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The sequel to Family Secrets Bella and her family move back to Forks, much to her displeasure, and surprising events threaten their lives. I would highly recommend reading Family Secrets first, and I know, I completely suck at summaries, it's much better than the summary, trust me. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

So I know that a lot of you are probably about ready to kill me cause I said that this would be out last weekend, or last week, but I was kind of busy with field hockey games and homework, so sorry.

5. Chapter 5

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I closed my eyes and waited for their reaction. Carlisle spoke first.

“Ah, yes, I’ve heard of them from Aro.”

“What about us?” Elsbeth asked from next to me.

“He said they’re immortal and indestructible, that nothing could destroy them. He also mentioned there were only five, but they hadn’t been transformed yet, and when they did, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on them because they’re the most powerful creatures in the world to ever exist.”

My eyes flew open, “You mean Aro of the Volturi?”

“Yes,” Carlisle replied, “do you know him?”

“No, but I remember being told of him. Do they have anyway to know if the transformations have occurred yet?” If they got any of us it could lead to bad things for everyone.

“No, he also never mentioned what they looked like, it surprises me that you look so much like vampires, then again your eyes are so different-“

“Wait. I don’t get it, what can you do?” Emmett cut Carlisle off.

“Well as Carlisle said, we’re immortal and mostly indestructible-“

“Mostly?” Emmett interrupted me.

“There’s a destruction spell, no one know it though, thank goodness. Anyway obviously we have pale skin and violet eyes. We contain powers fifty times stronger than normal witches. Oh and we can fly about as fast as you can run.”

“You can fly?!” Emmett exploded, “that’s so cool! You have to take me flying!”

“Emmett! Emmett!” I yelled to get his attention; he was rambling about all the places we could go. “We may fly as fast as a vampire, but we’re not as strong as one.”

“Oh.” His face fell, as second pasted before it lit up again. “I’ll race you!” I thought about it for a second. If I won, I would have major bragging rights over Emmett for years, if I lost, then he would hold it over my head for centuries- not that I was planning on staying for centuries, or years for that matter- and that just wasn’t worth it.

“So how about it? Are you scared? Is that why you haven’t responded yet?” That changed my mind quickly.

“Fine Emmett, I’ll race you.”

“Yes!” he jumped up from his seat, “we can race to the creek and back!”

We headed outside with everyone trailing behind us.

“Any bets?” Jason asked, obviously amused with the situation.

“Bella.” Elsbeth said, winking at me.

“Me too.” Lilia flicked her wrist in my direction and closed her eyes like she was saying a spell, like she was trying to communicate something to me.

I realized what she was trying to say to me. I grinned.

Eric caught on, “Bella.”

“I guess I’ll say Emmett.” Rosalie sighed, and Emmett smile at the thought that someone believed he could win. “That’s only because he’s my husband though.” His smile fell.




“Anyone else?” Jason asked. He didn’t like to bet, that’s why he always took them.

“I can’t, I know who wins.” Alice smiled, “This is going to be good.”

“Bella,” the voice came from behind me, I hadn’t noticed that Edward had come out of the house to watch also.

“Okay, then.” Jason glanced at me then looked away quickly.

“You ready to lose Bella?” Emmett gave me a small push.

“No, I’m ready to win.” I crouched down to give myself more power when I took off.

“On your marks” Emmett crouched down next to me, “get set… GO!” I shoved off the ground and shot into the air.

I let Emmett get ahead by a few feet, he was going to need it.

“Already falling behind Bella?” Emmett called over his shoulder.

“Oh, no, I’m just giving you a chance.” He growled.

We reached the creek then and I turned quickly, Emmett was still ahead, but not for long.

Just as we broke into the clearing surrounding the Cullen house, I flicked my wrists a few times and repeated the spell in my head.

I shot forward with new power, and reached the house before he was even halfway across the clearing.

“What was that?” Emmett asked when he finally reached us.

“That’s a little spell I picked up around twenty years ago. It gives you double the power for as long as you need it.” I informed him smugly.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” he exclaimed.

