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Rising Sun

Nessie has graduated High School and looking forward to her new life at Yale. With Jacob by her side and Edward and Bella's encouragment, Nessie faces life, adventure, and possible threats to her family as she finds herself.

I do not own these characters...just borrowing them from Stephenie Meyer.

3. Chapter 3 - Making Plans

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Chapter 3 – Making Plans

I slept peacefully on the drive back from La Push, dreaming happy scenes with Jacob by my side. I awoke as Jacob steered the car through the rough forest ground leading up to the cottage in the woods. Sleepily I looked up at his face; his usual straight driving face was softening with a slight smile on his lips. I sat up and took my coat off, realizing how warm I was curled next to Jacob. We sat in quiet throughout the ride until Jacob’s stomach growled that closely matched his wolf growl. I couldn’t help but to laugh as the sound ripped through the car.

“I guess it has been like 30 minutes since last time we ate anything”, I joked with Jacob.

“Psht, try like 3 hours...I’m a growing boy and I need my food!” Jacob boomed in his most manly voice.

“I hope you’re not growing more! You’ll be too tall to stand in a house soon.” I teased. It felt so good to be the same with Jacob, I was afraid that after showing him how I felt, that things might be different, might be weird.

As we pulled up to the house, the lights were on, which meant that Mom and Dad have come back, just as Jacob said. I wondered how they would feel. They already knew how Jacob felt, and I imagine Alice already called them with change in plans. I don’t think I could even imagine them being anything but happy. I tried to conjure up and image of my dad mad, but I couldn’t remember anything but happiness from the time I was born, and this made me smile. Jacob noticed the smile, and looked at me with raised eyebrows. Knowing what this meant, I touched my fingers to temple and shared what I was seeing.

“You are such a sap.” Jacob smiled as he opened his door to get out. I followed with an anxious/excited feeling in my stomach.

Jacob went straight to the kitchen to fix something to eat while I went to put my coat away and change into something a little more comfortable. I didn’t see my parents when I came in, but I saw them sitting in the living room when I came out from changing. They had only been gone for a few days, but I was still so happy to see them. I practically ran down the hall to hug mom as she quickly stood to receive it. As I stood in her arms, I marveled at how comfortable I found both the coolness of my parents and the warmth of Jacob. I wondered if my mom ever felt the same, before she was turned.

“Yes, of course she did. You and your mother are more alike every day.” My dad answered my question as he usually did, bringing me into his arms and another cool embrace.

“So where did you guys end up going?” I asked my parents as we settled into the comfort of the living room.

“We just did some cross country hunting as we went out to Connecticut to finish up the preparations for the move.” Mom answered, “We found the perfect house that sits in front of a wooded area, it will be perfect. What did you do while we were gone?” She asked, raising an eyebrow and glancing toward the kitchen. I sighed and moved over so she could sit next to me on the couch. I touched my fingers to her temples and reviewed the last few days, skipping over some of the more depressing moments I had. I could tell Dad was watching to as I showed Mom, as he usually did.

I finished with the most recent occurrence on the beach, sparing my parents from the sappiest parts and the kissing. When I finished, my mom just beamed her brilliant smile. I looked at my father, he seemed happy, but there was a slight look of hesitation is his eyes. As I thought of these, he smiled at me. “It’s nothing Nes, as long as you are happy and know that this is what you want, I am happy as well.” He smiled, and I could see the love he had in his warm eyes.

Just then Jacob joined us, carrying a plate overloaded with food. We sat and chatted about things. Mom showed me pictures of the new house and talked about what Esme was planning on doing with the renovations. We also discussed our “story” for the new town. Since I grew so fast, it was easy to stay in Forks for my parents, we just claimed that I was Bella’s cousin, and I came to stay with them for my senior year of High School.

“So, what are we then?” I asked excited. I loved getting to play different parts, as long as it meant staying with my family.

“Well, since you look so much like your mother, you could be sisters. I am, of course, your brother in law, and Jacob, is well, your Jacob.” Dad smiled.

“Sounds great. Since Jacob doesn’t really want to go to school or anything, he’s been looking at repair shops in town that he could work at while I’m in school. Did you guys decide that you were going to be students too?” Unlike Jacob, I loved going to school, maybe it’s because I have only had a few years of it, but I loved to learn and read and I was so excited to start at Yale.

“It looks like we will.” Mom sighed; I knew that she didn’t enjoy school quite as much, especially since she was looking at eternity of being a student. “The weather in New Haven will be nice enough that we will be able to go out during the day a lot, so we are debating right now if we want to sign up for night or day classes. How would you feel about having your old man in some of your classes?” Mom nudged Dad in the ribs as she said old man. I thought about how it might be, going to class with Edward. “Um, I don’t know, Dad is so smart, I would hate to have to compete with that, he would throw the grading curve totally off.”

Dad laughed, “Well, that was a nice way of saying no. I think night classes are still probably our best bet dear, I’m pretty sure we can find other activities to occupy our day time.”

“Um, your child is present, so let’s keep this PG.” I joked.

“What?” A look of feigned innocence crossed his face. “I was talking about doing stuff like homework, and walks in the park.”

I rolled my eyes at my parents. Sometimes growing and developing so fast wasn’t a good thing when you can understand an adult relationship at the age of four.

The night went on much like every other night, but in the light of new revelations, I saw Jacob as I had never seen him before. As we talked, and finally settled in to watch a movie, I noticed the small changes in his behavior. The friendly Jacob who would playfully rub his fist on my head now tenderly tucked my hair behind my ear. I think he was careful under the watchful eyes of my parents, not to do anything overtly loving, but as I walked him out to his car, his warm lips could hardly wait to crush mine when we were out of sight.

“You know I’ll be dreaming about you.” He whispered against my lips.

“Me too” I sighed, knowing that tonight it would only be happy dreams