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Playing in the moonlight

Nessie? Nessie...are you out here?" I was terrified. Though my footsteps were quiet I felt as though they were making loud thuds. "I'm right here, mother," she whispered. I immediatley spun around to face her. She was gorgeous as the moonlight shined down


1. Chapter 1

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Bella's POV

“Is she okay?” I asked with fury ringing in my voice.

“I don’t know! I got her out of there as fast as I could,” Jake replied. Both of us were staring down at the body of my daughter Renesmee. “Bella, I am so sorry.”

“No time for apologies! Get her to Carlisle immediately,” I ordered. What force could have done this? I flinched at the sight of my daughter lying helpless in Jacob’s arms with blood seeping from her side. Something had wounded her deeply. “Make sure Jasper doesn’t enter the room!”

I had no time to protect my child from my family members as her blood caused an aroma throughout the house.

“Gotcha!” Jacob said as he carried her off to Carlisle’s study. Where was Edward? Edward! I need you right now.

Renesmee has been apart of our family for six years now. Everyone in the household loved her from the moment I gave birth to her. She made it possible for Jake to be in our family without us being in love with each other when he imprinted on her. Now she was an adult. She looked no older than what Edward and I looked. People viewed her as our sibling rather than daughter.

Today was supposed to be a regular hunting day with Jacob out in the woods. But he brought back Renesmee bleeding in his arms. What could have happened? Slowly Jacob entered back into the room. Renesmee’s blood was visible on his clothes. His eyes were sad and dropped to the floor.
“Jake, what happened?” I asked him. My voice shook a little bit. I was still in shock.

“I don’t know. I told her not to go so far from me. It was a regular hunting day. Then, her scream pierced the sky and I came rushing to see what was wrong. There she lay bleeding in the grass,” his body shuddered and he collapsed to the floor out of agony. “Bella, I am so sorry! I never meant for any of this to happen.”

“I know you didn’t,” I comforted him by rubbing his back. “We need to find out what’s teeth was strong enough to pierce through her skin.”

A door busted open as a disheveled Edward came barging in. his breath was out of control.

“Where is she?” he asked quickly. I pointed to Carlisle’s study and he took off down the hall. Rosalie and Alice came bursting in next.

“Bella, I can’t see what happened,” Alice stated sadly. “Please tell me!”

“Renesmee was attacked,” I said. I almost chocked on the very words that was my worst fear. Rosalie snarled and then pointed to Jacob.

“You mongrel. You were supposed to be watching her. What happened?” Rosalie demanded to know.

“Look, I told her not to go to far—”

“So this is her fault then?” Rosalie asked as she interrupted.

“I am not blaming this on her!” Jacob yelled back at Rosalie. “I am trying to tell you what the hell happened! Now, listen! She went a little to far. I was hunting what I thought she might like when I heard her scream. When I went to see why she screamed I found her there on the grass with a bite wound.”

“Then, it’s settled. One of your pack members bit her!” Rosalie shouted.

“No! They would never do that! I imprinted on her and the code says you don’t do harm to someone your brother imprinted on,” Jacob informed.

Edward walked back into the room with his hands on his face.

“Carlisle said he never saw an bite wound like that in his life,” Edward informed.

“Is she really going to be okay?” Jake asked Edward. Edward stiffened then turned to look at Jake.

“You!” he spat while looking at him. Edward then wrapped his hands around Jacob’s throat! “You were supposed to be watching her!”

“Edward! Stop!” I screamed as I tackled Edward to the floor. Edward wrestled with me trying to get up to hurt Jacob, but I pinned him down. “Stop it!”

Jacob sat up and started coughing holding his throat where Edward had him.

“I saved her life, and this is the thanks I get!” Jacob spat to Edward. “I brought her back and you try to kill me! I’ll show you!” Jacob was now charging at Edward.

With a loud bang and a flash of blond hair, Jasper was standing in front of Edward and me with his hand gripped tightly around the clenched fist that Jacob was about to throw at Edward.

“Enough,” he said. Where did he come from? Why was he in this room when it was filled with the smell of my daughter’s blood?

“I know what you are thinking, Bella, and no. I love Renesmee to much to loose control now,” Jasper stated.

“We need to know who or what did this,” Emmett clarified. He stepped in the door and closed it behind him. “We saw nothing out of the ordinary when we were out hunting. But, Jasper felt what was going on so we rushed back here to take a look for ourselves.”

“This immature little punk let Renesmee get hurt,” Edward accused getting up to his feet and coming out of my hold on him.

“Edward, enough of the insults for a while. Alice, where is Esme?” Jasper asked.

“She should be still out hunting. She went on her own,” Alice informed.

“In that case, you and Rosalie better get out there quick and retrieve her. I don’t think whatever is out there had a satisfying meal with Jacob interrupting it like that,” Jasper said. With that said Alice and Rosalie set out on their pursuit to find Esme.

“Do you think Esme is safe?” I asked.

Edward nodded his head. “She can take care of herself. As for Renesmee, I don’t know what will happen.”

Edward and I exchanged a glance to each other and quickly made our way back to Carlisle’s study. An operating table was now laid out in the room with Renesmee on it. I remembered that table from when I was pregnant with her. She was hooked up to an IV. Carlisle was leaning over her when we came in. At the sound of our entrance he immediately turned around to face us.

“She isn’t conscious at all, but her healing is taking place as we speak,” Carlisle informed as he pointed towards the wound at her side. When you looked close enough it was slowly closing.

A russet colored hand reached out from behind us and took Renesmee’s.

“I love you, Nessie. Do you hear me? I love you,” Jacob nearly chanted over and over. Edward growled under his breath. He never liked the whole idea of Jacob imprinting on Renesmee any more than I did. It only grew more uncomfortable when Renesmee started to look more like a woman than a little child.

“Jacob, I truly am sorry,” Edward apologized.

“It’s okay! I would have done the same thing if it was you that she was with,” Jacob acknowledged.

“Ugh!” Renesmee screamed in pain as she twitched in her place.

“Renesmee can you hear me?” Carlisle asked her.

She nodded her head yes.

“What attacked you?” he asked.

“The…the…” she mumbled.

“Its okay, sweetheart. Tell us,” I encouraged.

She sat up almost immediately yanking her hand away from Jacob’s. She immediately began to scream. She was traumatized. It took all of us to hold her back down into the bed.

“THE MOON,” she screamed. After that left her mouth her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she went unconscious.