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A Mage's Twilight

Alma Stewart and Nara Paterson are no ordinary sixteen-year-old girls. They've got a secret, one they have to guard with their lives. They move from their home in Australia to Forks, to see what life in America is like. They attend the local high school in their junior year, the equivalent of their school year in Australia, and notice the Cullens aren't exactly...normal. Bella's still there, and - just a warning - Nara and Alma share a very close, serious romantic relationship. Hence the teen rating.


2. First Day At Forks High School...Fun

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The first day in Forks High School was just as I had expected…mostly. English was fine; as was Government…we were in those two classes with Bella. Third class we had separately from her, and I nearly growled at one of the boys – his name was Lee Stephens – when he tried to hit on my Nara, but she glanced at me warningly and coolly told him she wasn’t interested. Most boys got the hint after that, and after I told one the same thing, they backed off pretty quickly. By the time I got to lunch – Nara holding onto my sleeve – I was fuming. We found Bella – looking lost at a table full of people – and slid into seats either side of her.

“How were your classes?” Nara asked softly as we ate. Bella shrugged.

“Just as I expected,” she sighed. I snickered.

“How many teachers made you introduce yourself?” I asked slyly.

“One,” she replied stiffly. We were all ignoring the conversation around us, but when Bella looked across the cafeteria and sucked in a surprised breath, Nara and I both followed her line of sight, then froze. Holy…

There were five gorgeous vampires sitting across the cafeteria.

‘Nara, relax,’ I told her mentally, although I wanted nothing more than to pick her up and run away from this place. ‘The blonde male can sense emotions. If you panic, he'll be sure to pick it up.’

‘Alright,’ she replied, although a little shaky. She took a deep breath, and we both heard Bella’s question posed to the girl opposite us.

“Who are they?” she asked quietly. The girl, rather small with curly hair, smirked as she followed Bella’s gaze.

“That's the Cullens,” she informed us. “They live with Doctor Cullen and his wife…” I stopped listening as Jessica rabbited on, noticing the one with the bronze hair glance over at us when Jessica said their last name. He looked away when he noticed Nara, Bella and I all looking at him, and I knew instantly that he could read minds…but not Nara’s or mine…or Bella’s, for some odd reason. As if just discovering that, he glanced back up at us, a small frown on his face.

‘Relax, Nara,’ I told her silently. She was still tense. She tried to relax, but I could tell she was wound tightly. I caught images flashing through her mind, and knew she was seeing something from his past.

“Nara?” the boy with spiked blonde hair – Mike – asked her anxiously. I stood swiftly and moved to her side, concerned. She wasn’t normally hit so hard by someone’s history…

“Nara?” I asked softly, and she shook her head swiftly, just once, before slumping forward.

“I…I don’t feel too good,” she whispered faintly, and I helped her to stand as her legs shook.

“Hey, are you alright, Nara?” Bella asked, looking worried. I nodded to reassure her a little.

“She's just a little faint…I'll take her to the nurse,” I said quietly. “I'll meet you in class.” As much as I was feeling uneasy about the bronze-haired vampire, Nara always came first.

Once we were outside in the cool, crisp air, Nara came back to herself.

“Thanks,” she whispered. I kissed the top of her head gently.

“What were you seeing?” I asked. She shivered slightly.

“I saw his whole past, Allie,” she murmured. “He thinks he doesn’t have a soul. He drinks animal blood so he isn’t taking innocent lives. His name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen – he's the first one Carlisle Cullen created. His sisters are Alice and Rosalie, his brothers Emmett and Jasper. There's a woman named Esme, Carlisle’s mate, and she's like their mother…”

“Breathe, Nara,” I reminded her. She nodded and took a deep breath. She was so small, compared to me…

“Alice had a vision about Bella and us,” she whispered. “She sees Edward falling in love with Bella, and being friends with her and us. But she can’t see what we are…why is that?”

“Because we haven’t made the decision to tell anyone yet. Premonition is ruled by the decisions made by others. But if she sees Edward falling in love with Bella, then why…?” I trailed off, thinking hard.

“Why what?”

“Why is she his singer?” I murmured, before meeting her big blue eyes with a small smile. “Are you feeling better, sweetheart?” I asked in a whisper. She nodded, and I reluctantly released her.

“We had best get to Biology,” she murmured. “I don’t want to get us both in trouble on the first day.”

We waited outside the classroom for Bella – we didn’t want her to encounter the teacher alone – and she smiled in relief when she saw us there waiting. Nara was still a little pale beneath her tan, but she would be fine by the end of the lesson.

