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Rising Sun

Nessie has graduated High School and looking forward to her new life at Yale. With Jacob by her side and Edward and Bella's encouragment, Nessie faces life, adventure, and possible threats to her family as she finds herself.

I do not own these characters...just borrowing them from Stephenie Meyer.

6. Goodbye

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Chapter 6 - Goodbye

When we got back to the house, Charlie was back to sitting in his chair, and Mom and Jake were on the couch. Charlie saw us come in and looked at me apologetically,

“I’m so sorry Ness, I shouldn’t have said anything, and you shouldn’t have heard that. I’m happy if you are happy.”

“It’s okay Grandpa, it’s a different situation. I see that now more then ever, but I’m glad I know now.” I hugged Charlie and tried ignore the nagging thoughts of doubt as I recalled what my Dad had said to me right before we came inside. If you want to be with Jacob like you are, that is great. But you can be friends too. I was happy with Jacob, isn’t that what a relationship is? I knew I couldn’t stand to see him with anyone else, didn’t that mean my feelings went deeper then friendship alone. I could feel Edward’s eyes on me so I put those thoughts away, I tried to remember how I felt only moments ago, tried to recall the clarity and euphoria I felt. I thought about all the things I have to be happy about and finally forced myself to look at Jacob, hoping that my face wouldn’t give away the thoughts I had.

As I looked at Jacob, all I could see was caring in his eyes. Relieved I sat beside him, resting my hand on his knee. I noticed Charlie’s eyes flicker to my hand and look away quickly. I fought back the smile as I heard the words in my head need to know, need to know.

“Well, Dad, it’s been a long night, and we’ve got a big day of moving ahead of us.” Bella said as she stood. “I’ll miss you so much, but we will be back soon. And Billy and Sue will keep you company and make sure you are well fed.”

Mom hugged Charlie, and we all followed suit. I tried to keep the tears out of my eyes, but as I stood in Charlie’s arms, they willed their way down my cheeks.

“Ness, don’t cry. I’ll see you soon. You’ll be back for Christmas I’m sure. Or I’ll visit you.” Charlie wiped the tears from my cheeks.

“I know, I just don’t like saying goodbye.” I mumbled, trying to compose myself.

“Well, then let’s not say goodbye. How about see you later.” Charlie smiled, his eyes wet.

“Okay then, see you later Gramps.” I choked out. Even though this isn’t the first time I have had to say goodbye to someone close to me, this was different. When Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper left, they could come back in a heartbeat if they needed to. And I never had to worry about something happening to them. With Charlie, he is human, and he could get hurt. I didn’t want to think of something so horrible happening, and he was right, we’d see each other at Christmas. With that thought, I put a smile on my face. No need to make Charlie feel worse then he needed to.

“Well, I am so proud of you, I could burst. I can’t wait to hear about your classes.” Charlie beamed at me standing in the door frame as we walked to the car.

“I’ll do my best, love you Gramps.”

“Love you too, Ness. You won’t have to try too hard to win everyone over, you always do.”

With that, I ducked into the car next to Jacob. Feeling his warm body, I welt a wave of comfort around me. Jacob will be with me. Mom and Dad will be with me. Everything will be fine.