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Can Broken Hearts Heal?

Alice didn’t see it. Victoria did. 37 years later and Bella still can’t control the pain

Bella jumped off the cliff, but Alice didn't 'see' it in time. Meanwhile Victoria takes full advantage. After 37 years, what happens when trouble is all reunited?

6. V (part ii) ~ This Changes Everything

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Instead of the three faces I thought I was bound to see; there stood five. Sami, Axel, Silphese, along with Alice and Jasper were looking down at me; anguish, confusion and worry seemed to be emitting from there concerned faces.

I closed my eyes, shutting them as tightly as I could, restraining anything from escaping me. As I got up from the floor; and re-opened my eyes, the ache for my old family returned, as well as the anger. I’d have to work with the second emotion; it seemed that was the only one that I could actually use with out falling to the floor.

“Where’s Rayché?” I asked my voice instead of being groggy, surprisingly clear.

“She went for a drive.” Silphese told me, his brow creased as he observed me. Damn it- the only person I’d want to talk to was out.

“She’ll be back in eight hours.” Alice muttered quietly, loud enough for us to all to hear. I didn’t respond, knowing she must’ve seen it.

“How do you know? She doesn’t ever come back telling us at what time.” Sami whirled around, looking inquisitive, and slightly angry.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t tell you at lunch. I’m a psychic; it’s like my power to see the future.”

“That must be so cool.” Sami gave me a sharp glance, which I guess she didn’t want me to see. She was obviously trying to avoid any awkward questions about me, or even changing the conversation for me.

“Not as cool as yours though!” Alice looked happily at Sami, her dead eyes barely looking at me, but I still caught it.

Silphese walked quietly towards me, as Sami tried to stall again, and placed a huge hand on my shoulder.

“Melanie, tell me what it is now.” His voice was quiet, barely even there for my own ears to pick up. I didn’t bother with the quiet talk. I had to move.

“I’m moving.” I told the room at large, stopping Sami mid-way through a lecture on some gadget she’d gotten.


“I’m going.” I told her, looking into her own eyes, remembering the pure blue they used to be, but making it clear I wasn’t joking to anyone.


“I’m not playing 20 questions.” I told her sharply, and crossed the room to pick up the bag. “I’m going, just as soon as I can get a plane.” Please don’t let Alice see why. I begged as an after thought in my head.

“Is this because of us?” Alice looked shocked as her topaz eyes met mine.

“No. Not all of you.” I turned on my heel, about to leave before anymore questions, but a strong hand grabbed my shoulder, wrenching me back.

“You. Are. Not. Leaving.” Axel was close enough to my face that I could almost feel us touching noses.

“Why not.” I challenged, my anger fuelling me on while my brain tried to redirect it to make my feet move.

“Because I said so. You’re not running away from us.”

“You know what.” I took a step back. “Bite me.”

“Mel, I don’t want to hurt you.” He all but growled at me.

“No; then why are you growling?” I lowed into a defensive pose, ready to attack as well as defend.

“It won’t stop me from making you stay. I’ll strap you to the floor if it means you’re staying.” He dropped to a crouch, even to mine. Though we both knew it wouldn’t matter if he used his power.

“Back off. This is my choice.”

“Not when you’re with us its not.”

I didn’t notice anyone behind me anymore, my only instincts were to attack and at the same time, stop myself from fighting.

I hissed softly into the quiet air.

“What about us then Melanie Calmer? Rayché’s wanted to move all the time, to be alone, but she stays with us because she can’t possibly leave. I have no intention of leaving Sami, Silphese Rayché or you at any time. Don’t do this to us all. I won’t let you.” Axel took a step to the right, blocking the doorway that Alice and Jasper were still in.

Melanie Calmer isn’t part of anything.” I responded.

“She is when she’s with us.”

I growled in my throat. He wasn’t getting the message. “I’m not with you! I’m leaving because I’m not going to hurt you all. Make it harder why don’t you!”

“Oh- Bite me.” He said. That was all it took for the anger to unwind from me, and I leapt at him. The rug under the coffee table leapt up, shattering the glass of the table to the floor, but managed to fly in front of him in defence. I clawed my way through in a second, giving him enough time to move to the other side of the room.

I heard Sami screaming at me and Axel desperately, but didn’t acknowledge it.

Turning again, I twisted and confused him in time to swing a decent kick to his shoulder. The books from the room spun from the shelves and whizzed across the room. They layered together, and as I tugged my foot away from him, about to swing a punch, they formed a shield again me, gathered like a bubble in front of him.

“Melanie; just calm down!” came Sami again.

“Can’t fight fair?” I hissed again, running around to the other side, the wall of books following me around him.

“Don’t leave us and I might.” he said.

I noticed that the books were a little slow to react to my own movements as I paced around him, trying to find a break. I jumped into the air, the high ceiling always being a good idea in a house of vampire obviously, but then changed to another direction, darting to the left instead of right. It was all it took to make the books take an extra second to move.

I swung my hand through the gap, and it met with an open hand as he absorbed the punch.

The books, now back ahead of me blocked my view, spare my hand leading to the open palm I was still forcing.

It was a second later, and someone ran into the room.

A heavy kick smashed the books out of my way and I withdrew my hand like it was shocked instinctively. The next moment was long black hair as Rayché pinned Axel to the ground by his shoulders.

“You do not control her.” She almost spat at him, and purposefully slammed a heavy fist less then a millimetre away from his head, which broke through the wooden floor and the cement below. It crumbled heavily as she span up, and grabbed my own shoulder, pinning me with much less force, but still enough to knock me back into the wall.

“And you will not leave.”

I looked down into her eyes, from being pinned against the wall, but met a fringe of hair which covered them from view. I didn’t have time to respond before she grabbed my throat to the wall, cutting of the air into my lungs.

“Understand?” she asked simply. I couldn’t argue. I couldn’t even talk. It seemed that I didn’t have a choice then.

I nodded once, and then she dropped me suddenly so I stumbled as I hit the floor with my feet, and she shot upstairs with my bag as fast as she had arrived.

“Rayché, a peace maker. Not heard that before.” Sami remarked casually, her eyes flickering between me and Axel warily.

Silphese made a noise in his throat in agreement, and then gestured for Axel to sit on the sofa. Axel’s eyes locked on mine, and we saw the mutual understanding between us. I was staying as long as it took before I could make an escape. His eyes narrowed.

“You’re staying then.” Alice said, and I span around to look at her again, only realising she must’ve seen that whole display. “No need to worry Axel.”

I blinked once, and then walked from the room. I was going to go out driving. The rumble of voices started behind me.

“Yes; we’ll all be over to meet you’re family.” Said Sami turning back into her conversation.

It seemed I’d be driving for a long time.