“Life’s not fair,” I shrugged, “and we never set any rules.” I patted his arm.

“Told you that would come in handy one day,” Eric teased me.

“Yea, I guess you were right.”

“Of course I was! I’m always right.” He smacked me playfully on the back.

“Really?” I raised an eyebrow at him, “what about the time at Cedar Point, when you said you could handle the Dragster right after you ate lunch and you-“

“Ok! Ok! I get it!” I smiled smugly, “I’m not always right.” Everyone laughed.

“Okay, let’s all get back inside and finish Bella’s story.” Esme gestured back to the house.

We took our seats and I started up again. “When I got home from my first day of school Aunt Peggy told me a friend had come by to visit me from Forks. She hadn’t said her name, but when she described her I immediately knew it was Victoria.

“I was so scared that I didn’t realize at the time that she couldn’t hurt me.

“I was sitting alone on the back porch of our house one day all alone, Lilia and Elsbeth had gone with our Aunt Peggy to the mall- Eric and Jason weren’t with us yet. Anyway, Victoria showed up, she threw me around a lot, she was trying to make my death extremely painful. After nothing worked, she tried biting me. Her teeth couldn’t puncture my skin.

“Lilia and them came back then, and walked out onto the porch; Victoria told me that she would get to me somehow before she fled.

“I told them everything, well almost; I left out a few details.

“We were flying a few days after and we found this meadow. We were just sitting there enjoying it; it was so beautiful, when they showed up.

“It was Victoria, another vampire named Riley, and three witches- Cecily, Maria and Michael. They asked us to go with them. We refused; of course, they were evil and wanted us just for our powers.

“Cecily, the leader, had Maria start a mind control spell- we couldn’t go anywhere because Michael was holding us. Victoria was outraged though, they had told her that they knew the destruction spell. Cecily told Riley to kill Victoria, but he refused- they were mates.

“Anyways I realized that it was our only chance of escape, so I freed myself from Michael and attacked Maria. I was losing in away when someone grabbed her and threw her off me. When I looked up it was none other than Victoria.”

“What?” Emmett looked stunned.

“Yea, apparently when Riley protected her she realized that she had never really loved James. Victoria and Riley killed Maria and Michael while we escaped. Cecily escaped that day unfortunately.

“We understood that we obviously couldn’t stay in Portland anymore or they could find us again so we moved. Eric and Jason joined us that December for their transformation and we’ve been on the run ever since.”

“Oh my, that’s must be terrible.” Esme muttered after a moment of silence.

“It’s not that bad, we get to see a lot of the world.” Elsbeth waved her hand dismissively.

“So what have you all been up to in the past few years?” I inquired, attempting to break the awkward silence that had fallen over the room.

“Oh you know same old, same old.” Alice said nonchalantly.

“Yep. Hey Bella, I have a question.” Emmett looked at me.

“Sure, what is it?”

“Well, remember that day when we talked with you after school?” I nodded my head, taking deep breaths, I had to stay calm. “What was up with you that day? First your skin was burning, and your eyes were turning red, and then you kept saying that we should leave and that you had to go, and how it wasn’t safe for anyone. What did you mean? What was happening?”

“Well, um, all we know is that if one of us gets to angry than skin feels like its on fire, and our eyes turn red, and that’s all we know about it, we haven’t experimented with it because we aren’t sure what the consequences are.”

“Oh, that’s good to know.” Emmett looked a little stunned.

I noticed Edward out of the corner of my eye then. He was just staring at me, his face held no emotion what so ever. It made me uneasy, I had seen that face before, I just couldn’t remember where.

“Um we should probably go,” I said as I stood up from my seat, the rest of my family followed me lead.

“No Bella! Don’t go!” Alice shot across the room and wrapped her arms around me. “Please stay!”

“I can’t Alice,” she stepped back and looked at me with heart breaking expression on her face. “I’ll see you tomorrow at school okay?” I said good bye to the rest of the Cullens, excluding one, and my family and I headed out the door.

I tossed the keys to Eric and he looked at me in confusion.

“You drive, I’m flying home.” I needed time by myself to recover from that meeting.

