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Playing in the moonlight

Nessie? Nessie...are you out here?" I was terrified. Though my footsteps were quiet I felt as though they were making loud thuds. "I'm right here, mother," she whispered. I immediatley spun around to face her. She was gorgeous as the moonlight shined down


5. Chapter 5

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“Caius!” I shrieked. What the hell was he doing here?

“Hello, Bella,” Caius replied. “It is so nice of you to join us today.”

“What are you doing here?” I asked stumbling back and away from him.

“I already told you, Bella. I’m collecting. And you are the prize that I wanted most of all,” he explained. “And now I have you, without Edward to interfere.”

The moon peaked over the treetops and fell lightly on Renesmee. Her beauty shined in every sparkle as I noticed her teeth getting sharper then they already were.

She fell to the ground in a howl as she held her transforming body. Esme sat there with the apathetic look on her face as if nothing was happening.

“Stop it! What are you doing to her! Stop!” I screamed at the callous man.

“Nothing. But I did forget to mention something to you my dearest, Bella,” Caius said. “You see I found the last surviving child of the moon.”

I gasped at the word he was saying. The Children of the Moon were beyond extinct. He said so himself the day he came to attack Renesmee.

“Come on out Aiden!” Caius called out to the woods. I heard a growl from the direction that he was calling. Out stepped the man of the shadows that I had been seeing for the past two weeks.

He looked nothing like what Jacob and his pack looked like. They were only shape shifters. This man was a beast beyond mentionable. He had bared sharp teeth and fur that coated his back and chest along with his face. His claws looked like something to be feared along with the rest of his features. He stood still by Caius as he watched Renesmee change.

“The bite mark,” I gasped as I now realized what type of wound was left on Renesmee.

“That’s right, Bella,” Caius began. “Aiden bit her. We didn’t try it with Esme though. It wouldn’t have worked. She is a full vampire. But with Renesmee, you could only imagine.”

“You're sick!” I hollered at him. He merely laughed.

Renesmee quit squirming on the ground and stood up to reveal how she looked now. She was quite the same. The only difference was that she now had whiskers and sharper teeth than before, with a little wolf nose. Her hands were now claws ready to strike at any given moment.

“The moon,” I stated. It all made sense now. “How do you control them like puppets?”

“Well, you see vampires aren’t the only ones with supernatural powers. Aiden here can control someone’s mind. The only way to stop him is to kill him,” Caius explained.

“What about my mind?” I asked. “How did he whisper in my mind?”

“You are truly naive. The only thing he had to do was block out the minds of the people around you. Once he did that all he had to do was whisper out, knowing that you would think someone penetrated through your mind,” Caius informed.

I felt completely stupid.

“So what now?” I asked. “Are you controlling Esme too?”

“Yes, I quite enjoy her. Isn’t she beautiful? I think I am going to keep her. But you! I have plans for you,” Caius said.

“Your stupid little trance isn’t going to work with me,” I spat to him.
“All Aiden has to do is make you list that little shield of yours. Won’t be a problem, when you want to protect the ones that you love,” Caius threatened. I now knew the reason why he used Esme and Renesmee to lure me down here. He was using them as pure bait.

“So, now what?” I asked.

“You surrender. I told you! The only way to stop Aiden is to kill him,” Caius called rejoicing.

“I can arrange that!” Edwards voice filled the clearing. I turned around to stare at the man that I was so in love with.

“Edward!” I called out in joy.

“Dang!” Caius called out in annoyance.

He then turned all his attention to Aiden who was waiting patiently for him to call all the shots.

“Kill the man!” Caius shouted.