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The Eternal Setting Sun

Follow Renesmee Cullen's life as she turns 7 years old. Rated Teen only because I am unsure where the story is headed.


1. Welcome to My World

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I felt like the luckiest girl in the world and at the same time the unluckiest. Don’t get me wrong--I wouldn’t change a single thing about my life. I was surrounded by the people that I loved the most and who loved me back equally. Momma and Daddy were the best parents any girl could ever have and I wouldn’t trade them for the world or my life. They made me the girl I was today and loved me like I was the sunshine in their lives. Then there was Grampa Charlie, Grandfather Carlisle, Grandmother Esme, Aunt Alice, Aunt Rosalie, Uncle Emmett, and Uncle Jasper and definitely not leaving out my Jacob and the other wolves. Yes my life was absolutely perfect. The only problem was--I could never show anyone how perfect my family really was and that was what made me the unluckiest girl around. I could never introduce my parents to people as the best parents alive, never express to them the love my mother had for me even before I was born. I could only express how they were my absolute best friends; how I always looked to them first when it came to my life.

Outside of my home, my perfect little world, Daddy was my brother and I, his long lost sister. Some people would recognize the resemblance between Momma and me but most people let it go, looking at how little the age gap was and unable to grasp or accept what they considered the impossible. Momma told me that when we finally moved, I could act as their adopted daughter, though that would be difficult seeing as I looked like a replica of my parents--especially my father, with his bronze hair--my bronze hair and my face a perfect balance of my mom and dad. The better story (that I came up with of course) was that I was their biological daughter (which I might add, I am) and that Momma and Daddy were in a car accident a couple years before and had to receive serious plastic surgery, which would explain the youthfulness of their looks, but I always wondered whether anyone would buy it, seeing as Momma and Daddy’s faces were absolutely perfect and angelic in every way possible. I doubt any plastic surgeon on the planet could replicate their features. But we would try this story and if it did not work, we would move before anyone could figure out our secret.

Sometimes I felt like just yelling out to the world the deep, dark secret that I held in my heart; a secret that could endanger us all. I wanted to tell the world that my parents were vampires, that I was half vampire, and my soul-mate was a werewolf; just so that I did not have to keep up all the charades that came along with my lifestyle. This yearning happened often when I would accidentally call my father, Daddy, rather than Edward when we were in public and I would end up often covering myself up explaining to people how “Edward” looked exactly like daddy had before he died. I know--bad cover-up but what other explanation was there when your father was supposed to have died a long time ago and you just found your brother whom you were separated from when younger; I couldn’t tell them that my real father was standing right before me and his name was Edward Cullen, could I? Especially when I was turning seventeen and Daddy was playing the twenty five when really he was no more than seventeen forever.

While I was a high school student and my “brother” a doctor working alongside his father and my grandfather--Carlisle Cullen (who apparently had a recent plastic surgery so he didn’t look as old as he was, which was basically where I got the story for my parents from); my mother had the easiest life, blending in to her own world at home. She studied and read many of the books in Grandfather’s extensive library and was learning music as well--piano--so that Daddy and her could play together, although she loved listening to Daddy play more than playing herself.

My mother was lucky that she didn’t have to make too many stories up as people rarely ever saw her in the first place. Once in a while she’d come across an old friend whenever she decided to go into town but otherwise the only human she stayed in touch with was my Grampa because she couldn’t possibly let him go. She also talked to my Gramma Renee frequently over the phone but not once had I seen her. Momma always making excuses to her why we could not visit Jacksonville, and us conveniently going out of town for Daddy’s frequent medical conferences whenever Gramma had a free weekend off and offered to come to Forks. Again with my annoyance for all the charades. When I suggested once that we did to Gramma what we did for Grampa--the horror on Momma’s face was unbearable as she pictured the possibility. Gramma Renee was not as strong as Grampa and would most likely have a heart-attack itself seeing the change in Momma’s face. I had sighed and gone up to my room wondering what it would have been like to meet my stranger of a grandma whom I was partially named after. Sometimes I wished I had part of Daddy’s talent just so I could see her face in Momma’s mind as she told me stories from when she was younger; my favorite being the way Gramma had reacted when Momma told her over the phone that Daddy and her were getting married, and her reaction being the complete opposite of what Momma expected.

Apparently that was a time when Grampa disliked Daddy very much but I could see no , resentment in Charlie’s face for my father now. He had come to accept his son-in-law knowing his daughter was happiest with him and he couldn’t possibly imagine not having me around. Sure he’d have a granddaughter ,possibly, but not one who was better than me…at least that’s what I like to think.

Everyday was a shock for him as he saw me grow rapidly in the past seven years. I was pretty sure that he was close to the right guess of what Momma and the rest of us were. It was true that he didn’t want to hear more than he had to but Daddy knew and I could tell that he was burning with curiosity inside, yet also with horror of the possibilities. He’d figured out as much: that his only daughter was no longer the human he had once brought into the world and that she would never age a single day. Seeing her almost everyday, who wouldn’t have realized the fact that she hadn’t changed a bit since her transformation.