He nodded his head in understanding and then got in the car and pulled away. I took off into the forest, letting my body lead the way. Soon I emerged in the meadow.

I sat down in the center and closed my eyes. I took a few deep breaths; the smell of wildflowers assaulted my nose.

I lost myself to my thoughts then, trying to avoid the ones that led me to him. That was a problem though, because everything reminded me of him. Even things like food. I gave up and thought back to Edward’s face, and the expression on it.

I had seen that look before: the one void of emotions, completely expressionless. I had looked like that for weeks after he had left me, I had been numb inside, I didn’t feel anything.

“Bella,” my eyes snapped open. I was so preoccupied in my thoughts that I hadn’t heard him approaching. “Can we talk?” he sat down next to me.

I should have gotten up and left right then, left and never looked back. I should have flown away and never listened to him. Maybe if I had left, then the problems that occurred afterwards wouldn’t have happened, or maybe staying prevented them from happening sooner.

It felt so right, having him close to me for the first time in so long. I didn’t speak and he obviously found my silence as acceptance, because he opened his mouth as if he was going to speak then closed it quickly.

He looked at me for a few moments, and just when it was getting really awkward, he spoke.

“Bella, I have something important to tell you.” He looked at me, expecting me to say something. When I didn’t respond he continued, “I lied to you all those years ago and I’m sorry, I did-“

“Stop.” I cut him off harshly. “I know you lied about loving me, you don’t have to remind me. I don’t need your pity either, so don’t you dare say ‘we can still be friends’ because you know that would never work.” I paused to take a deep breath.

“Bella, I was going to say,” he hesitated, “I was going to say that I’m sorry I lied to you about not loving you, and having distractions, and not wanting you. I still love you Bella, I never stopped. I was going to tell you in Portland, how I still loved you and all; Alice was so happy. But then you disappeared, no one at school knew where you or your family went. I was so upset, I searched the forest for you and found your scent along with Victoria’s, I figured she had gotten to you.”

I couldn’t think of what to say. He had just told me that he still loved me, but he had left, he had torn my heart out and taken my source of life with him. Why would he do that if he loved me?

“Why?” I asked quietly, he knew exactly what I was talking about.

“Because your life was in danger, every time you were around my family, around me. You were always at risk. I left because I wanted to keep you safe and not risk you dying. I thought I could handle it, but I couldn’t, I’ve been suffering ever since I told you those terrible lies.”

“Why?” I questioned again, tears forming in my eyes, “why would you do that? You killed me! I was a zombie! My friends forgot about me! Teachers looked right through me! I was dead! And all because I loved you! I loved you so much!” I wiped away the angry tears from my face. “I still do.” He was silent as I finished my ranting, I felt my skin cooling- it had started warming up a little bit.

“Because I thought it was the right thing to do, that maybe you would move on, live a human life, have children, that’s why. But obviously that didn’t happen…” he trailed off. “If only I had told you all of this earlier than I planned on.”

“I was going to say goodbye.” I stated in a flat voice. “Before we left Portland Aunt Peggy asked, and I was going to say goodbye to your family, but I decided against it.”

“I would’ve told you when you came.” We sat in silence for a moment before he spoke again, “Do you forgive me? Is there any room in your heart left to?”

“I don’t know…” He had lied to me before; he could obviously lie to me again.

“Please Bella; my life is nothing without you. I swear on my soul, if I even have one, that I will never leave you again.”

“Don’t.” He looked at me; pain the dominant emotion on his face. “Don’t ever doubt that you don’t have a soul.” He smiled that gorgeous crooked smile that never failed to take my breath away.

“I love you.” He scooped me up into his arms.

“I love you too.” He hugged me closer.

“I will never ever be that stupid again.” He promised, “never, ever, ever.”

And before I could respond his lips were over mine. When we finally pulled away he rested his forehead against mine.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.”

“Um, awhile?” I asked, receiving a chuckle from him, “I’ve been waiting to you know, but I think I need to be reminded why I was waiting for that.”

He smiled then leaned down to press his lips sweetly to mine.