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Can Broken Hearts Heal?

Alice didn’t see it. Victoria did. 37 years later and Bella still can’t control the pain

Bella jumped off the cliff, but Alice didn't 'see' it in time. Meanwhile Victoria takes full advantage. After 37 years, what happens when trouble is all reunited?

7. VI ~ Hiding Something

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Axel’s POV

I watched from the sofa as Melanie walked sharply out of the room. Rayché was running upstairs and Sami stood there talking to Alice. I could feel Silphese’s eyes boring into my head. What I really needed was a good drive. That was out of the question if the staring into my back of my head was any indication.

Soon enough, as I knew it would happen, Alice was invited on a tour our home. Sami lead the way proudly, waving like it was more of an impressive mansion that a converted flat. But if she lay one finger in my room-

“Axel, c’mon! We have to show them you’re room!” Sami chirped and raced down the stairs from where she had shown Alice and Jasper all her earthly possessions.

Was it me; or was I psychic today?

I rolled my eyes heavily and stood up, to meet Silphese’s hand, gripping my shoulder uncomfortably tight. A warning for later no doubt.

“Sami- don’t you place a foot in there.”

“What’re you going to do?” her childish reply came back. Though, if I was perfectly honest (doesn’t happen often) that was sort of what I said to her all the time…

“Don’t get me started!” I called to where she stood outside the converted kitchen. The doors were still closed thank God.

Before Sami even reached the door, I was standing in front of it with my arms outspread. She wasn’t getting in there.

The small, dark haired girl next to her giggled a bell like laugh. I raised an eyebrow in response. Did I want to know what was funny?

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing in there none of us haven’t seen before.” Her small voice laughed at me again, and I swear if I was still human my face would have drained of colour.

“Don’t tell me having X-ray vision is part of your power too?” I looked hopefully down at her.


“Please tell me you did not see what it’s like in there then.” I begged her hopefully.


My fingers clawed at the doors behind me. If she saw what I thought she saw… Please God- I know I’m not religious in anyway, but tell me she didn’t see the magazines in there! Or the…various items of clothing lying over the floor…

“You know- we haven’t shown her the…the…” I tried to stall. “The cars!” Perfect excuse Axel, now keep it cool…and stop talking to yourself in third person.

“If you insist.” Sami turned on her heel, and as I let go of the doors (now with my fingers indented to the wood) I was slightly unnerved by the way that she simply let it go…

Two seconds later…

“Gotcha’!” her voice came from behind me, from where she had materialised behind me, grabbing the door to my room and poking her head through the crack. When her beautiful head returned from her scan, it wasn’t pleased.

“Perhaps we should see the cars.” At this point she shot me a murderous look.

“Good, ‘cause I was wondering if you guys knew anything about them. This lot.” I gestured to Silphese and Sami over my shoulder while I pushed the little pixie girl out the front door. “Don’t have a clue how to re-wire a”

“Not really. I can restart one, and managed to drive it, but if you want the inner workings of a car, you should ask Rose tonight.” She smiled up at me, and a grin melted to my face too, before slipping off it, remembering her strange behaviour…not including the fight…

What was with Mel- why’d she gone and wanted to take off like that? It was here idea to come here in the first place; so why’d she want to leave so soon? More importantly why did she feel the need to move in the first place?

“She’ll come back.” Alice was glancing at the shiny red paint of my precious Ferrari. “Don’t worry. She’ll also be joining us at our house later.” Her eyes made a sly glance at me. “With some needed…persuasion.”

“I’ll do that talking. I don’t think Melanie needs anymore talking to Axel.” Silphese had followed us out to the streets; where the weather had continued in its depressive state; and the grey clouds were still rolling in.

“Sure.” I wasn’t going to try and put up a conversation with him with our guests around. I was sure they’d all somehow point this on me, like it was my fault she was being held against her will here.

“Well, Jasper and I are going to have to go and get ready. I’m sure Esme wants everyone to help her cleaning the house.”

“But we don’t-” Sami began, but I clapped a hand over her mouth. She bit down on it, her sharp teeth the only thing digging into my palm. I had to control myself from yelling out. Perhaps that was more than an ‘affectionate nibble’.

“We’ll be over at midnight. Melanie would have calmed down somewhat since then.” Silphese’s calm voice drifted over to us as he stood in the doorway. Hell; I was definitely going to get the blame for that fight.

As the pixie-girl as I was affectionally calling her and her sidekick of silence drove away, I didn’t honestly want to turn around and see what was in store for me…

“You’re going to want to change. Those jeans are ruined.” Sami didn’t even glance at me as she airily breezed past me, her beautiful hair moving even in the smallest gust of air.

“Axel,” Silphese patted my shoulder. “Thanks for not letting her go.”

I continued to stare down the road, the sun blocked by the clouds still managing to cast its sunset dimly across the opposite trees.

“And I think next time-” His fingers dug warningly into my back “Perhaps less violence. Rayché can handle that much on her own. Plus, we’re going to need to be keeping an eye on her. Something’s upset her big time. I’ve never seen her like this.”

I nodded in agreement. Then realised something, even after so long of knowing him I hadn’t asked.

“Silph-Why don’t you ever use Melanie’s name?”

There was a short pause as I waited for his reply.

“I feel that she’s hiding something from us.”

I heard him walk inside coolly, barely a whisper.

Yes, I thought, but so is everyone else…

It turned out we made it to the Cullen’s house at about ten. Sorry, did I say house, I meant mansion. The place was huge, a white structure in the middle of a forested area. Even the three mile drive was furnished with huge conifer trees at regular intervals. I tell you, come people have all the money. Mel hadn’t returned from her run out, but Silphese had convinced everyone that she’d be fine and come and find us later. But in less words- obviously.

Sami wasn’t looking at me as I drove down the gravelled driveway, instead focussing out the window. The tension inside the car was like stone. None of us had really met another vampire family in so long, and never with out Melanie. Never.

“Okay, lets get the show on the road.” I muttered, pulling up in my shiny car, seeing as I was now forbidden to call her anything else.

As we all left the confinements of my Ferrari, gazing up at the mansion, a pretty woman and tall blonde male walked out of the entrance.

“Welcome to our home.” The male said, smiling at us friendlily along with his companion.

I wonder how long it’d take before Melanie would show up?