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The sequel to Family Secrets Bella and her family move back to Forks, much to her displeasure, and surprising events threaten their lives. I would highly recommend reading Family Secrets first, and I know, I completely suck at summaries, it's much better than the summary, trust me. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

So I know that a lot of you are probably about ready to kill me cause I said that this would be out last weekend, or last week, but I was kind of busy with field hockey games and homework, so sorry.

2. Chapter 2

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Forks High School looked the same.

Sure it had new desks and equipment, but it still looked like it did 100 years ago. Even the woman behind the counter looked like the secretary, although she was a new woman. But still, you get my drift.

When she first looked up the woman stopped breathing for a moment and just gaped at us because of our inhuman beauty, of course we weren’t humans, we were fairywitches.

“Uh, h-h-hello can I help y-you?” She stammered, I suppressed a laugh.

“Yes, I believe you can.” Eric stepped forward, “We’re the Smith’s and Porter’s.” Our story was that Lilia, Eric, and I were siblings; our parents adopted Elsbeth and Jason a year apart. Our parents had died, so we came to live with our aunt in Forks.

“O-oh yes, um, I have your schedules right here.” She ruffled through some papers in front of her and pulled out our schedules and handed them to us with some maps of the school. Of course I wouldn’t need a map; I still remembered the school perfectly.

“Alright, be good today guys.” Eric threw a knowing glance at Jason. That comment was only said for his benefit.

“What!?” Jason protested. “I’ve never done anything wrong at school.”

“Sure,” Lilia rolled her eyes, “you’ve never done anything that could possibly give us away.” I knew where this argument was going- I’d heard about twenty times- so I said goodbye and started off to my first class.

Class went by uneventfully, besides the staring, but that was usual. After class- just like I thought- one lone boy approached me.

“Hi,” he said nervously, “So, you’re new here.” No way Sherlock.

“Yea, I’m Bella.” I smiled at him then started towards the door.

“Really, that’s a cool name.” He was struggling to keep pace with me (I was attempting to lose him), he obviously couldn’t take a hint. He reminded me of someone. “My great grandpa knew a Bella; he used to talk about her all the time.” Definitely related to Mike.

“Used to?” I had always wondered what had happened to Mike.

“Yea, he died a couple years ago.” He didn’t sound too sad; maybe Mike annoyed them as much as he did me.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it was kind of a relief to get the old man off our hands, he complained a lot.” I laughed internally, his poor family.

“Well, I’ve got to head to class now.” I started off in the direction of my next class, he followed.

“Do you need help finding it?” There was no doubt in my mind now that he was Mike’s kin.

“No, I can find it.” I said a little meanly, he looked hurt, but I wasn’t going to make the same mistake of being friendly to him as I did to Mike.

“Oh, well then I guess I’ll see you around.” He sulked off towards the math building, poor kid.

My next few classes went by uneventful, thank goodness. I couldn’t wait to get to the lunch room; I would get to see my family. They would get a kick out of the ordeal with Mike’s great grandson.

I got my lunch quickly and then went to sit with my family. They were at a table close to where I used to sit with my friends.

“So, how has your day been going?” Eric asked as I sat down.

“Fabulous, you’ll never guess who I met.”


“Well-“ I started, but Elsbeth interrupted me.

“Bella there’s a table of people across the room staring at you.”

“So?” I asked, annoyed that she had interrupted my story, “Everyone stares at us on our first day.”

“No, like this is a different staring, look for yourself,” I followed her gaze and gasped.

There, sitting across the cafeteria at the same table as always were them. The Cullens. The five of them sat, mouths open, gaping at me. I blinked a few times to make sure they were real, every time I opened my eyes, there they sat, looking right back.

“Bella? Are you okay?” Elsbeth waved her hand front of my face, breaking me from my trance.

“Yea, I just need some fresh air.” I just needed to get out of there.

“Let me come with you,” Jason said as I stood up.

“No, no, stay here with Lilia and everyone.” I walked out of the cafeteria quickly, not sure where to go, anywhere but here was fine. I ran into the forest, and then with a quick glance around I took off flying.

I didn’t go for long, I knew that if I didn’t come back for my last few classes my family would get worried. Actually they were probably all ready worried about me.

I walked into math just as the bell rang. I handed the teacher my slip and he signed it, and then looked for a seat for me on his chart.

“There’s only one open in the very back.” He pointed over my shoulder, “You can sit there.”

I turned and looked down the isles of paired desks to find mine. And there it was, paired next to his desk.

I took a deep breath, willing myself not to cry at the sight of his perfect face, and then walked back to my seat. As I sat down, out of the corner of my eye I saw his hand tighten into a fist as my scent hit him. Lucky for Edward, I was invincible now, he couldn’t hurt me, physically at least, no matter how hard he tried.

I tried to keep my eyes trained forward; knowing that if I even glanced at him I would start crying.

I was busy staring forward when something hit my hand. I looked down to see a piece of paper on my desk with my name scrawled in his beautiful handwriting.

I ignored it and looked back up at the teacher. There was another tap on my hand. I glanced down again, now he had written “please read this” under my name. I sighed, and seeing that he was going to be stubborn, picked up the note and opened it. One word was written there.


Why do you care? I wrote, understanding his simple question.

How? He wrote again.

Why do you care? If he wasn’t going to answer my question, then I wouldn’t answer his.

Just as he had pushed the paper at me again, the bell rang. I grabbed my bad and bolted out of the classroom, flying a tiny bit off the ground to go faster. I didn’t give him a chance to even blink before I was gone.

Jason was waiting outside the classroom, and I almost ran into him.

“Going somewhere?” he asked grabbing my arm and puling me back to where he was standing.

“Yea, away from here,” Someone walked out the door then, and I could see Edward collecting his stuff with a hurt expression on his face. Any moment now he would be coming through the door.

“No, seriously, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, now can we go?” I pulled on my arm, which was still in tight grip.

“No, not until you tell me what’s wrong.”

“Not-“ Just then, Edward came out the door and I fell silent.

Edward stopped for a moment and looked at me, then walked away with a unreadable expression on it.

“Okay, what was that?” Jason glanced after Edward. I started to answer but he cut me off, “and don’t say nothing.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Even I could hear the sadness I was trying to hide.

“No,” Jason started dragging me to the car, already dialing our family’s numbers to tell them to come meet us, “you have a lot of explaining to do.”