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The sequel to Family Secrets Bella and her family move back to Forks, much to her displeasure, and surprising events threaten their lives. I would highly recommend reading Family Secrets first, and I know, I completely suck at summaries, it's much better than the summary, trust me. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

So I know that a lot of you are probably about ready to kill me cause I said that this would be out last weekend, or last week, but I was kind of busy with field hockey games and homework, so sorry.

1. Chapter 1

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For a second I thought of saying goodbye to the Cullens, but thought better of it. “No, I don’t.”100 YEARS LATER

Ah Forks. The town hadn’t changed much in the 100 years that I was gone. It was still the same rainy and extremely green town that it had been when I left it for Portland all those years ago. I watched the forest flash by my window.

“Are we there yet?” Lilia whined from next to me.

“A couple more minutes,” Eric replied annoyed, “Now will you stop asking me that?”

“Yea, sweetie, that’s all you’ve said for the past twenty minutes.” Jason pointed out; he took her hand in his.

Jason and Eric were the other two fairywitches (I know, it sounds weird right? Male fairywitches?); they had joined us the year after I was changed. Jason and Lilia had fell in love immediately, while Eric and Elsbeth hated each other for the first year or two before they realized that they loved each other. I was, of course, the odd one out.

“And here we are!” Eric exclaimed as he pulled off the highway and onto the rainy streets of Forks.

“Home sweet home.” I muttered sarcastically under my breath. I didn’t want to be here, it would bring back to many memories, but unfortunately I was outnumbered, so here I was, back in Forks.

“Oh, don’t be such a pessimist Bella.” Elsbeth scolded me, “I thought you liked Forks.”

I still hadn’t gotten over Edward yet. Although I had a normal life (besides the whole fairywitch thing), there were still times when a memory would come back and it would be to much. That was the down side of having such a good memory; I still remembered every detail about when I was with Edward.

“Sure I did, but not anymore, to many memories.” I could tell that she wanted to ask what memories I was talking about, but Eric spoke up before she could.

“Here it is!” He pulled into the driveway of a small two story house. A woman stood on the front porch. As we were getting out and grabbing our suitcases she came down the path.

“Hello, hello dearies!” She gave us all a hug. “How was your trip?”

“Uh fine.” Lilia said a little uncertainly.

“Oh, that’s wonderful. You can call me Aunt Shelly, and your names?”

“I’m Jason, this is my wife Lilia, and this is Eric and his wife Elsbeth, and that’s Bella.” He pointed to us all when he said our names.

“Oh wonderful,” She clapped her hands a little, “Now, I have some rooms ready for you all upstairs.”

After she gave us a tour of the house, she left us all to unpack. I had a small room to myself, and I was unpacked in minutes. Instead of going down to the kitchen, Aunt Shelly was a little bit to cheery; I took out my old copy of Wuthering Heights and lay down on my bed to read.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew, Lilia was shaking me to wake me up.

“Bella, come on! We have to leave for school soon!” I opened my eyes and looked up at her.

“What? What time is it?” I asked groggily.

“It’s time to get ready for school! That’s what time it is! Or do you want to be late?”

“Oh!” I sat up quickly and jumped out of bed. “I’ll be ready in a minute”

“Yea, you better be.” Lilia laughed a little and then left the room.

I threw on jeans and a t-shirt, and went out to the car where everyone was waiting.

The ride to school was quite, and I gave a little sigh when the familiar school came into view.

“Another first day,” I mumbled as we got out of the car.

This was going to be fun.