“We couldn’t let you face Mr. Banner all alone on your first day,” I said cheerfully as I linked arms with her and Nara did the same on her other side. Bella smiled in gratitude.

“Thanks, Alma,” she murmured. I grinned at her before releasing her arm to motion her through the door I now held open.

“After you, Miss Swan,” I said gravely, but then cracked a smile and linked arms with Nara as we followed Bella into the classroom.

Edward Cullen was sitting at one of the two empty desks. I froze slightly, but then released Nara to step in between Bella and the benches on the side where the vampire was sitting. If I could stop her scent from reaching him, then…nope, too late. I cursed my lack of forethought as he stiffened and turned to glare at Bella with black eyes. Black…he was thirsty. I glared right back at him, which seemed to throw him for a while. Nara froze time for a fraction of a second so I could slyly waft some fresher air in his direction. Then we were still walking, up towards the teacher’s desk at the front of the class.

I wasn’t completely happy with the seating plan we were given…Bella was sitting next to the vampire. I was sitting next to Nara, which I was immensely glad of, but with Bella sitting next to Edward Cullen I was nervous and scared at the same time. I was on edge the entire class, ready to top Edward’s actions should he even move an inch towards Bella. I could tell Nara was ready to freeze time so no-one would notice, but it wouldn’t work on Edward. So both of us were on edge. We didn’t have any reason to worry, though. He didn’t move towards her, and as soon as the bell went he was up out of his seat and gone, leaving Bella alone at her table and stunned. Nara and I approached her quickly.

“Are you alright, Bella?” I asked anxiously. I was fairly sure he hadn’t done or said anything, but I could be wrong…

“Did you stab Cullen with a pencil or what?” Mike asked from behind us. “He looked mad.” I turned and scowled down at him – I was almost six feet tall, and he was only about five foot eight – and he said a hasty goodbye before hurrying out the door. Nara and I waited only long enough for Bella to grab her things, and then we were on our way to gym.

Luckily for Bella, the coach didn’t make her dress-down for the first lesson. Nara and I, on the other hand, joined in the dodge-ball game enthusiastically. We were good at it…that was practically all we’d played in primary school. We had been the year seven dodge-ball champions! So obviously, the other team lost pretty quickly. Bella actually had a bit of a smile on her face when we finished, and we grabbed our bags quickly after class to head to the office.

When we stepped inside, Nara and I froze. Edward Cullen was at the desk, arguing quietly with the secretary. He wanted to change out of Biology…because of Bella, most likely. He didn’t seem to notice us there, but when another girl stepped into the office and put a slip in the wire basket, he turned and glared at Bella. I felt like confronting him there and then. It wasn’t her fault she smelt so good to him!

‘Easy, Alma,’ Nara warned me gently. ‘He doesn’t need to know what we are.’ I took a deep breath to calm myself as Edward turned back to the secretary, said something else in a low voice and rushed out, still glaring at Bella. She was a little shaken, and looked a little pale as she stepped forward to give her signed slip to the secretary.

“How did your first day go, dears?” Mrs. Cope, the secretary, asked kindly.

“It was fine,” I said before Bella could and have her shaky voice give her away. I smiled at Mrs. Cope when she looked sceptical, and Nara led Bella towards the door as she still seemed a little odd and zoned-out. She was fine when she got into the cool air, though, and she shook her head slightly before we hurried to her truck and climbed in.

We went to the Thriftway – kinda like the Coles or Woolworths of America – on the way home so Bella could stock up the fridge and cupboards. We’d found out the previous night that Charlie couldn’t cook at all. So we spent about an hour wandering around the store, gathering all we thought we would need for the next week or so. I managed to get Bella to laugh at an impersonation of my first foster mother doing the shopping, and we were all smiling by the time we got out of the store. That is, until Bella realised it was still raining. She groaned and we dashed to the truck, getting in as quickly as we could and piling the groceries up on my lap so Nara didn’t get squashed. Personally, I would have preferred having Nara sit on my lap and have the groceries next to me. Of course, Bella was so observant she might notice something a little odd if I acted on the urge… I was distracted from my thoughts as Nara took my hidden hand in hers, and saw her smile at me slightly from the corner of her mouth. We were silent the whole way back to the house we were soon to call home.

Bella was a sleep-talker. While I held Nara carefully to my side, her face relaxed in sleep, I heard Bella mutter ‘it's too green’ under her breath, and had to stifle my laughter. She really wasn’t used to this sort of place, just like us. I fell asleep that night stroking Nara’s hair absently, sleeping deeply and dreamlessly.