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Playing in the moonlight

Nessie? Nessie...are you out here?" I was terrified. Though my footsteps were quiet I felt as though they were making loud thuds. "I'm right here, mother," she whispered. I immediatley spun around to face her. She was gorgeous as the moonlight shined down


2. Chapter 2

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Bella's POV

Carlisle was at his desk in his study with his hands on his temples trying to concentrate when I walked in. he noticed me immediately.

“Oh, good morning, Bella,” he greeted putting on a half smile. If vampires could get tired from not sleeping I would say that he was right now.

“Found anything yet?” I asked casually. Nothing about this situation was casual, but the least I could do was to keep a cool face about it. Carlisle closed his eyes as if he was trying to think of an impossible concept.

“No, Bella, I am afraid not. You can go check on her if you want. I put her in Edward’s old room. She’s awake, but she won’t talk, and she won’t let you touch her so she could communicate with you that way. It’s very strange,” Carlisle said as he pondered off into the subject.

“Did Esme ever come home last night?” I asked. I was too occupied with Nessie to have been able to know.

“No,” I could hear the fear ring in his voice. “Whatever this is, it is serious. We may have an epidemic on our hands. Jasper and Emmett are out searching for Esme, as we know it.”

“You think this creature is that dangerous?” I asked.

“Yes, and it seems it only likes females. Notice nothing happened to Jasper, Emmett, or Edward,” Carlisle explained. That name rung a bell in my head. Where was my husband?

“Where is Edward?” I asked.

“Um…Bella, don’t panic, but he and Jake went out looking for the beast,” Carlisle informed.

“No!” I shouted as I took off from Carlisle’s study and down the many corridors of the house. I flew out the door and into the little meadow of the yard and stared running my way throughout the forest. I could hear someone behind me.

“Go back to the house,” I called back to them. The footsteps continued to follow me. This was not a smell I recognized. I slowed down to a halt and turned around.

Nothing. I must be going crazy. I started off in the direction that I was going again not paying attention to the smell and the sounds that were following me.

“Edward! Jacob!” I called out. I couldn’t loose them. Not now! Not ever! “Edward! Jacob!”

“Over here,” I heard a whisper in the corner of my peripheral.

“Oh, good! Look you have to come back,” I warned.

“Closer,” the voice almost nearly crooned. Had to be Jacob.

“Jacob now is really not the time for your juvenile bullshit!” I warned.

“Come here, Bella,” the voice called. I walked closer to the dark area of the trees to where the voice was calling.

“I swear, Jake, this better not be a trick,” I called out in warning. My foot was inside the shadowed area of the treetops. I almost stepped my other foot in there when—

“Bella, what did you say about tricks?” Jacob voice rang from behind me. I heard a flutter in the direction I was headed, but I was too distracted by Jake’s massive frame.

“How did you do that?” I asked curiously.

“Do what, Bells?” he asked back.

“Stop playing. You were just over there,” I said appalled. Jake shook his head.

“No. I heard you calling my name so I came to where you were to drag you back to the house. It’s too dangerous for you to be out here, Bells. You could get hurt,” Jake informed.

How bizarre was this? It couldn’t have been Edward calling me like that. Edward almost never jokes. Especially at a time like this.

“Where is Edward?” I asked Jake.

“He is still out there. He’s really pissed. He says he’s gonna tear whatever did this limb from limb. Your husband scares me sometimes, Bella, I swear,” Jake said with a shudder.

He scooped me up from my feet so that I was cradled in his arms like a baby. How immature.

“Put me down, Jake,” I scowled.

“Sorry! Strict orders from Edward! He said bring you back to the house no matter what!” Jake exclaimed.

“He must have forgot that I can completely rip your head off!” I shouted.

“But you wouldn’t,” Jake claimed. He was right. It would hurt Nessie too much if I would kill the only man she ever loved in a non-platonic or non-fatherly way.

Before we took off, I looked into the shadowed forest to trying to catch a glimpse of what was calling my name. There in the shadows stood a shadow.

“Next, time, Bella,” it called.

