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The sequel to Family Secrets Bella and her family move back to Forks, much to her displeasure, and surprising events threaten their lives. I would highly recommend reading Family Secrets first, and I know, I completely suck at summaries, it's much better than the summary, trust me. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

So I know that a lot of you are probably about ready to kill me cause I said that this would be out last weekend, or last week, but I was kind of busy with field hockey games and homework, so sorry.

6. Chapter 6

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When we got back to the Cullen house, me flying and Edward running, Alice was sitting on the front porch. The second I floated down next to Edward her arms were around me.

“Bella! I’m so happy for you! You two are back together and you love each other!” She squealed then she turned and looked at Edward, her expression turned dark. “You! You will never, ever, ever, ever, EVER leave her again!”

“I know, I would never dream of it.” Edward smiled down at me. “Come on, let’s go tell the family.” He took my hand and led me into the house.

“Everyone come quickly!” Alice exclaimed bouncing up next to me.

“What now?” Emmett whined as he and the rest of the family came down the stairs. “Why are you here again Bella?”

He took one quick glance at my hand entwined with Edward’s and a huge smile crossed his face. “You guys made up?! Thank goodness! I don’t think I could stand anymore of Edward’s moping.”

“Oh honey, that’s wonderful!” Esme embraced us both. The rest of the family followed suit, even Rosalie.


As much as I didn’t want to move from my position on Edward’s lap, I knew my family was probably getting worried about me.

“Please don’t go.” Edward begged as I put my jacket on.

“I have to, if Jason gets worried…” I trailed of, Jason tended to always go to the worst case scenario possible. “But come over tonight, please…” I jutted out my bottom lip and tried to look as cute as possible.

“Fine, I’ll be over later tonight.” He said trying to sound annoyed and exasperated with me.

I giggled at his tone and leaned up to kiss him quickly before slipping out the door and calling “I love you” over my shoulder.

I flew home with a huge grin on my face. Edward still loved me, and he wanted to be with me.

The second my foot touched the floor, four people were in my face yelling.

“Why didn’t you call? We were worried sick!”

“What about the Order…”

“We thought you had flown into a tree, we wouldn’t be surprised…”

“Getting us all worked up because you can’t pick up a phone and call…”

“Hey!” I yelled over their voices and they quieted immediately. Aunt Shelly walked in the room then, a tray of hot chocolate in her hands. She smiled and set them down then left the room quickly. “One at a time, Jason first.”

“We were worried about you! You could’ve picked up a phone and called from where ever you where… where were you exactly?”

“I was at the Cullens.”

“What?” They gasped.

“Well, when I was flying home, I came across this place that Edward and I would go together when I was human. While I was there, Edward showed up and we talked, he told me why he left.”

“Why?” Lilia led me over to the couch and pulled me down with her to sit.

“He said he left because he wanted me to be safe, and to live a normal human life. He told me that he had never stopped loving me, and that he wanted me back.”

“And…” Elsbeth prodded.

“I told him how what he had done had affected me, then I accepted his apology and we’re back together now.”

“What?!” Eric looked outraged.

“Um, yea… what’s wrong?” Why wouldn’t he be okay with that? Didn’t he want me to be happy?

“Bella, why don’t you go upstairs?” Elsbeth shot a concerned look at him, “We’ll deal with him.”

I nodded, then headed up to my room and lay down on my bed and closed my eyes; soon I lost myself to the peaceful depths of unconsciousness.

I woke up when two stone cold arms wrapped around me.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you?” He pressed his lips to my neck and my heart skipped a beat involuntarily. He laughed at my reaction.

“It’s okay, I was just resting. We had a small disagreement.” I explained quickly.

“Really? Between who?”

“Eric and I.” I rolled over to face him. “Don’t worry, it was stupid, and Elsbeth stopped it before it became a full blown fight.”

“What was it about?” I debated telling him, he would just be upset if I let him know.

“Oh it was nothing.” I watched his face, he looked like he was concentrated on something.

“Bella,” he sighed after a moment, “I know the fight was about me.”

“No it wasn’t.” I faked innocent.

“I read it in Eric’s mind.” He looked at me, I lost myself in my eyes for a moment before I recovered.

“Well it doesn’t matter, the rest of them are just happy that I’m happy.” I snuggled closer to him.

“Yes, they are.” He pressed his lips to my hair. We lay in silence for a minute before he spoke, “So, what do you want to do today?”

“Um, I don’t know, I don’t have anything planned.”

“Good,” he laughed, “Because Alice is planning a barbeque around lunchtime.”

“Really, that’s sweet of her.” I smiled at the look of surprise that crossed his face; he knew I usually hated parties, or anything close to them. “Any excuse to see you I’ll take.”

He smiled, “Then you better go tell them.”

“Wait, what time is it?” I sat up and looked at the clock, 8:00 am. “Geez, I slept right through dinner.”

“Yep, now I’ll be over around ten, Alice wants to get you ready.” I groaned, “I see that hasn’t changed, still don’t like Alice playing dress up with you?”

“Bye,” I pushed him playfully towards the window, “See you later.”

“No kiss?” He turned to face me.

“Not after making fun of me.” I turned away from him and he growled playfully.

Suddenly I was spun around and facing him, our faces just an inch apart.

“Then I’ll just have to steal one.” He smiled, quickly pressed his lips to mine, and before I could respond he had disappeared out the window.

I stood there for a moment dazed before I headed downstairs.

My family was scattered around the living room. Lilia was sitting on Jason’s lap; they were watching some old horror movie. Elsbeth was spread out on the floor reading through a fashion magazine, and Eric was standing by the window, staring out it with a blank expression on his face.

“Hey everyone.” I plopped down on a cushiony chair. They all mumbled their greetings. “So, um, what are everyone’s plans for today?”

“Well, we’re going to see a movie tonight.” Elsbeth said while she looked towards Eric, he was still staring out the window.

“We have nothing planned.” Jason called from the couched.

“Okay, well how do you guys feel like having a barbeque-“

“That sounds great!” Lilia jumped up off the couch.

“You didn’t let me finish, how would you feel about having a barbeque with the Cullens?” I waited for their answers nervously.

“I think that would be fun.” Elsbeth said looking up at me.

“Yea, if they’re going to be part of your life and family then they’re going to be a part of ours to.” Lilia agreed. Jason nodded his head; he would do anything Lilia told him.

“No,” Eric turned away from the window sharply, “Absolutely not.”

“What?” I asked confused.

“We’re not going.” He stared blankly at me.

“Yes we are.” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“No we aren’t, I refuse to be around them.”

“Fine don’t come then.” I turned on my heel and headed towards the door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He grabbed my arms and spun me around to face him.

“Alice is getting me ready. I’ll see you guys there.” I said looking at the rest of my family, then I glared back at him, “Come if you want.”

I yanked my arm out of his grasp and ran out the door and into the forest where I took off flying.