And thanks to Jacob seven years ago, he knew about the existence of mythical creatures. Sometimes I contemplated telling Grampa what my family was and how I was a hybrid, but I was afraid that he would be too scared to even look at my face ever again. I did drop subtle hints though by reading lots of vampire books and criticizing the absurd myths about vampires.

Sometimes I wondered why Grandma Sue didn’t just tell him; she always explained werewolf things to Grampa, even though he didn‘t really want to hear them. She was biased and so she wanted him to know how great werewolves were, protecting the people and all that. Grandma Sue also explained to Charlie about imprinting and non-aging so that Grampa wasn’t freaked out by the way Jacob acted around me. According to Daddy, the idea of Jacob marrying me someday was just as sickening to Grampa as it was to him when he really thought about it.

Yes, Daddy had accepted Jacob but that didn’t mean he was all happy about everything all the time…after all he was a dad. Up until last year when I had realized my feeling for Jacob and he switched from older brother to boyfriend, actually more like soul-mate, Daddy had been a hundred percent supportive of Jacob’s brotherly feelings. Ever since he became my boyfriend, Daddy was a little bit harsh towards him but he knew that he couldn’t find anyone better for his daughter. Momma loved that Jacob had finally found someone. Before giving birth to me, she had been so guilty for causing him so much pain. Jacob had been honest to me and told me about how once he had loved my mother and Momma had loved him and how everyone now thinks it was because of me. Momma had loved Jacob but had loved Daddy more and chose him. When I was born, she no longer loved Jacob the way she had but more like a brother and best friend and Jacob loved her as a sister and best friend, because he was in love with me. I loved Jacob and Jacob purely loved me just the way my parents loved each other. So, pretty much life was perfect for me but at the same time so difficult. I didn’t understand the purpose to eternity and so many perfect people in my life when I had to live with such hurdles in my way, trying to live a normal human life.

As I sat there by the pond behind my family’s cottage, staring into the depths of the water at the reflection of my face, deep in thoughts, as two cold arms wrapped around my shoulders in a loving embrace.

“You ponder about things too much just like your daddy does!” Momma teased me. She kissed my hair softly, unwrapping her arms, and sitting next to me, “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”


“Don’t you nothing me. You’re even less convincing than Daddy when he’s moping about something.”

I looked up at Momma, “Why do we have to hide? Why can’t we just tell the world and let people think what they want to think? Its not like they can do anything to us.”

“Do you really want to live that way?” Momma looked me straight in the eyes, understanding radiated from her perfect face. She knew how difficult all the lies were to me and understood me; she really missed Renee and wished she could tell her everything. Momma continued, “Do you think life would get easier or more difficult? Would we ever be able to live a ‘human’ life?”

“No.,” my answer was unwilling, weak, and almost soundless as I knew that this could never be an option for our kind--at least those of us who wished to live as normal of life as we could.

I thought about the words I had just used in my mind, ‘our kind’. These words did not apply to me. I fit no where in my life, neither among vampires, humans, or werewolves. I possessed qualities similar to all three categories but at the same time was the oddball in all. I was basically a nobody.

“No, you’re not. There’s nothing wrong with being special, love.” Daddy had heard my thoughts. I turned around as he walked out of the cottage and sat on my other side. He stroked my hair softly while reassuring me that I was the best of all three categories, because I was the most unique. Yes, there were other hybrids like me in the world, but to my family, I would always be one of a kind, born to a one of a kind couple.

I glanced over at my mother, daring to look. She was always upset when I thought about how different I was from everyone . My glance confirmed this. She was staring into the pond with sad eyes and I didn’t know what to say to her because I was the reason.

“I’m sorry. Its not that I don’t love every part of the life I have,” I said repeating the thoughts from before my parents had come, “I just wish I could fit into one category rather than all three.”

“Three? How in the world would you ever fit under the category of a dog?” Daddy looked at me with mock incredulity and laughed, kissing the top of my head. I laughed too and so did Momma. As I started feeling better and we all continued to laugh, the sun came shining out from the sky, glittering across the pond, more exquisitely on my parent’s skin and radiating my skin with a soft shimmer. I smiled. Something told me today would be a good day despite the start to it but that was only because of my dreary thoughts. Momma had always told me, I inherited Daddy’s thought process along with his looks. I touched my parents’ faces as happiness surged through me and as both of them smiled, I took their hands and we all walked back to the cottage. Today was a big day…I was turning 7 (to the oblivious humans I was turning 17) and I had officially stopped growing. My life was taking a new turn. Daddy told me it was as if an eternal sun was setting in the horizon forevermore.