Yes! I must be going crazy. I would tell Jake but what would he think? What would Edward think? It was then I decided to keep the shadow and the voices to myself. I could only picture what Edward would say. ‘Bella, I hear voices twenty-four seven, but maybe you need to hunt.’ I could hear Jasper and Emmett already making fun of me.

We arrived back at the house in no time. The scene was not pretty. Alice was shrieking in her seat, crying tearless sobs. Rosalie was pacing and Emmett and Jasper were back. Each of them had their faces buried in their hands.

“What happened?” I had to ask.

Rosalie held up a small ribbon and I gasped. It belonged to Esme. The ribbon was torn into shreds. What did this mean?

“I’m pretty sure she just lost it during the hunt,” Jacob suggested trying to calm all of us down.

“You idiot!” Jasper spat. Anger filled the room. I could feel it coming off of Jasper in waves. This was unusual. Jasper usually didn’t make us suffer with his emotions.

“Don’t you realize what this means?” he asked.

“Not every one thinks of things in stupid callous war themes!” Jacob spat back at him. “And what about you physic leech! Why can’t you see anything?”

“Call her a leech again, and I will rip your tongue out,” Jasper threatened. “That’s a promise.”

“I don’t know why I can’t see anything. I really did try,” she claimed. “It’s like I’m blind again. Remember I can’t see Renesmee, but I can see Esme. There is still no trace of what happened.”

“How is Carlisle?” I asked.

“He is doing worst with Esme’s disappearance,” Jasper explained. “He is trying to hide it, but you can’t hide things like that from me.”

Edward walked through the door holding a piece of fabric in his hands. We all turned to look at him.

“I didn’t find the monster, but I found this,” Edward said laying down the piece of fabric on the floor. It was the shirt Esme wore the day we went hunting.

A gasp came from Carlisle’s mouth as he entered the room with us. He kneeled down to the floor and picked up the tarnished shirt and held it to his nose. His tearless sobs sounded through the whole house. His fists clenched together around the shirt. I never in all my time with the Cullen’s and all my time being a Cullen see Carlisle loose his cool. It was so odd to see it now.

“Her body is still out there,” he gasped. “If this is her shirt, then her body is still out there. I know it is!”

Edward placed his hands on Carlisle’s shoulders to comfort him. “We are going to find her, Carlisle. Promise!”

“I’ll go check on Nessie,” I called to the rest of them. I couldn’t bare to look at my family like this anymore. We were being torn to shreds and pieces by this little mishap. I knew things were never going to be the same. Jake and Edward followed me.

“Nessie,” I called into the room.

We walked in with silent footsteps. Nessie was in the corner staring out the wall-sized windows and into the twilight sky. It was growing darker by the minute. Her head turned to us automatically as if she was a robot.

“How are you? I see you’re standing. Are you fine enough to stand?” Edward asked taking light steps toward her.

She nodded her head up and down as if someone was her controller and she was their puppet.

“Nessie, please talk! Or touch us and show us! Please, we need to know something,” I pleaded. “Grandma Esme is missing, Nessie. We need to know what you know.”

She parted her mouth slowly.

“Grandma Esme is where she should be,” she said in a monotone.

“She is obviously still not feeling well,” Jake replied. “Nessie, sweetheart, you should try and get some sleep.”

As Jake stepped towards her she fell back. What was wrong with her? This was Jake after all. If only one person could touch her in the world it would be Jake.

Nessie raised her hand as if she was pointing at something. We all turned in the direction of her finger.

“No way!” Jacob gasped appalled.

“AAAHH!” I screamed.

“Carlisle, get up here now!” shouted Edward.

Renesmee was pointing at what looked like a ghost. There in the doorway of the room stood something paler than a vampire. The object had long brown hair and a heart-shaped face. She was beautiful beyond words. She was cloaked in a pale light blue gown that looked like it came from back in the Italy Renaissance, which was at least five hundred years ago. Her face was just as apathetic as Renesmee’s was.

“Esme!” Carlisle gasped as he walked in on our presence.