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A Mage's Twilight

Alma Stewart and Nara Paterson are no ordinary sixteen-year-old girls. They've got a secret, one they have to guard with their lives. They move from their home in Australia to Forks, to see what life in America is like. They attend the local high school in their junior year, the equivalent of their school year in Australia, and notice the Cullens aren't exactly...normal. Bella's still there, and - just a warning - Nara and Alma share a very close, serious romantic relationship. Hence the teen rating.


8. Port Angeles

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We followed Jessica’s car to Port Angeles – Bella could get into trouble in her bathroom; imagine what she could do in a town like Port Angeles – and shadowed them from a distance. We were keeping an eye out for her only until the sun set – Edward could look out for her after that. If he could find her. Not being able to hear her mind would probably make it really difficult for him to keep track of her. Oh well.

It was only when we saw Jessica and Angela heading to the restaurant alone that we realised Bella had gone off on her own.

“Shit,” I muttered. Nara was pale, and I gripped her hand tightly as she searched through Bella's past to find out where she had gone. I caught the most recent thing in Bella’s past just as Nara did, and swore violently under my breath as I started to drag Nara along the street towards the dark alley where Bella was being stalked. I willed Edward to be able to hear me for a change, just wanting Bella safe.

Dammit! Edward, if you can hear me, Bella's in trouble! Get your ass here fast! I screamed mentally, blocking my thoughts only from Nara. We turned the corner between us, the thugs and Bella, and saw two of them right up close to Bella. Dammit, Edward! She needs your help! I screamed again as Nara and I charged the large men. I flew through the air and kicked one man in the back as Nara tackled another, and a silver Volvo screeched around the corner. I felt a massive surge of relief as it skidded to a halt and the passenger door opened.

“Bella, get in!” I yelled at her as I defended myself against one of the drunks. She glanced around, her eyes wild, but then when Edward repeated my order she flung herself in and closed the door. “Go!” I shouted at Edward, and he spun the car around to speed away from us and the four who had tried to attack Bella.

We incapacitated them easily, and I realised there was blood on my hand from where I'd punched one of the men just a little too hard and all but crushed his jaw. Oops. I found a tap in one of the warehouses and rinsed my hand, then called the police and told them – sobbing theatrically – that there had been a fight and there were four people passed out in the street. We waited until the police arrived, gave a statement, and then allowed them to drive us to La Bella Italia – the restaurant Edward had taken Bella to so she could eat – so we could latch on to Edward and Bella when they came out.

Bella looked surprised to see us – and a little disappointed; I guess she thought we were butting in on her time with Edward – but we told her we would get home the way we came. She was a little reluctant, but then she glanced at Edward and made up her mind.

“Okay,” she agreed. “But I want to hear everything when I get back,” she added sternly, and I grinned at her.

“Sure, sure. If we think you can handle it. We'll see you at home,” I added, and grabbed Nara's hand to lead her down the street as Bella got into Edward’s car. It would be interesting to see what he told her, exactly.

We were home in ten minutes, and in our rooms before Edward and Bella were even halfway home. Charlie got home only a few minutes later, and the scent of pepperoni pizza drifted up to our noses.

“Oh, yum!” Nara exclaimed. I laughed at her as we raced down the stairs.

“Hey Charlie!” we chorused as we entered the kitchen grinning. He laughed at our eagerness and held up the pizza boxes.

“I thought you girls might want a break from cooking, so I grabbed pizza on the way home,” he explained as Nara and I snatched one box and retreated to a corner of the kitchen, grinning ear-to-ear.

“Yep!” I agreed, already with a piece of pizza in my hand. “Thanks, Charlie!” he laughed, shook his head and escaped with the other box into the lounge room, switching on the television and settling down to watch a game. As we steadily worked our way through the pizza, we both heard the low purr of Edward’s Volvo pulling into the drive. We listened, completely still, as Bella said her goodbyes and managed to get out of the car without completely stacking it, then grinned and quickly finished off our pizza as she got inside.

A couple of minutes later the phone rang, and as Bella talked to Jessica, Nara and I waited patiently. She hung up and sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose before looking to Nara and I with a stern expression.

“Explanation. Now,” she ordered, and I held up my hands in surrender. Nara giggled.

“Upstairs,” I murmured. “Charlie would freak if he heard us,” I added when she tried to protest. With a sigh, Bella pretended sleepiness and told Charlie she was going to bed early. He gave her an odd look, but Nara and I just shrugged and followed a few minutes later.

Bella was sitting on her bed as she waited. Nara and I slipped into the room and I sat on our mattress on the floor, Nara beside me.

“Start explaining,” Bella murmured, and I sighed, rubbing my temples with my eyes closed as Nara ‘showed’ me what Edward and Bella had discussed.

“Okay, well. I'm going to start with what you already know. Edward and the rest of his family are vampires,” I said softly, and although her eyes were a little wider than usual Bella was relaxed.

“Go on.”

“Nara and I…aren’t normal,” I said, and Nara snorted inelegantly.

“Understatement of the year,” she muttered, and I grinned.

“True. Anyway…we know what the Cullens are because we've been trained to recognise their kind. We knew what they were the first day.” Bella frowned.

“Is that why you left at lunch, Nara?” she asked. Nara cocked her head and blinked cutely. She was so adorable when she did that…

“Sorta…” Bella raised an eyebrow, and I grinned.

“We'll explain soon,” I promised. “But for now…well, we actually aren’t allowed to tell you unless you're a vampire, one of us or we get permission from our higher-ups,” I said, managing not to reveal anything. Bella huffed in exasperation.

“Don’t tell me I've heard the legends of your kind too,” she groaned, flopping back on her bed. I laughed, along with Nara.

“You probably have, but not the correct ones like the Quileute legends,” Nara murmured, smiling. Bella groaned again, and then sat up.

“I'm going to go have a shower,” she mumbled. She left the room, and I flopped backwards onto my pillow.

“I'm tired,” I mumbled, yawning. “I don’t think I can be bothered moving when Edward gets here,” I added even softer. Nara laughed quietly and nestled into my side, her eyes closing just before mine.

“Neither. He can just put up with us being here too,” she yawned, and before much more could be said between either of us we soon both drifted off to sleep.