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Rising Sun

Nessie has graduated High School and looking forward to her new life at Yale. With Jacob by her side and Edward and Bella's encouragment, Nessie faces life, adventure, and possible threats to her family as she finds herself.

I do not own these characters...just borrowing them from Stephenie Meyer.

4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 - Revelations

The rest of the week flew by in a flash. Mom and Dad all the packing in about 10 minutes, which didn’t really leave me much to do, so I spent most of my time with Jake. Things were better then they ever had been and I was amazed at how easy it was to go from friends to more then that so quickly. There was no awkward stage, but that might have something to do with the imprinting and my special talents that allow me to show my feelings easily. All the tension and anxiety that I had felt seemed to slip away in the perfection that was my life. The day before we left to our new adventure, Charlie insisted on a big family dinner with everyone. I knew it would be hard to live without Charlie, and I knew he was going to miss me. Somehow he was able to look past all the oddities that surrounded his family unlike any other human. He was able to ignore that he saw me as a toddler only a few years ago, and now I am a full grown woman. Dad has his theory that Charlie would rather believe the lie; it was more comfortable for him, so that was how we were able to be so close to him.

Dinner went smoothly, I stifled my giggles as I watched Mom and Dad push food around their plates, sliding bits and pieces of food into napkins to make it appear that they were eating. Jacob cleaned his plate, a couple times, and I happily enjoyed my food. I was grateful that I was able to choose which diet sustained me, and while hunting with the vampires made me feel strong, I was glad that I could also eat normal food. After Charlie and Jake stuffed themselves, and Mom and Dad emptied their napkins, we moved to the living room and enjoyed conversation. Charlie was suspiciously eyeing the way Jacob and I looked at each other, when suddenly he burst out laughing.

“What is so funny Charlie?” Bella asked, eyes reflecting the concern and confusion that was in all of our faces.

“I. Can’t. Believe. It.” He choked out in between laughing. “Things just keep…just keep…getting weirder!” His eyes were leaking with tears from his laughing fit.We all looked at Edward, hoping he might shed some light on Charlie’s sudden fit of laughter. Edward’s face was like a stone, he conveyed no emotion, except there was a glint of worry in his eyes.

I suddenly wished I had the power to read minds too, as I was totally confused. Charlie’s laughter died down and we all stared, waiting for an explanation.

“Well, I don’t know how you can stand it Bells, how you could be okay with seeing Jake look at Nessie the way he used to look at you. All I can do is laugh to keep myself sane. I mean, this has to be a joke, right? This can’t be right.” Charlie choked out. I was still confused, but everyone else had the same worried expression as they looked between my face and Charlie’s.

“Am I missing something here? What do you mean Charlie? What’s so wrong about the way Jake looks at me? It’s new and maybe we should’ve said something a little more official, but really, how could you be so shocked by this happening?” I asked, as I moved toward Charlie’s side, hoping that he will answer my questions.

“Jacob is like your Uncle! He’s your mother’s best friend. He had once hoped to be in your father’s place! I admit that after you were born, Jacob seemed to move on and realize that Bella and Edward were together.” He said this to me, looking into my eyes with a look that told me he didn’t blame me for what was going on, but rather looking for an explanation as to how I could be with Jacob as more then friends. He turned his eyes to his daughter, “I don’t understand this Bells. I try to ignore the changes because you are still my daughter. Even though your eyes aren’t the same chocolate brown, they are still my daughter’s eyes. I don’t care that Nessie has grown faster then it is humanly possible, because I know she is your’s. But this! It’s only been 5 years since you and Jake were together, and Jake is only 2 years younger then you! How could you live with him looking at Nessie like that, it’s just wrong? And Edward, I couldn’t understand the truce you made with Jacob, but I figured since you were the winner and you got the girl, all the tension was gone, but Nes is your daughter. It’s like me setting Bells up the Billy, except worse because there were no feelings between Billy and Renee! This isn’t something I can look past and I’m going to need an explanation.” Charlie slumped in his chair, more upset then I have ever seen him.

With all eyes on my, with looks of anticipation, suddenly, it dawned on me what Charlie was saying. My mom and Jacob had a thing? No, that can’t be, Dad is mom’s only real love, that’s how it’s always been, that’s what she always says. I looked into my Dad’s eyes, searching for an answer, knowing I wouldn't have to ask anything out loud.

“Bella is everything to me, and she feels the same way about me. But there was a time, one that we don’t really like to remember, when I stupidly left her, and Jacob was there for her when I wasn’t. We just don’t like to talk about it because it’s the past.” Edward looked at me; I could see the regret in his eyes. “Let’s go for a walk and I’ll explain everything while Bella and Jake talk to Charlie.”