanie Calmer. Not Bella Swan.

I sank to the floor; holding my head in my hands and shutting my eyes tight. I heard the students pass me quietly; whispering notes of concern or interest as they went, but I sat still as a statue, the only movement was that of my regular breathing.

That’s when I heard two pairs of lighter footsteps than anyone else’s. Although one was definitely fighting against the other person. I lifted my head up slowly; looking to the corner.

Emmett’s tall, broad shoulders came around first, hunched down and his head away from me. There was a growl from around the corner, and I stood up mechanically. I tensed; growls usually meant a fight in our house at least.

“I think you’ll find the class room is this way.” Emmett yanked hard with his arms; and reappeared around the corner.

My once dead heart paused a second longer and then beat a thousand times a minute.

He stood there, growling deeply in his chest, bronze hair a mess, clothes rumpled and creased. He was tugging back against Emmett; who seemed to be enjoying it more than anyone should. Still, he was pulling, and if the dark shadows under his eyes were anything to go by; he wasn’t happy. He bared his teeth at Emmett threateningly; a beautiful ferocious snarl ripping from him.

I stared, coming apart form the inside. I felt all the stitches, the plasters that were keeping me together falling off me, undoing myself completely. My emotions rushed to me; hatred, betrayal, anger and hopelessness. But unbelievable happiness. I had seen him. Memorised every single aspect of him-His pale skin; perfect teeth, razor sharp, and still bared at Emmett. The sharp cheekbones. I scanned him quickly, and then took a longer, deeper look. I left his eyes alone. I would be on the floor any minute already. I didn’t want that look pierced into my memory when I did.

Rage gripped me; the only thing that was keeping me from falling to the floor in a hopeless mess. I felt my own chest rumble with a growl; too quiet against his own to be clearly heard; but Emmett seemed to note the difference.

He turned around to look at me quickly, still keeping a strong hand wrapped around the very same wrist I wanted to hold.

“Hey, Melanie. Excuse us.” Emmett pulled again on him, who even though was in a toughened stance, stumbled a step forwards. I clenched my fists tightly, my nails biting into the granite skin of my palms.

I had to bite make another growl, snapping my teeth into my lip as Emmett ran behind him to push and shove him towards the door, holding his arms in a lock behind his back.

“Move, you idiot. Class has started.” I looked coldly at the floor, at the same time his eyes focused on my crown of my hair. It was a battle of my will to not look at him, not to think about him. Maybe if I was lucky enough, I could melt into the floor, or turn invisible again. I concentrated on that; desperately trying to grab onto anything to do with out him. So much easier said than done.

With the sudden distraction, Emmett took the time to push a particularly vicious shove in the small of his back, making him stumble forwards a few paces.

“Get in there now. It’s you fault you came to school.” For a moment I thought he was talking to me, but then Emmett slammed into his back, so that he was standing almost exactly to my side. I tried not to breathe, but it was useless. His scent filled me, and I swallowed back the feelings in my stomach, stopping the instinct of running to him and-

The door opened, and I shrank back. I wasn’t quite ready for class. In 37 years I hadn’t been ready for school; and the irony stung more than anything. No; the real ache was the bad luck I was cursed with. Danger really always was following me.

Emmett stood calmly, gesturing inside with his long, muscled arms. I heard the rest of the class craned there heads around to see the disturbance.

“Sorry; my brother got lost. We’re all new.” From what I could see of Emmett’s face, a broad smile had appeared on it; replacing the darker shadows under his eyes and the dull look in his eyes. Was it just me or did his whole family seem slightly lifeless now?

Emmett gave another grin and then gave him a shove. However he was already moving swiftly into the room.

“Don’t do anything stupid, Edward.” The subtle warning came out of my mouth before I could stop it. His name was ringing in my ears, but he didn’t even flinch at the words that he must’ve heard, or even acknowledge them.

The door shut behind him with a soft click and I listened to the chair dragging back from its desk, and the chatter of students. I didn’t want to know what they were saying.

“School. It’s too much sometimes.” Emmett took one last look at the door, before turning back to stride around the corner. “I better get back myself. See you around.” I couldn’t pick out what he muttered afterwards-even with my vampire hearing, and left him alone. Instead, I was shaking so violently, I thought it might be possible to explode. That or destroy the wall I was leaning on.

I leapt off the wall, my feet running me away form the building, repelled of that stupid science class. I jumped the wall separating the parking lot easily, running to my shiny Chevrolet; even glinting in the non-existent sun. I shot inside, pushing it as fast as it would go out the school, not caring of the tire squeals as I high-tailed it out of there.

We’d have to move. We just about had the money, and I didn’t care where we went; as long as it was away. But could I tell the others that? The simple answer to that was no.

Fine I’d have to lead on my own.

I reached back to the house as quickly as possible. I felt for my keys in my pocket, but gave up when I remembered that Silphese was probably still there. Leaving my car on the side, parked at an odd angle, I raced to the door, pounding on the front as lightly as I could under the tension that was about the release from me. I was either going to crawl in on my knees sobbing, or kill someone.

“Silphese!” I yelled, trying to get him to move. “Silph- Open the door” I choked on air.

I tried to relax my breathing; but I couldn’t, instead I just shut off the supply completely; now only listening to the sounds around me. I waited to hear the sounds of Silphese, walking down the stairs, rustling of clothing, even breathing.


I hammered one last time on the door, but I knew it was pointless. No one was in.

Screw it.

With out thinking, I swung my foot at the door, satisfied with the crunching noise it made with my rock hard foot, plastering itself in a neat hole through the door. It wasn’t enough. Withdrawing my foot, I slammed my hand at it instead, watching as instead of making a whole, the door frame shuddered, and then fell in on itself.

I didn’t pause as I ran to my plain room. No valuable possessions in there; but there was enough money, a new passport, clothes and a number or two. Despite my now perfect memory; I still had to have those numbers written down; like as a safety measure.

Shoving it all into the bag that I had so recently unpacked it all from; I rushed down the stairs again, jumping onto the sofa. Resting the bag on the floor, I tore a piece of paper from the coffee table, and started to scrawl untidily. Rage was still fuelling me; I didn’t know when it would end. I should have known the answer.

My bad luck was getting worse.

The pain rushed through me in one go; making me lean off the sofa to the ground, hugging myself, trying to cram it all back into the drawer it had been locked in. It was to no avail. I felt my heart aching so powerfully, draining me of any control over it.

That was how they found me, in a sobbing ball on the floor.

One glance at the door made me want to run.